The X-Blends - Cheerful Amnesia

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The X-Blends - Cheerful Amnesia

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A tired redhead, in her late twenties dressed in light green sweater, sits beside a hospital bed, where a blonde's blue eyes slowly open.

"Who... who are you?" Emma Frost, age 26, asks curiously, her heart slowly pounding at the curvy woman she's never seen before.

"I'm... I'm Jean." The Redhead introduces herself. "You... you might not believe me. But, uh... well, we live togother."

Emma began to blush a red close to Jean's hair color.

"Live together? Like... like friends? Or... um... romantically?"

"Romantically." Jean answer's, Emma's heart pounds faster. <"Well, she's clearly in love with me, even without her memories!"> Jean thinks to herself. "You're my girlfriend of six years."


Jean nods.

"And were engaged."


Jean nods again.

"And we have a kid."

"Really?!" Emma happily chirps.

"Yes... I'm sorry, this must be a lot of information. Maybe I should get your mom and..."

"Who carried?" Emma aks happily. "Me or you?!"

  1. Emma
  2. Jean
  3. Emma, because Jean's the father.
  4. Something else

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