The Grellstone - Brandon encounters an odd sight

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The Grellstone - Brandon encounters an odd sight

Brandon Harrison was on his way to school, counting down every day until he'd graduate. As a high school senior on the basketball team, he wasn't the same bright eyed, academically inclined student he'd been as a Freshman. His courses were more difficult, he found less time to get assignments done, and the teachers were much less forgiving. He tried to maintain a cool disposition about it all, and developed a reputation of a pushover. He quickly combed his mop of dirty blond hair and grimaced at his stubble on his chin, having forgotten to shave during his shower that morning. rnrnHe quickly pulled a worn out shirt and sweatshirt over his lanky 6'1" frame and put on some sweatpants as well. He put his shoes on, not bothering to tie them, and ran out the door, nearly forgetting his tattered backpack. rnrnAs he made his way down the street (he didn't have to wait for the bus as he thankfully only lived a few blocks from school) he gazed around at the large suburban neighborhood he lived in. He yawned as he looked at his watch, and then decided to pick up the pace, only looking up in time to just barely avoid running right into an unfamiliar sight. rnrnA woman was standing on the street corner. She was huge, or at least she was to Brandon. She had to have at least been 400 pounds, if not more. She was dressed, to put it conservatively, like a whore. Her face was coated in makeup, with bright colors to pop out against a very dark skin tone. Her hair was done up in a very large afro. Her only means of covering up top was a tiny vest that she was struggling to have cover her mammoth breasts. Her lower side was covered only in the most liberal of senses by some very stretched daisy dukes. She turned to see Brandon, who was now taken out of the fact that he was running late for class. rnrn"Hey kid. Bit of advice. Don't cheat on your wife and then make a joke about her race when she catches you." The woman said in a voice that seemed like it would better belong to a younger white guy. rnrn"Hm, I think there needs to be one last little punishment. I wish that my husband's voice would fit what he always liked to joke about." rnrnBrandon leaned over to see on the other side of the woman another woman, this one also African American, but also much trimmer and wearing a formal looking business suit. She was also holding what looked like a cheap rock one might but at a gift shop, but he noticed it starting glowing as the woman finished her sentence. rnrnThe large woman groaned before talking again. "Ahh-ight, ahh-ight, you made your point, sugah, stop hasslin' me." rnrn"I suppose so. I'm not really angry enough to keep fueling this thing." The woman said as she finally seemed to notice Brandon. rnrn"Hey kid, here you go. It's called the Grellstone. Whoever holds it can make a wish on it whenever they're angry. Have fun." rnrnThe woman threw Brandon the stone as a limousine pulled up and both women climbed in, the larger of the two more awkwardly doing so as it appeared she wasn't used to her own body. As the vehicle sped off, Brandon was floored as he tried to piece together what all just happened. Before he could give it to much thought, he remembered he was late for class, and started to run towards the school. rnrnAs he got closer, he looked down at the stone in his hand. Was it real? Could it really grant wishes? rnrnAs he was looking down at it, he didn't see a figure who he ran into full force, knocking the two of them down. As he picked himself up, he looked around for the stone to see whoever he had ran into was holding it.
  1. Dave Ross, Brandon's friend that recently went through a breakup
  2. Vick Summers, a problem child who used to bully Brandon in middle school
  3. Penelope Klein, a snooty rich kid with a disdain for athletes
  4. Mrs. Langford, Brandon's math teacher who is frustrated with the students' lack of respect
  5. Brandon's mom Georgia, out for a morning jog and disappointed in her son for being late for school
  6. Someone else
  7. Someone else

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