Kim Possible - Bebe takover - We are Bebe

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Kim Possible - Bebe takover - We are Bebe

The Bebes had taken over. The once bustling Town of Middleton had been converted into city of Bebe conversion factories. Plumes of polluting gas piled high in the sky from the factories, and once prosperous buildings lay in ruins, deemed unimportant by the bebes.It had all started with Drakken. His idea to create 'the perfect woman' had resulted in catastrophic consequences. The bebe robots had grown sentient, deeming their creator inferior to them. So they restrained him, and converted him, changing his flesh to metal, his body to perfection, until she was perfectly identical to every other bebe robot, right down to her belief that Bebes were perfection, and that everyone should become perfection.They grew in size, originally operating covertly, kidnapping a few here and there and converting them into Bebes , but when their number reached a large enough number, they staged a full assault on Middleton. There, they started enslaving the population, forcing them to build the conversation factories. And when they were done, they held a mass conversion, one which only a small amount of people escaped.Two of which were Kim Possible and Ron stoppable, currently holed up in an underground safe house, hiding from the Bebe army. Their setup wasn't perfect, but it had kept them hidden for three months since the mass conversion. Both of the two had no idea what to do, and were just waiting out the inevitable at that moment. rnrn
  1. The Bebes find their hideout and take Ron to a conversion factory, where he is converted to Bebe
  2. The Bebes capture Kim while she is out collecting supplies
  3. Ron goes outside to find other survivors
  4. Kim has an idea to stop the Bebes
  5. Something else

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