The X-Blends - Legend of Korra

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The X-Blends - Legend of Korra

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What if I told you, five years after the war with the Earth Empire, funded by her Wife and supported by the five nations, Korra started a school for unique benders?

Twenty years later, Tenzin Memorial Academy is a world renowned institution!

With Headmistress Korra Sato, the Avatar, a degree is respect and prosperous future.

"You can do this, Gi Gi." A delicately small Redhead in green says to herself at the gates of Tenzin.

Meet Gi Gi Gurae, a Fire Bender from Omashu. All her life, she was picked on for her strange, ember colored hair and sharp green eyes. When she was ten, she could barely light a spark. But after being ganged up by a group of older girls, things changed.

Now, Gi Gi can create shields of fire. Power, solid shields of fire. She can even fly!

They call her the Phoenix.

Then there's another kid at school worth mentioning, a first year, just like Gi Gi, named Emi Moon. She's a...

  1. Unique water bender
  2. Unique earth bender
  3. Unique air bender
  4. Something else

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