Emma Frosts - Introduction

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Emma Frosts - Introduction

Which Emma should we play with? Oh! How about an Emma that's...
  1. A pregnant teenager
  2. A Middle Aged Housewife
  3. A Transexual
  4. A Therapist
  5. An Experienced Teacher on her first day at a new school
  6. A New Teacher on her first day at a new school
  7. A Lunch Lady
  8. A Nurse
  9. A Ballet Instructor
  10. A Daycare Worker
  11. A Social Worker
  12. A Prostitute
  13. A Stripper
  14. Headmistress of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters
  15. The Dark Phoenix's Personal Pet
  16. A Biker
  17. A Hippy Midwife/ Prenatal Yoga Instructor
  18. A Scientist
  19. A Duchess
  20. Something else

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