The Ray Gun - The Finding

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The Ray Gun - The Finding

Skyler was a typical teenage guy, obsessed with boobs and butts. One day, when Skyler was playing basketball in his driveway, he noticed a shine coming from his front yard.

As he walked up to the object he saw what looked like a 3 year olds toy. He picked up the gun, but felt that it weighed like a real gun. He became interested and wanted to know how it she and what it did. He aimed it at the car sitting in the driveway across from the street and fired! Nothing happened. Nothing shot out of the barrel, or at least nothing Skyler saw. He wanted to test it out on a person though, to see if it would shoot anything this time, and if it would hurt.

He crouched behind the truck across from the street and waited for the person walking on the sidewalk had passed. He jumped up steathily and followed her for a couple yards. He pulled the gun up to his eye and aimed at the back of the middle aged woman. He fired...
  1. The woman becomes a sexy, busty black woman.
  2. The woman becomes a hot, teenage girl about the same age of Skyler
  3. The woman becomes a sexy, white, slut

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