The X-Blends - Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

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The X-Blends - Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

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There are some people out there who believe, in a romantic relationship, that the one who confesses love loses.

At Xavier Academy, for example, there are two students in particular who strongly believe this concept.

Student Council President Jean Grey and Vice President Emma Frost.

They are the most popular kids at school. Jean, the adopted daughter of Head Mistress Xavier and Emma, Heiress to an international conglomerate.

Everyone respects and admires the intelligent and beautiful redhead and the sexy and rich blonde.

None know they're madly in love with each other.

And to top it off, neither will admit that love.

"Lovely day we're having." Jean speaks stoically as she works on a stack of papers. <"God, you smell amazing today."> She things to herself.

"It finally stopped raining." Emma nods, pouring herself and Jean a hot cup of tea. <"Come one, say something about my perfume! I know you love the scent of apples! Say something!">

"It's nice having the sun out again." <" I want sniff your neck so bad!">

"Right? I heard some of the kids talking about going to the lake this weekend." Emma brings up. <"I'd really like seeing you in a bikini.">

"Still a little cold for that." Jean shrugs. She thinks about rubbing lotion on Emma's porcelain white skin and internally yelps with lust.

  1. Emma and Jean continue making Small Talk while wishing the other would make a move!
  2. A wild card shows up and makes things awkward
  3. Something else

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