My sister's revenge - Spoiled rotten

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My sister's revenge - Spoiled rotten

Daisy Norton always got what she wanted. This was a fact, and had been a fact from the day she was born. Being the youngest at 15 meant that she was viewed more highly than her older brother James who was 18, as she was seen as a thoughtful, cute sweetheart by her parents, and the fact that she was 'daddy's little girl' made her fall in favour with her father. Daisy was the antithesis of James's introverted attitude , at 5'3 with bleached blonde hair and fake tan, always wearing cute skirts tube tops and ballet flats, she always catches the eye of anyone in her school, and the wealth she was showered in fueled her snobby attitude, but the adults all just saw a sweet cute young woman. rnrnrnJames knew this to be completely false, however. The sweetheart routine was nothing but a facade. Daisy was a spoiled brat, and made no effort to hide this when their parents weren't around. She regularly forced James to do her chores for her, as she knew that her father would believe her sob story about her mean older brother beating up up when he was gone. She had him wrapped around her finger, and James knew he had to act. rnrnrnThe final straw had been when she wore her favourite ballet flats (she had about 20 pairs of these, all costing over ã100) with her outfit on a hot summer's day, knowing full well they made her feet stink, but not caring when her sweaty stench wafted through the house, and the smell was blamed on James.rnrnrnJames had decided that his revenge would be to sell Daisy's most expensive pair of earrings online. This had been a successful endeavour, with her ã250 pearl earrings being sold rather quickly, without her ever noticing, as she tended to only wear them to special gatherings.rnrnrnrnHowever, today was different. Today, a shrill nasally cry could be heard from daisy's bedroom as she stormed into his to interrogate him. "Where are my earrings?!" she furiously exclaimed, in her annoying nasally voice that made James cringe ever time he heard it. "I have no idea what you're talking about" came his reply.rn"You little..." She trailed off, then began to grin, her blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "You know... You really shouldn't have done that" She smiled sweetly.rnrnrnrnJames had no idea what to think of her statement as she skipped back to her room, shrugging his shoulders. rnrnrnrnMeanwhile, Daisy smirked to herself, she had a plan for her horrible brother..
  1. Daisy turns James into her, in both mind and body
  2. Daisy slowly transforms James into her best friend, who is as vain and selfish as she is
  3. Daisy forces James to wear her smelly Ballet flats
  4. Daisy makes James find her sexy and attractive
  5. Something else

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