The Warper - Katie Holmes.

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The Warper - Katie Holmes.

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Silently, and instantaneously, the Warper had appeared within Katie Holmes's house. With just a thought, he became invisible, and unhearable, so that he would not be detected at all, unless, of course, he chose to be. He silently headed upstairs.

The gorgeous 34-year old brunette actress was just getting out of her shower. Her hair still wet, and a towel wrapped around her, the Warper took a few minutes to ogle Katie. He followed her as she headed to her bedroom, all the while pondering what to try first with her...

Perhaps he could...

  1. ...go with a classic favourite? Make her fat?
  2. ...make her become uglier every time she hears someone say her name?
  3. ...have her turn into an insatiably horny slut?
  4. ...have it so she slowly starts to transform into an animal?
  5. ...make her dumber?
  6. ...enlarge her breasts?
  7. ...turn her into a lesbian?
  8. ...change her race?
  9. ...change her age?
  10. ...suddenly change her life, so she's no longer a celebrity, she is now...
  11. ...bring in another celebrity to have fun with at the same time?
  12. ...or even something else?

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