A Clone of My Own Now - Rockwell academy

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A Clone of My Own Now - Rockwell academy

Parent Chapter

Rockwell academy had always had a reputation for having the most polite, well behaved students of any educational institution, and boasted grades above all others. This is why Kate Davies' parents had decided to send her there.

You see, Kate was what you'd call a social deviant. Not taking school seriously, always breaking the rules and generally being a nuisance. She didn't conform to the school norms and values and her parents had tried everything to remedy it.
Therapy, school changes, you name it. So when they heard about Rockwell academy and its' claims about making girls 'upstanding members of society' they were too desperate not to apply.

So here she was, sitting in the back of he mother's Toyota Prius, her brunette hair framing her blue eyes, though not hiding her scowl. She hadn't spoken a word to her mother throughout the entire journey, and only grunted a "thank you" when her mother gave her ÃÂã50 as a 'parting gift'.

Kate reluctantly waves goodbye to her mother as she clutched her belongings. She looked around, seeing other girls walking around the grounds. What spooked her a little was how the girls seemed to look so similar... almost completely identical,come to think of it. They all had the same long straight, platinum blonde hair with a pink plastic headband in it, the same light makeup and red lipstick, the same bright blue eyes, and the same unnerving, happy smile. Their uniforms were identical too. A white shirt, tie, pencil skirt and Mary Janes was the outfit everyone of these girls wore.

Kate was already creeped out and she had only been here five minutes. She looked around again, shrugging her shoulders. "I suppose I'd better go inside."

  1. Kate is introduced to the Head teacher of the academy
  2. Kate is shown to her room by another student
  3. Kate decides to do some exploring on her own
  4. Something else

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