Moses' new life - The Stone Appears

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Moses' new life - The Stone Appears

There was a new shop on the high street.rnrnMoses McCain, a 17-year-old overweight black kid attending Colchester Reading Private school, gazed up at the obsidian sign, barely making out the words "Bill Batson's Magic Shoppe". In the shop window a sign stood, reading "Want to change your life?" rnrnMoses's life wasn't bad, not by a long shot. He went to a pretigiuos boarding school, he was on friendly terms with most people, he was pretty smart. But the truth was, he was lonely; he had never been popular, despire being well liked. No-one invited him out to parties, people didn't try and talk to him in school unless he spoke first, and girls, while they were perfectly pleasant to him, never really had any interest. He was still a virgin, having never had a girlfriend, or even a first kiss. rnrn(The truth was he was reasoanbly popular, just shy and introverted. But Moses was too busy being sad to notice all the joy around him.)rnrnHe entered the store. rnrnImediately he was faced with set of arcane bullshit. Moses rolled his eyes. He should have know. He hated all this nonsense. rnrnBut he didn't leave. rnrnHis eyes were drawed to a small stone glimming on the front table. He stared at it, bewitched. It drew him towards it. Hesiatantly, he picked it up and brought it to the cashier, a red haired girl in a too big jumpsuit.rnrn"Sorry, how much for this?"rnrn"The Power stone is 1 pound." She didn't even look up. He gave her his card, and took the stone home. It felt like he had bought a gun. Once he reached his boarding house and had retreated to the safety of his room, he pulled it out and rubbed it. It sang to him, erging him to use its power. He colsed his eyes and he wished to be skinner. It was like a weight was taken off him. He looked in the mirror and some how he knew he had lost 40 kilograms, bringing him back into a normal weight for his size. His clothes had changed too, nad instead of his illfitting tracksuit trousours and his baggy top, he was now wearing a tight hollister shirt and jeans. rnrn"What's happened to me?" He mumbled. And then he knew.rnrnThe stone had the power to make changes to people. Once it did, it readjusted the world to make the change retroactive. In this new realit, Moses had lost his weight years ago, through careful exercise.rnrnHe gazed down at the stone - what was he going to do now? rnrnrn
  1. He goes to vist his favourtie Teacher, the lovely, sexy Mrs Butterworth, and deages her to be his best friend/girlfriend
  2. He makes futher changes to himself - now taller and better looking as well
  3. He visits an old friend
  4. Something else

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