Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:37 am

Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Fan Cast

Natalie Portman as Wilma Wonka

Emma Watson as Charlotte Bucket

Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Bucket

Nikki Blonsky as Augst Gloop

Melissa McCarthy Mrs Gloop

AnnaSophia Robb as Violet Beauregarde

Missi Pyle as Mrs. Beauregarde

Julia Winter as Veruca Salt

Lena Headey as Mrs Salt

Maisie Williams as Milly Teavee

Kaley Cuoco as Miss teavee

Chloë Grace Moretz as Oompa Loompas

chapter 1

"Dear people of the world, I, Wilma Wonka, have decided to allow five special people to visit my factory this year. In addition, one of these people will receive a special prize beyond what anyone could ever imagine. "


Düsseldorf, Germany

"The first ticket was found here Düsseldorf, Germany by a local girl, Augst Gloop " said a news reporter standing outside the Gloop family butcher shop. Inside, news reporters and paparazzi interviewed Augst, an obese girl with blonde hair and dark brown eyes , chocolate stains and smears around her big mouth and chubby dimpled cheek and chins. She wore a very tight and ill fitting oktoberfest dress.

Her mother stood next to her, a bigger, fatter and older version of her huge daughter, wearing a German barmaid dress. Both mother and daughter were barely contained by their dresses and looked fit to burst out of them .

"I am eating ze Vonka bar, vhen un suddenly, I am tasting something zhat is not chocolate! Coconut? Nougat? valnut? Peanut butter? Cocoa butter? Caramel? Sprinkles? Nein! So I look, und I find ze Golden Ticket " explained Augst, holding up a golden ticket with a bite mark in it

"Ve knew August vould find ze Golden Ticket. she eats so many candy bars a day that it vas not possible for her not to find one " said her mother patting her daughter's huge belly as Augst stuffed her face with more chocolate.

"And did you celebrate such an occasion as this?" asked one reporter, microphone almost smearing Augst's cheeks.

Ve feasted like zine kings f olde! Everyzing zat mine daughter loves!" Mrs Gloop beamed.

Buckinghamshire, England

Another news reporter stood outside a huge mansion, cheerful and prepared to deliver her message.

"The second golden ticket was found here by one Veruca salt " said the reporter Inside a legion of reporter were all interviewing veruca and her mother . Veruca had a cascade of pristine chesnut-brown curls on her shoulders, an icy stare and a cold, regal face and she wore a big pink dress . Veruca's mother was a very voluptuous milf with an hourglass and had the same facial features as her daughter. She wore a body hugging red cocktail dress with high heel and she posed for all the cameras like a model at a photoshoot ,

"Well when Veruca told me she wanted a golden ticket naturally i orde- I mean asked my husband to find it for her " said Mrs Salt, holding her pampered princess close at hand. Veruca smiled before the cameras, pleasantly flaunting herself as she flashed the golden ticket around.

"Daddy will get us anything, especially if he knows what's good for him."

"Indeed, my sweet. If he really loves his daughter, he certainly will."

Atlanta, Georgia

"We’re live in Atlanta, Georgia with the third ticket-finder, Miss Violet Beauregarde! " said news reporter standing outside a house

Inside, Violet and her mother, Scarlett, stood modeling for the reporters. Violet was a blonde-haired girl with blue eyes. She wore a purple outfit and jeans with the word "Juicy" stitched across the seat of her pants. Scarlett looked just liked her daughter, just older and more of a pear shape. She even wore the same outfit, except on the seat of her jeans it said "Sexy" and she had an open shirt showing off her ample cleavage.

"I’m just so proud! So proud! So damn proud! These are just a few of the two hundred and sixty-three trophies my Violet has won. " gushed Scarlett, showing off Violet's many trophies as well as her swaying chest. Her hips quietly ground into the trophy case as she displayed her hands in a "ta-da" fashion.

"I’m a gum chewer, mostly, but when I heard about these ticket things, I laid off the gum, switched to candy bars. I’m the junior world champion gum chewer. This piece of gum I’m working on right now, I’ve been chewing on for three months solid. That’s a record " explained violet

"Of course, I did have my share of trophies. Mostly baton ,cheerleading and beauty pageants " said Scarlett, showing off yet more trophies, yet unable to hide the budding cameltoe she had going on.

"But since this one kid is gonna win some big special prize, I figured I best show upwith my A-game and dun the rest of those losers," Violet sneered, flashing a look of contempt to her fellow tour-goers.

"And why's that Vi?" Scarlett cooed, cheeks lighting up as more feelings came to surface.

"Because I'm a Beauregarde, and that means I'm a winner!"


"Wait, this just in! The fourth Golden Ticket has been found by a girl named Milly Teevee here in Atlanta " said a news reporter

Inside the house, Milly had her back to reporter while she watched her own tv interview on live tv. Milly was dressed in a black t-shirt with the XBox symbol on it and sweat pants. She had brown hair and eyes. Her mother stood in front of the cameras, posing and modeling for them, showing off her curves and thrusting out her chest. She was a voluptuous pear-shaped bimbo who wore a daisy duke shirt and shorts .

"All you had to do was check the manufacturing date, offset by weather, and the derivative of the serial number. A retard could figure it out," sneered Milly, hastily placing a headset on and preparing for another round of Overwatch.

"Most of the time, I don’t know what she’s talking about (not that she ever knew what anyone was talking about). You know, kids these days with all the technology. Doesn’t seem like they stay kids very long. " smiled Ms Teevee, for once having said something intelligent in her life.

"Whatever Mom, not like all that PornHub hasn't done you some good," Milly jabbed, not missing a beat of her game.


Somewhere about the UK

"And now, the fifth and final ticket has been found by one Charlotte Bucket who lives in this... -err, ahem, house you see behind me " said a news reporter standing in the snow on a hill outside a very run down bungalow ,

Inside, a crowd of reporters tried to squeeze in as best they could into the small space around charlotte. Charlotte wore very modest brown clothes, a simple buttoned up blouse and lengthy, if patched up, skirt. She was a very thin and petite girl with light brown hair and eyes

"Can I offer anyone some tea , coffee or hot cocoa?" asked Mrs Bucket, holding up a tray of tea, coffee and hot cocoa which some of the reporters helped themselves to and thanked Mrs Bucket while others politely refused. Mrs Bucket was thin but voluptuous, she had dark brown heir and eyes and wore much the same as her daughter.

"How did you find the ticket?" asked one reporter, mic almost gagging poor Charlotte.

"W-well, I saved up the money from my newspaper round to buy a Wonka bar. I opened it and there it was. I guess I just got lucky " explained charlotte, shrugging her shoulders a tad and smiling. "All I know is that it's been my dream for forever to see the inside of that factory and meet Ms Wonka mysef!"
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:00 am

Chapter 2

All five of the ticket finders stood outside the giant gates of the factory surrounded by a huge crowd of the press and reporters. Charlotte and her mother were wrapped up warm in their coats and scarves, as they stood next to August and her mother, who were stuffed into sweatshirts that were fit to burst out and stuffing their face with chocolate bars. Next to them was Violet and her mother, wearing puff jackets, eager and ready for the kick-off and eyeing their "competitors". Next to them were Milly and her mother, with Milly wearing a a leather jacket with the D.Va logo on it and playing on her Vita. Meanwhile, her mother, who was wearing a long fluffy pink coat that accentuated her boobs, she smiled and posed for the cameras. Joining her in smiling and modeling were Veruca and her mother, both wearing big long mink fur coats.

August and her mother stared at Charlotte and Mrs Bucket as they had never seen anyone so thin in all their lives. To then, it was as if skeletons had grown skin and waked among them in such paltry conditions. Both knew they simply had to do something.

"Vould yov like zome chocolate ja?" asked August, offering Charlotte a bar

"Oh, no thank you! I'm not-" began Charlotte politely but was cut by Mrs Gloop.

"Nien! Mine dear, take zome ja, yov und yovr mamma need zome meat un thozez bonez," said Mrs Gloop good-naturally. Charlotte and her mother were too polite to say no and accepted the two large bars of chocolate and ate them

"Ja, iz good ja?" said Mrs Gloop, nodding approvingly as they ate the Wonka bars. They offered the duo two more Wonka bars. ot wanting to be rude, the Buckets accepted. Charlotte and her mother's clothes were starting to feel a bit snug witch was a little disturbing because they were very baggy to start the day with.

Just then, a fireworks display went off as the front door of the factory opened and out stepped a figure who began walking to the gate. The metal doors swung open and the fireworks formed giant W in the sky as to reveal one Ms Wilma Wonka. She was a slim woman with light brown heir and eyes, and wore a show girl outfit that had light purple tail coat and and a orange waistcoat with a blue bow tie (because bowties are cool). She had legless maroon pants with leggings and black high heeled boots. She also wore a top hat and she carried a cane.

There was a massive round of applause.

"Thank you. Thank you. Welcome, my friends. Welcome to my chocolate factory. Would you come forward please?" said Wonka, waving them over. Veruca and her mother were up first.

"I'm Veruca Salt" said Veruca in a sickly sweet way, anyone knowing her sensing the forced nature of her cutesy addressing of Wonka.

"My dear Veruca, what a pleasure. And how pretty you and your mother
look in those lovely mink coats " said Wonka, hiding her judging gaze behind a genuine smile.

"Thank you, we've go 30 more at home," bragged Mrs Salt, causing Ms Wonka's teeth to grit ever so silently. Next up was August and her mother, never once cleaning the chocolatey smear around their fatty faces.

"I am August Gloop. I und mumma love yovr chocolate!" said August, although there was plenty of evidence of how much they loved Ms Wonka's chocolate as even now they carefully tried to hide their persistent munching.

"I can see that, and so do I! I never expected we’d have so much in common! How good to see you both and in such fine shape," said Wonka, patting August's huge belly, causing it to jiggle about. Her grin carried a momentary wicked sheen, but it vanished as soon as it came. Next was Violet and Scarlett.

"Ms. Wonka, I'm Violet Beauregarde and I’m the girl who’s going to win the special prize at the end," Violet confidently bragged, her mother's chest swollen with pride.

"Well, you do seem confident, and confidence is key," said Wonka, pausing in thought as her gaze glanced into the canyon of cleavage that was Scarlett's breasts. "By the way, did you know that chocolate contains a property that triggers the release of endorphins, which gives one the feelings of being in love?"

"It does? You don’t say…~"said Mrs. Beauregarde, shooting Wonka a flirtatious gaze and a little kiss. Next was Milly and Ms Teevee.

"I'm Milly Teevee, sup?" said Milly, straining not to look up from her Vita.

"Wonderful to meet you Milly," Ms Wonka tried to smile, working hard to try and suppress her annoyance in being ignored. "And Ms. Teevee, I very much love your coat," she said, happily soaking in the bimbo's curvature.

"Thanks, I really like your outfit too," said Ms Teevee, equally soaking in he attention from Ms Wonka's pervy gaze. Finally, Charlotte and her mother stepped up to greet the chocolatier. The younger Bucket was brimming with excitement to meet her idol.

"Hello! M-my name Charlotte Bucket, it's such an honor to meet you!" said Charlotte politely, her voice cracking in places as she did her best to suppress her fangirling.

"Well, well, Charlotte Bucket! I read all about you in the papers. I'm so happy for you to be here with us today. And who is this lovely lady?" asked Wonka, happy to see such a beauty before her.

"That's my mother " said Charlotte.

"Delighted to meet you, Ms Bucket! Overjoyed, enraptured, entranced! Are we ready? Yes! Good! In we go! " said Wonka, and with that they all entered the factory's maw, not to be seen again for many hours and ever the same way again.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby archon_thanatos » Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:21 pm

I wonder where this is going. Good so far.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:29 pm

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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:41 am

Chapter 3

As the ladies stepped inside the factory, a huge wave of heat washed over all of them, causing many to begin fanning themselves.

"Now hats, coats, galoshes and what not all over here. But hurry please, we have so much time and so little to see. Wait a
minute! Strike that, reverse it. Thank you," said Wonka, pointing at some coat hooks on the wall.

"Like, wow Ms Wonka, it sure is toasty in here." said Ms Teevee, letting her coat slide off to reveal she was wearing a daisy duke shirt and matching shorts that left little to the imagination.

"Wha-? Oh yes! I have to keep it warm in here because my workers are used to an extremely hot climate. They just can’t stand the cold," said Wonka when she and some of the others had stopped staring at Ms Teevee's large and imposing rack. Once everyone was done hanging up their coats, they were all led by Ms Wonka down the hall until they reached a tiny door.

"An important room, this is. It is a chocolate factory, after all." explained Ms Wonka, a bit of mysticism in her eyes.

"Then why is the door so small?" asked Violet, crowded into the small space by her mother's boobs pressing into her back.

"To keep all the great big chocolatey flavor inside." replied Wonka.

"Yov're nien squeezing me through zat tiny door!" protested Mrs Gloop, hugging her sizable paunch of a belly.

"Um, maybe if you suck it in?" suggested Ms Teevee, clueless as usual. Charlotte doubted that even if August and her mother sucked in they'd fit though the door, but then she didn't think that any of them could fit though the door, fat or not.

"My dear friends, you are now about to enter the nerve center of the entire Wonka Factory. Almost everything you will see is eatible. Edible. I mean, you can eat almost everything. Even I'm edible, but that is called cannibalism my dear children, and is frowned upon in most places," explained Ms Wonka, fiddling with the door. August and her mother's eyes bulged with hunger, excitement and lust. Charlotte and her mother were a little ashamed to admit that their mouths were watering with hunger too.

"Let me in, I'm un starving!" exclaimed August.

"JA JA!" agreed her mother, who now looked like she was ready to force her way into room, tiny door or not.

"Now, don't get overexcited! Don't lose your head, August! We wouldn't want anyone to lose that! Yet..." said Ms wonka, putting a calming hand on August's chubby dimpled cheek.

"Now, for the combination. This is a musical lock," Wonka smiled, opening a small keyboard on the door and playing the opening to Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro".

"Rachmaninoff," thought Milly smugly.

"Ladies and girls . . The chocolate room." Ms Wonka presented, opening the door and suddenly they were through the door and into a candy Garden of Eden.

"It’s beautiful~" gasped Charlotte, her mother nodding in agreement.

"What? Ooh, yeah. It’s very beautiful. Every drop of the river is hot, melted chocolate ganache of the finest quality. The waterfall is most important. It churns the chocolate ganache, mixes it up and makes it pleasantly dense and creamy. By the way, no other factory in the world mixes its chocolate ganache by waterfall, my dear children. You can take that to the bank," explained Ms Wonka. Charlotte felt a little ashamed as her belly rumbled loudly and hungrily, but she wasn't alone her mother, August and Mrs Gloop's bellies were all rumbling too.

"Those pipes suck up the chocolate ganache, and carry it away, all over the factory. Thousands of gallons an hour," said Ms Wonka, pointing at two pipes with her cane. She then turned back to the group and saw that they were staring at the grass.

"Do you like my meadow? Please have a blade of grass, please do. It’s so delectable and so darn good looking," Ms Wonka suggested.

"You mean you can eat the grass?" asked Charlotte.

"Yeah enjoy!" Wonka nodded, gesturing to them.

"I don't know, I don't want to spoil my figure..." said Ms Teevee, putting a hand on her flat stomach.

"You can afford to treat yourself," Ms Wonka smiled, eyeing her guest's tight figure with a glea of desire. And with that, the group split up and out into the wild fields around them. Charlotte and her mother were a little ashamed of the fact that they had pigged out on the candy with Ms Wonka who joined in with them. But, at least they weren't making hogs of themselves like August and her mother who were stuffing themselves with everything in sight.

Charlotte and her mother felt like they'd been stuffed silly and unusually plump, their baggy clothes feeling even tighter than when August and her mother had give them all that chocolate. The mother and daughter both now had big food baby bellies as did Ms Wonka, which made it harder to breath until...




A button on the Bucket's blouses and Ms Wonka's waistcoat popped off. Charlotte and her mother flushed red with embarrassment.

"I think we might have overdone it a bit," Ms Bucket blushed harder, crimson tinging her cheeks.

"Nonsense! Here, some of this will do you good, you two look starved to death," said Ms Wonka, handing them some chocolate, and again the two were too polite to say no.

"Mummy, look over there! Over by the waterfall! It’s a little fat person," called Veruca, pointing to a small pot-bellied girl with green eyes and blonde hair and dressed in skin tight red latex suit that left little to the imagination. She was performing maintenance functions on the factory, but she wasn't alone, as there were more like just her. All of them: same height, same hair, same eyes, same outfits. And yet, they had all different shapes and hairstyles: some were pear shaped, some were apple shaped, some were bell shaped, some were hourglass shaped, some fat, some chubby, some plump, some obese, some had big bellies, some had big behinds, some had large hips and thighs, some big chests, but all the very same in concept.

"Who are they?" asked Charlotte.

"Are they real people? " asked Milly.

"Of course they’re real people, they’re Oompa Loompas!" said Ms Wonka.

"Oompa Loompas!?" said everyone with a healthy dose of skepticism.

"From Loompaland!" said Wonka.

"There’s no such place ," sneered Milly.

"Yes there is! The whole place is nothing but thick jungles infested with the most dangerous beasts in the entire world: Vermicious Knids and Snozzwangers, and those terribly horrific Whangdoodles. I went to Loompaland looking for exotic new flavors for candy. Instead, I found the Oompa Loompas. They lived in tree houses to escape from the fierce creatures who lived below. All they ever ate were mashed together remains fo insects and dreadfully bitter herbs. But the food they longed for the most was cocoa beans. An Oompa Loompa was lucky if they found three or four beans a year, but oh, how they craved them. All they’d ever think about was cocoa beans. Now, the cocoa bean happens to be the thing from which chocolate is made, so I told the chief, “Come live in my factory." explained Ms Wonka.

"Like Amazons, but smaller," said Milly .

"Correct!" said Wonka gleefully.

"What do you pay them with? Can't go around with free labor like that," asked Mrs Salt, having cocked an eyebrow.

"I pay their wages in cocoa beans, and I also use them as taste testers," explained Wonka.

"That must save you a lot of money," said Mrs Salt, somewhat impressed with the cost effective strategy. Meanwhile, Charlotte spotted August and her mother.

"Mother! Look at August and her mother!" shouted Charlotte.

"Mmmmm . . . zis iz wonderbar " August moaned.

"Nein~ It'z more un zhat I've never had something uon...fulfilling in mine mouth since your papa," groaned Mrs Gloop, her husband being a blonde haired, blue eyed butcher with body of an olympic bodybuilder who liked "big" blonde haired German girls like Mrs Gloop. Not wasting any time, they both plunged their faces into the gooey brown liquid, messily slurping up all that they could.

"Don't worry, they can't drink it all," said Ms Bucket.

" I bet those tubby hogs could, given their size," Violet teased.

"Hey look! I didn't think it was possible, but they're getting fatter!" proclaimed Milly. It was true, as August and her mother were getting heftier with each gulp. Their billowing bellies swelled out with several more gallons of liquid ganache, but their bellies weren't the only things growing, as it was going to their hips too. August and her mother's ample ass and chest were swelling out as well. It was becoming harder and harder for their skirts to cover their big butts and all over their dresses button and stitches burst and popped.

"They're blowing up!" gasped Ms Bucket.

"Like balloons," added Charlotte.

"Rather like a truffle of sorts, at least to some extent," said Ms Wonka. Then suddenly, they lost balance and their whole bodies slid down the slippery bank, ending in a soft sploosh as their huge forms took on the gloopy river's content.

"Somebody do something before they drown!" shouted Ms Teevee.

"Don't worry, fat floats," explained Ms Wonka calmly. as Both August and her mother came back up completely covered in a layer warm sticky sweet chocolate but instead of gasping for air they just kept gulping down more chocolate, they were both taking on gallons of chocolate ganache and swelling bigger and bigger they had swollen up so fat by now that they could hardly move enough to swim not that they were even worried about their current situation . Slowly, they were being sucked towards the two pipes from before, then finding themselves being swallowed up by said pipe. As such, this caused their now chocolate coated skirts to turn upwards, giving everyone an embarrassing eyeful of ganache-soaked German panties.

"There they go," said Violet as they all watched the mother and daughter rise up the pipes.

"It’s a wonder how those pipes are big enough," thought Mrs Beauregarde aloud, silently creaming herself at such a wonderfully lewd sight.

"It isn’t big enough, there slowing down," said Charlotte and was right, right as August and her mother were still growing, their belly, breasts and asscheeks were beginning to press like chocolate dough that was raising and still expanding against the tubes.

"they're gonna stick," said Milly matter-of-factually. Sure enough, they began to stop altogether, their forms, smushed firmly against the glass.

"I think they have," said Ms Teevee, clutching her daughter close.

"They've blocked the whole pipe!" exclaimed Ms Salt.

"But they'll bust the pipes or they'll burst themselves!" Veruca equally shouted.

"Call a plumber!" cried Ms Teevee.

"Oh, no need. The pressure will get them out. Terrific pressure is building up behind the blockages," explained Ms Wonka calmly.

"Will they get out mother?" asked Charlotte, eyes wide with a curious kind of fear.

"Yes, they will, Charlotte. just you watch. Remember when you once asked me how a bullet comes out of a gun?" said Ms Bucket.

"Exactly!" said Ms Wonka.

"Look, the Oompa Loompas," said Charlotte.

"What are they doing?" asked Veruca.

"Why, I believe they’re going to treat us to a little song! It is quite a special occasion, of course, as they haven’t had a fresh audience in many moons," said Wonka fondly.

Growing big and growing large
Mother and Daughter like a barge
August here a greedy hog
Her Mother like a hefty log

Each more eager to guzzle down sweets
Wolfing, gobbling, slamming down treats
But then they thought it neat
Filling with chocolate from head to seat

But silly them, ignoring rules
Sliding down, becoming fools
What now then do we do
With living ganache balloons?

Hear us out, we've got a plan
Boil them up and serve on flan!
Or better yet, here's a deal
Let's really make these hogs squeal!

Their greed was what led them here
Let's fill 'em up until they cheer
These bloated fatties, roll them home
Once we coat them in vanilla foam!

can we save them, we're unsure?
It's possible, if they survive the whirl
And wild machines of the Fudge room
let's pray they just don't go boom!

Meanwhile, August and her mother continued to grow and wiggle , the pipes groaning. Either the pipes or the women would burst but thankfully Ms Wonka's prediction came true and they were shot up like two very fat corks out of a bottle.

"Wow! That was great! You should enter them into a song and dance contest, it would be nice to see some people with some actual talent for a chance," gushed Ms Teevee.

"Yeah, they'd win first place for sure!" Scarlett agreed, the soft afterglow of her body exuding from her grin.

"Why thank you," Ms Wonka accepted their praise.

"I do say, that all seemed rather rehearsed..." commented Mrs Salt.

"Yeah, like they knew it was all gonna happen," replied Milly.

"Oh, they just made it up as they went along, you now, improv and whatnot. It's a handy parlor trick I've taught them over the years," said Wonka by way of explanation. Mrs Salt and Milly gave an "Ohhh" of understanding,though silently held ther skepticism. Ms Wonka then turned to a very chubby Oompa Loompa with her hair done up in german bun style. She looked like a mini version of August and her mother.

"Helga Take a long stick, and start poking around in the mixing barrel. ‘Kay? make sure they don't drink too much and explode," instructed Ms Wonka. The Oompa Loompa nodded and waddled off.

"Will August and her mother be alright?" Charlotte asked her mother.

"I'm sure they'll be fine dear," said Ms Bucket doubtfully. Just then, The Wonkatania appeared, an enormous boat made of candy and manned by a rowing crew of Oompa Loompas in il-fitting sailor suits.

"All aboard!" cried Wonka, swapping out her top hat for a captain's hat. Everyone climbed into the boat, rocking it a bit. Charlotte and her mother climbed aboard, causing more wild rocking and they were a little embarrassed by this, as they were a "bit" heavier then when they started the tour.

"Onward!" ordered Ms Wonka and the boat began to sail down the river.

"Hey Ms Wonka, how come those two got so fat from drinking from the river?" asked Milly.

"That's because it's more fattening as a liquid, allow me to demonstrate," said Ms Wonka as she spooned up some chocolate from the river with a ladle, and put it into three cups which she gave to two cups to Charlotte and her mother and kept the third. The mother and daughter drank deeply from the cup as did Wonka.

"It’s great" said Charlotte, licking her lips. Suddenly, she felt a warm tingling spread and expand through her body. She looked down to see her body was expanding and so was her mother and Ms Wonka's form just like August and her mother. Another button popped off their blouses, causing them to blush red again and another button popped off Wonka's waistcoat. Now, all three of them had muffin tops, their thighs and hips had filled out more and their faces and cheeks filled out as well. Charlotte and her mother tried to cover their muffin tops that were poking out with their blouses.

"Full speed ahead!" said Ms Wonka to the Oompa Loompas. As they ventured deeper into the tunnel, the lights went down into a low, violet-esque hue before plunging them along a wild and winding set of ganache rapids. As all tightly gripped onto the sides of the boat, lewd images flashed before them, strange and unruly to some, others finding themselves rather hot and bothered. With any luck, the light show soon ended with the boat settling into a lulled lagoon, allowing the passengers to step off at their destination.

"WOW! That was fun," said Ms Teevee.

"YEAH!" agreed Milly.

"It's one of my favorite ways of getting around too," Ms Wonka nodded, leading her tour into the depths of the next demise: the Inventing Room.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:22 am

chapter 4

"This is the most important room in the entire factory. Now, everyone enjoy yourselves, but please, just don’t touch anything, okay?" explained Ms Wonka as they entered the Inventing Room. It looked like a mad scientist’s candy laboratory: full of all sorts of weird and wonderful candy making machine and various contraptions bubbling, churning and whistling away as Oompa Loompas tinkered away, dressed in black latex spandex.

Charlotte and her mother were finding it very hard to say no to Ms Wonka and her chocolate bars, even as they didn't want to end up like August and her mother. However, they didn't want to be impolite and the chocolate was so tasty as they ate another bar, another button popped of her and her mother's blouse. As they explored the Inventing Room, no one noticed Milly and her mom pick up what they thought were bon-bons off one table and they both popped one in their mouths. Suddenly, their bellies started rumbling and bubbling with gas.

"I told them not to, silly girls " sighed Ms Wonka without looking. Their bellies were beginning to blow up like huge gas balloons. At first, it looked like they were both 9 months pregnant with sextuplets and both their bellies were continuing to expand outward. When their bellies reached the size of beach balls, their belly buttons popped from innies to outies. Soon enough, their bellies had reached the size of overinflated yoga balls and it didn't look like their bellies could hold much more when...



Milly let loose a long, ear-shattering burp and her mom let rip with an equally obstructive fart. Charlotte, her mother and Ms Teevee turned bright red with embarrassment, with the Teevees' bellies slowly beginning to deflate back to normal. Milly was knocked flat on her back by the sheer force of her massive burp, as her mom just stood there, shell-shocked and bright red with embarrassment.

"E-excuse me " said Ms Teevee in a small voice.

"Boy, that's great stuff" said Milly, getting back up to her feet with a start.

"Those are boom-booms for your enemies. Great idea, isn't it? Not ready yet, though, still too weak. Needs more gelignite," explained Wonka, musing over her desired fantasy.

"Hey, Ms Wonka, what’s this?" called violet from another table.

"These are Everlasting Gobstoppers. They’re for children who are given very little allowance money. You can suck on it all yea, and it’ll never get any smaller," explained Ms Wonka, picking up one off the table.

"Fantastic invention. Revolutionize the industry. Unfortunately, the mixture isn’t quite right yet. An Oompa Loompa tried it yesterday, and..." added Wonka as the biggest, fattest Oompa Loompa Charlotte had seen yet waddled up to the group. She was almost completely round and her spandex was literally fit to burst off her.

"...still too fattening. A few more tests are needed. How are you today?" asked Ms Wonka. The obese Oompa Loompa smiled and gave two pudgy thumps up

"You look great!" added Wonka, smiling weakly. They then moved on to the biggest and most wondrous looking machine in the room.

"Isn't she scrumptious? She's my revolutionary, non-pollutionary mechanical wonder! Oooh- watch this!" explained Ms Wonka excitedly, pulling a lever. The machine went through an amazing process, before finally, anticlimactically, dispensing two sticks of chewing gum which Violet and her mother took immediately.

"That's all?" cried Veruca.

"You mean that’s it?" sneered Milly.

"It’s gum!" said Violet and Scarlett together.

"Yeah. It’s a stick of the most amazing and sensational gum in the whole universe. Know why? Know why? Because this gum is a full three-course dinner all by itself!" explained Ms Wonka excitedly.

"Hogwash," scoffed Mrs Salt.

"No. Roast beef, tomato soup and blueberry pie. But I haven't got it quite right yet..." explained Wonka.

"It sounds great!" said Ms Bucket.

"It sounds weird..." said Veruca, scrunching her nose.

"It sounds like our kind of gum," said violet, and with that she took out her piece of gum, stuck it behind her ear, and the Beauregardes prepared to chew the new gum.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that. I really wouldn't." warned Ms Wonka with a dry expression, knowing all too well what was to come.

"So long as it's gum, then that's for us, we're gonna be the first people in the world to have a chewing gum meal" bragged Scarlett and with that, they crammed the sticks of gum into their mouths and started chewing.

"What's it taste like?" asked Charlotte.

"It's tomato soup! It's hot and creamy. I can actually feel it running down my throat! It's delicious! " moaned Scarlett.

"And every chew gets better and better! Mmmm . . . this sure is great soup!" groaned Violet, smacking at her gum and blowing the occasional bubble.

"Stop. Don't. Come back," sighed Ms Wonka, more to herself than either gum chewer.

"Hey, second course is coming up! Roast beef and a baked potato! Mmmm! How is it, honey?" asked Scarlett, leaning in tightly against her daughter.

"Divine! Crispy skin and butter!" moaned Violet, leaning back into Scarlett with a soft sigh.

"Keep chewing, kiddo! 'Cause here comes dessert!" groaned Scarlett, almost swearing her belly was pressing pleasantly into the small of Violet's back.

"Blueberry pie and ice cream!" they cried together, flecks of actual pie and cream spattering to the floor.

"It's the most marvelous blueberry pie that I've ever tasted!" groaned Violet, feeling her knees going slightly weak.

"It tastes marvelously like real blueberries!" Scarlett crooned as she mashed the gum between her teeth, the flavors revving up her already heightened libido.

"And ths ice cream is pretty damn good too!" Violet chimed in, strange warm feelings flushing through her nethers as the intensity of the flavor continued to build and climb.

"Ms Wonka, what's gonna happen to them?" Charlotte asked, quietly biting her lower lips as the two gum chewers smacked noisily away at their prize.

"I'd say they're getting their 'just desserts' Ms Bucket. It always goes wrong at the dessert..." Wonka sighed,

"What’s happening to their noses?" asked Veruca as small blue dots appeared on both Beauregardes' noses.

"They're turning blue!" exclaimed Mrs Salt as the two blue dots grew, engulfing both their noses entirely. Violet and Scarlett looked at each other and gasped in great shock (and quiet desire).

"Your whole nose has gone purple!" exclaimed Scarlett.

"So has yours!" shouted Violet in return as the blue began to engulf both their faces.

"Violet, you’re turning violet! What’s happening?" asked Scarlett, her whole face and neck turning blue now along with Violet's.

"I told you I hadn't got it quite right yet because it goes a little funny when it gets to the dessert. It’s the blueberry pie that does it..." said Ms Wonka in a "I told you so" kinda way as Violet and Scarlett's whole bodies turned blue head to foot. The two Beauregardes stared at their now blue hands and arms when her stomach let out loud long gurgling rumble.

"M-mother...w-what's happening to me? I feel funny" Violet weakly protested.

"I don't know honey but it's happening to me too..." replied Scarlett, groping her belly. They both looked down to see their hips and thighs were swelling, giving them a pear shape but that wasn't the only thing that was swelling. Scarlett's now blue breasts pushed out and swelled to the size of over-ripe melons, straining her bra. Their stomachs inflated like an over-inflated beach ball, bursting free of the red belts on their now skin-tight jeans and popped the buttons on their pants and fly, causing their big blue bloated belly to spill out even more. Their butts began to swell too, stretching the "sexy" and "juicy" written across the seat of their jeans. Stitches and buttons began to pop and burst, every fly and zipper came undone and gave way. Their blue faces puffed up too, their blue cheeks and chins swelling to the size of huge oranges and their purple lips puffing up into a deep pucker.

"They're swelling up!" gasped Ms Bucket.

"They're blowing up like balloons!" exclaimed Ms Teevee.

"Like blueberries," corrected Ms Wonka, patting Violet's swollen rump.

"Somebody do something! Call a botanist! " Mrs Salt suggested with volume.

"Stick 'em with a needle," Ms Teevee mindlessly added.

"They'll pop!" gasped Charlotte.

At pop, both Scarlett and Violet's blue eyes bulged, they now had huge blue muffin tops and love handles. Their hands and feet were like blue balloons with sausages full to bursting for fingers and toes. Their bodies became rounder and rounder, their thickening arms and legs were being absorbed into the massive blue blobs that was their bodies. Their huge bellies spilled out more and more showing everyone their belly buttons and Scarlett's jeans had began to rip and tear, giving everyone a full view of Scarlett's lacy thong. Her top was now nothing more then an ill-fitting and close-to-bursting bra for her massive breasts that spilled and oozed out of it. Her whole body had become a giant sphere with two smaller spheres blossoming from her chest. Violet was no better off, despite having far smaler breasts to speak of.

"It happens every time! They all become blueberries! Oh well, I'll get it right in the end," muttered Ms Wonka, musing quite close to Scarlett's swollen loins.

"You've got to let the air out of them, quick!" said Ms Teevee uselessly.

"There's no air in there, that's juice," Ms Wonka corrected again.

"Juice?!?" everyone shrieked in surprise and awe. Then everyone noticed dark purple stains had began to form around their tits and groins, as they had begun to leak blueberry juice and their breasts had begun lactating juice as well. An Oompa Loompa with an hourglass figure and a muffin top along with spikey hair walked up to Ms Wonka.

"what's gonna happen to them now miss wonka " ask charlotte

"they could put themselves in a county fair " sneered veruca

"Cynthia, would you roll the young lady and her mother down to the Juicing room at once, please," instructed Ms Wonka ignoring veruca. The Oompa Loompa nodded and walked towards her intended targets.

"What for?" asked Milly, an eyebrow cocked in confusion.

"For juicing. They have to be juicied immediately before they explode," explained Wonka. At that violet and Scarlett's eye bulged even wider, feeling their skin slightly creak from the wondrous pressure filling and gushing through them. Just then, the Oompa Loompas began to sing again:

Ripe from the Southern Grove
Comes these two into our inventing cove
Sickly sweet with berry juice
Packed in tight to their caboose!

Pride was what blew you up
Full of ego and other nasty stuff
But now you'll be fit to blow
With the gum's juicy flow!

The Loompahs were more than happy to roll the twin blimps around the floor, leaping and bouncing about their surprisingly springy forms. Scarlett gave them much joy, as her breasts made for excellent hurdles and springboards, allowing for the fatty midgets to emulate Chinese acrobats with their grace and flexibility.

Every chew turns you on
Letting us dote and fawn
Over your berry bodies until you burst
Or a fate we think that's the worst!

We could bake you on the fly
And make the world's biggest berry pie!
We'll slice you up a la mode
Around the block and up the road!

Both Beauregares were groaning and cooing in delight from the pleasure coursing through their veins, the Loompah's song oddly hitting a nerve that made their growth all the more teasing and taxing on their pleasure-addled brains.

But, we promise to do our best
To fix you up like all the rest
We'll juice you dry and make you whole
So let's get you two on a roll!

They rolled Violet through the doorway of the room but she got stuck, firly planting her expanded backside into the metallic doorframe.

"Mother, help me! Please!" cried Violet, a voice mixed with fear and passion. Just then, the Oompa Loompas rolled Scarlett face-first into Violet's big blue "juicy" behind, pushing her further in and getting her stuck firmly pressed into Violet's expansive buns. An Oompa Loompa with large chest, massive belly and a pony tail walked up to Wonka.

"Wendy, I want you to roll Ms and Mrs Beauregarde into the boat and take them along to the Juicing room at once " ordered Ms Wonka before she noticed something most ridiculous.

"Birtney, really now..." sighed Wonka as the others saw that an Oompa Loompa had been silly enough to taste some the juice that Violet and her mother had leaked. She had turned blue much like her source and blew up into a wobbling sphere, just much smaller. Her feet shuffled against the ground, allowing her to waddle slightly.

"Roll her to the Juicing room too," commanded Wonka, brushing the whole scene away.

"The Juicing room...Whatever are they going to do to them there? Besides stopping them from exploding?" asked Mrs Salt.

"They're gonna juice them like cows when being milked. We’ve got to squeeze all that juice out of them immediately," explained Ms Wonka. "Without the boat, we’ll have to move double time. There’s far too much to see." And with that, Ms Wonka led the tour onwards and upwards to places unknown and fates just as pleasing.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

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Chapter 5

As they walked to the next room, Ms Wonka gave Charlotte and her mother even more chocolate. Both ladies were starting to get a little self-conscious about just how big they were getting and how tight their once "baggy" clothes were getting.

"Will Violet and her Mum always be blueberries?" asked Veruca, a wicked grin tucked behind her usual facade of "innocence".

"There's a good possibility, but that’s hard to say at this point. Gum chewing makes for a sticky habit, and certainly one I won't condone," Ms Wonka replied.

"If you hate gum so much, why do you make it?" said Milly, arms crossed and scowling.

"Why does a politician make promises they won't keep?" Wonka fired back, clamping Ms Teevee's trap shut for at least the moment.

The troupe soon came to yet another room, Ms Wonka opening the door and the warm and tasty smell of a bakery washed over them as they entered. All around them came the whir of machinery as Oompa Loompahs busied themselves with preparing dough and punching them into a ring shape before dumping them off into many a greasy frialator.

"Donuts!" exclaimed Veruca, the sickly sweet scent eliciting memories of being carted about as a child with a morning visit to the local high-end coffee shop with her mother. The thought of gnashing on sticky glazed and creamy Bavarian forced her mouth to dribble in delight.

"Well spotted Ms Salt. In this room, I make the most filling donuts the world has seen yet! Everything from your common jelly-filled to exotic, wholly untested specimen are in development here. But I wouldn't get too close to much, much of this is still very early. Ah, but soon, Wonka's name will expand past just candy and into the fields of all kinds of household goods, just you watch it from here!" Wonka elaborated, practically shouting by the end in her exuberant optimism for her up-and-coming work.

Among the tangle of conveyor belts, of donuts the spandex-clad Loompah's worked about. As the group moved about, they saw how the Conveyor belts worked at one end with a big blob of donut batter which would be cut accordingly before being plopped into The boiling oil to cook. It would then move down the conveyor belt where it found itself injected with a filling and sprinkled with sugar. They had to be the biggest donuts Charlotte and her Mother had ever seen, causing their bellies to grumble loudly.

"It smells delicious," complimented Charlotte, her mouth watering. Another set of rumbles emanated from her gut, her cheeks twinging a shade darker in embarrassment.

"Hey, mummy! I want a dount, Get me one of those dounts~ I want one~" demanded Veruca, pilling at her Mother's arm like a small child pleading for a gift.

"Here we go again..." mumbled Charlotte, everyone silently agreeing with her as the brat forcefully continued to beg.

"Alright sweetheart, Mummy will get you a donut just as soon as she possibly can," Mrs Salt replied dismissively, as though such demands had become second nature for her to agree towards.

"But I don’t want any old donut! I want a one of those donuts! It simply must happen!" Veruca pushed, her sweetness quickly fading into a seething anger, refined over the years in her attempts at all her heart desired.

"Oh, Very well. Ms Wonka, how much do you want for one of those donuts? Name your price," asked Mrs Salt, preaparing one of her many, many credit cards. Then Ms Wonka said something neither Veruca or her Mother had ever heard before and would likely have not happened again lest...well, some surprises have to be preserved.

"They're not for sale yet. She simply can't have one."

With tactic number one shot down, Mrs Salt tried a new approach. She put her hands on her wide hips and pushed out her ample cleavage, a coy smile danced across her lips as she spoke again.

"There's no need to be so protective Ms Wonka. Just name your price. Why, it wouldn't have to be money~" said Mrs salt in husky sensuous voice, shamelessly using her body as a prostitute might for a pay raise. Her figure swayed about, quietly feeling up bits and pieces of Ms Wonka's body in a bid to find her physical weakness.

"No, and that's my final answer," Ms Wonka spoke curtly, not batting an eyelid at Mrs Salt's advances. The seductress' jaw dropped. No one had every refused her, be it physically or verbally.

"Wow...that usually works for me." Ms Teevee cut the silent moment, ever the airhead.

"If you won’t give me a donut, I’ll get one myself!" Veruca snapped, her rage boiling over in impatience!

"And that goes double for me!" Mrs Salt added, clutching her daughter's shoulder. And with that, both mother and daughter stormed off to the end of one of the donut conveyor belts and picked up a big, warm, fresh strawberry jelly donut each before wolfing them down. Both of them moaned and groaned with delight as they ate the donuts, little bits sticking to their engorged faces.

"Don't, stop, please..." muttered Ms Wonka, sounding increasingly bored as she waved at them. "You'd think of the Beauregardes in doing this..."

"This is so delightfully yummy and filling!" cooed Veruca as swallowed the last of the donut into her voracious pit of a stomach.

"It tasted delicious, I feel so full~" moaned Mrs Salt, rubbing her stomach as it pooched out a good inch.

That was when both the Salts and everyone else started to notice that Veruca and her other's bellies were slowly starting to expand and fill out. But alas, it wouldn't nearly be as fun if it was just their guts taking off like leaven bread, as their whole bodies were getting fatter and fatter like the very dough used to make their consumed treat. Mrs Salt's already curvaceous hourglass figure had flared out even more, her hips and thighs began to fill out and thicken into cartoonish proportions. Her breasts and butt blew up like over-inflated air bags and her body-hugging red cocktail dress was now more like a overstuffed sausage casing.

Both their dresses began to ride up as their bellies, butts and boobs continued to get explosively fatter by the mere second. It was getting embarrassingly hard for them to maintain their dignity as they expanded and tried to pull down their dress/skirt as their hips, thighs and butts expanded wide enough to make tree trunks gush with a nosebleed. Mrs Salt's now bulbous breasts were barely contained by her fit-to-burst dress, buttons and stitches popping, flies and zippers coming undone. Then, y some force beyond them, they slowly began to stop expanding.

"So...have they stopped?" asked Ms Teevee, her head cocked sideways as she gaped at the twin fatties before her.

"I'm afraid not, as next comes the filling," explained Ms Wonka. A wild pair of exaggerated groans indicated the next phase beginning as the Salts once more expanded outwards.

"Wait , are they filling with jelly?" asked Milly, taking note of the reddening hue Veruca's middle was taking on.

"Personally, I like to think of it more as jam," replied Ms Wonka.

The Salts' cheeks and chins began to expand and puff out, as though oranges had been used to fill them out. Mrs Salt's dress just didn't have anymore give left in it as the cloth finally split down the front, causing her positively massive belly to spill and ooze out. Her swollen breasts sprung out while the back of her dress ripped open, letting her girthy ass spill out. The remains of her dress burst off her in tatters, leaving her in only her white cotton lingerie and causing her to turn as red as the jam she was filling with.
She was reduced to her bra, which were clinging on by a miracle thread of some sort, and her panties, which were now nothing more then a very tight thong digging into her sides and riding up into her cracks. She was very lucky beach season was still far off, as her clothes made for a mockery of a bikini, particularly the overtaxed stockings.

Veruca was not left out of the expansion fun, as she had expanded so much that she could no longer pull down her dress to cover her pink panties that, like her mother's, was now a thong. And even if she could, she wouldn't have been able to pull it over her now ample ass, hips and thunderous thighs.

Things were coming down once more and one detail was crystal clear: both mother and daughter now looked like a pair of obese jam-filled dough ball blobs. Both bemoaned the other for having let herself go to such a simple pastry, bits of jam oozing between their fattened lips. Truly they were a mess in need of some help.

And help arrived in the form of a bottom heavy Oompa Loompah, her bobbed cut allowing her to stand out among the crown.

"Debbie, kindly escort the Salts to the Draining Rooms as qucikly as you can. I'd like to keep our growing patrons down today if we can help it," instructed Wonka, patting the Loompah as the worker gave a corss armed bow, ready to fulfill her new mission.

"What's gonna happen to them Ms Wonka?" asked Charlotte, eyes wide and full of wonder to the newest foodgirls before her.

"They're gonna be drained of the jam, akin to how we're juicing Ms Beauregarde and her Mother. But easier on their softened flesh. Can't go squishing a perfectly good donut like them, else they'll be stuck all smooshed for the rest of their lives," explained Wonka. As she finished her words, the sounds of many fists pounding dough picked up, gentle chanting growing more into a slow, labored beat. "So many songs, they're getting to have so much practice today~"

"Here they are, fattened for you,
The chubbiest members of this tour crew
Once thin and mean, bratty as can be
Has given way to this doughy spree!"

"Veruca Salt, this greedy hog
Is now denser than a yule tide's log!
Her dogged calls for more and more
Have left her with so much in store!"

The Loompahs, joining together with all the trength they had, slowly lifted the two-ton wonders onto a new belt, one surprisingly wide enough to cart them along as the entire room's worth of workers joined their voices in harmony. The beating of their dough felt more akin to a familiar, if haunting rhythm of the Jungle Japes.

"And here's her Mother, a spoiled whore
acting more like a parasitic spore
Leeching and sucking everything dry
Shaming crocs when she cries!"

"But when these two fouls beasts,
took a bite of our prototype feast,
They ballooned out as spoiled hogs do~
And are ready to serve with their jellyjam goo!"

The Salts were left to endure the rhythmic words, still groaning softy as their bodies muffled out much in the way of rebuttal. The belt beneath them continued to chug along, trailing closer and closer towards a properly sized shaft for them.

"But we'll do our best to drain them clean
And keep intact their spleen!
But should we fail, and we don't fear we do,
Just remember to always watch what you chew!"

With their rambling song completed, the Salts disappeared behind a curtain of plastic and into the depths of the factory, ready to be expunged of their filling.

"well, I'm not sad to see them go," sneered Milly, saying what everyone was thinking as the usual raucous sounds of the room returned.

"Quite...Well then, let’s keep on truckin’!" exclaimed Ms Wonka, leading the group onwards and upwards.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

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Sweet good. wonder how their teeth stay good eating so much sweets. ;)
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

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Chapter 6

"I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. The elevator is by far the most efficient way to get around the factory," Ms. Wonka cheered as they came to a nearly-invisible box. Ms. Wonka pushed a button and the doors opened, allowing everyone to squeeze inside, albeit tightly. This forced Charlotte and her mother to feel even more self-conscious about just how big they were getting as they squeezed inside the elevator.

Ms Teevee leaned forward to look at all the buttons, pushing her big bubble butt into Ms Bucket's crotch and shoving her huge breasts into Charlotte's face, causing both of them to blush a harsh shade of crimson.

"Wow! Look at the buttons~" Ms Teevee chirped, staring at the walls coated in countless buttons.

"There can’t possibly be this many floors," sneered Milly.

"How do you know? And this isn’t just an ordinary up and down elevator, by the way. It can go sideways, slantways, longways, and any other ways you can think of. You just push any button, and whoosh, you’re off!" explained Ms. Wonka, pressing a button and the glass elevator jolted into life. Charlotte was nearly smothered by Ms. Teevee's big bosom when the glass elevator began to move and caused the bimbo's huge ass to push further into Ms. Bucket. The elevator was an even wilder roller-coaster ride than the boat, making radical twists and turns before turning back in on itself for a helix corkscrew. As the party hurtled through the factory, they would catch glimpses of other parts of the factory. Eventually, Milly turned to Ms Wonka, grimace slapped across her face.

"I wanna pick a room!" she demanded, hands defiantly on her hips.

"Go ahead," said Ms Wonka, gesturing to the buttons with a bored half-gaze.

"Sweet! A Television room! Now we're in business here Wonka," Milly grinned, seeing a button she genuinely liked. Everyone supressed a sigh with the TV junkie pressing the button, sending them twirling along a new course. The elevator eventually came to an abrupt stop at the Television room, leaving most dazed and loose on their feet. Before they leaving the elevator, Ms. Wonka handed everyone a pair of protective sunglasses.

"Here. Put these on," she said, handing them the goggles as they walked into the room. The room was a white, sterile environment where even the Oompa Loompahs were wearing white, ill-fitting jumpsuits and protective glasses. The floor was littered with television cameras with a huge round platform in the middle and a TV screen on the adjacent wall.

"Wonkavision! My very latest and greatest invention," declared Wonka, throwing her hands up in a victorious display.

"It's television," said Milly, the sarcasm oozing between her lips.

"Uh, no. It's Wonkavision. Now I suppose you all know how ordinary television works>" corrected Wonka before opening the question to the floor.

"Sure, I do. A digital signal is captured from sets of moving frames and pictures and is sent out across the bandwidth into either space or through a long set of cables. From there, it's either beamed into a dish to be unscrambled and put back together or filtered and projected via an coaxial cord. That's not even considering TV can now be sent via the internet," explained Milly

"...So I said to myself, "If they can do it with a photograph, why can't I do it with a bar of chocolate?" Wonka prattled on, ignoring Milly entirely.

"Sounds kinda impossible," said Ms Teevee, tilting her head in confusion.

"It is impossible! You don’t understand anything about science, let alone metaphysics! First off, you'd be completely ignoring the laws of conversion which would only render a tiny fraction of a single bar. Duh! Second, the amount of power it would take to convert energy into matter would be like nine atomic bombs." blathered Milly angrily. Ms Wonka chose to ignore her and simply move along.

"I will now send a bar of chocolate from one end of the room to the other, by television! Bring out the chocolate and let's this party started!" shouted Ms Wonka to the Oompa Loompahs. A team of the diminutive workers brought in a mammoth chocolate bar, to which Charlotte and her mother's mouths fell agape at its mammoth size.

"It’s gotta be real big, ‘cause you know how you can film a regular sized man and he comes out looking this tall? Same basic principle," explained Ms Wonka as the team of Oompa Loompahs placed the massive chocolate bar on the central platform. Ms Wonka hit a button and the candy bar began levitate into the air. An Oompa Loompah aimed a movie camera at it, while another one focused a spotlight on it. There was a blinding flash, and then the candy bar was gone in its entirety.

"It’s gone! Where's the chocolate?" gasped Charlotte, looking about in earnest.

"It's flying over our heads in a million pieces. Now, watch the screen!" replied Wonka, pointing at the mounted TV. They all crowded around, eager to be the first to view it.

"Here it comes. There it is. Take it," Ms Wonka nudged milly as chocolate bar appeared on the monitor.

"It’s just a picture," said Milly matter-of-factually.

"Don't be such a sissy! All right, you take it," scoffed Ms Wonka, turning her attention to Charlotte. Hesitantly, Charlotte reached forward and, to everyone's shock, she pulled out the chocolate bar

"Eat it. It’ll be delicious~ It’s the same bar, but it got a little smaller on the journey, that’s all," insisted Ms Wonka. Charlotte unwrapped the bar and both she, Ms Wonka and her mother broke off a square and ate it.

"It’s great!" cooed Charlotte.

"It's unbelievable!" chimed Ms. Teevee.

"It's a miracle!" exclaimed Ms Bucket.

"So imagine: You’re sitting at home watching television, and a commercial will come on. Then a voice will say, “Wonka’s chocolates are the best in the world. If you don’t believe us, try one yourself.” Then you simply reach out and take it! How about that?" asked Ms Wonka, eyes sparkling with excitement and wonder.

"Ms Wonka, can you send other things? Not just chocolate, I mean," asked Milly, the wheels in her mind already turning.

"Anything you like," said Ms Wonka.

"What about...people?" asked Milly, her curiosity piqued.

"People? Hmmm . . . I don't really know. I suppose I could. Yes, I'm sure I could. I'm pretty sure I could. But it might have some messy results..." Ms Wonka trailed off in thought.

"Don’t you realize what you’ve invented? It’s a virtual transportation method of the future! It’s the most important invention in the history of ever, and all you can think about is chocolate..." Milly indigently scoffed.

"Calm down Milly, I think Ms. Wonka knows what she’s talking about," said Ms. Teevee as Charlotte handed her the chocolate bar for a few bites.

"No she doesn’t! She doesn’t have any clue what the hell she's up to! You think she’s a genius, but she’s a savant! But I’m not! I'm a true genius!" Milly bellowed before pushing a button and running onto the teleporting platform.

"Look at me! I'm gonna be the first person in the world to be sent by television!" declared Milly, doing everything she could to pose cool for the cameras.

"Stop, don't, come that sounds familiar...and cliche...I should really work on my material," Ms. Wonka dryly mused.There was a huge flash from the brilliant lens of the cameras and Milly had disappeared into thin air.

"Milly! Where are you?" shouted Ms. Teevee, flailing about.

"She's up there, in a million pieces, or particles, or even waves," explained Ms. Wonka, pointing up at the ceiling.

"Milly! Are you there? " called Ms. Teevee, trying her best to see the itsy bitsy slice of her daughter.

"No good shouting here. Watch the screen," said Ms. Wonka as Ms. Teevee nervously ate at the chocolate bar she still clutched. Suddenly, Charlotte began to get that warm feeling again, like when she had drunk from the chocolate ganache river. The warm, tingling feeling spread through her body. She looked down to see her body was expanding again then looked over to see that her mother and Ms. Wonka were expanding too.

"It's a side effect of the transporting the bar: though it's small, it still has the calories of a giant bar," explained Ms. Wonka as continued to expand. Yet another button popped off Charlotte and her mother's blouse and Ms. Wonka's waistcoat as the plumping fluid worked within them. Ms Teevee began to expand too, and she was becoming the biggest as she had eaten the whole bar. Her once flat stomach began to push outwards, giving her a massive muffin top and overhanging love handles. Her breasts blew up like over-inflated water balloons that strained and burst out of her daisy duke shirt. Her thighs and hips began to thicken and widen, her butt began to blow outward like overblown airbags. Her daisy duke shorts became a thong as she grew fatter and fatter, her cheeks puffing out and extra chins manifested. She was now almost as big and wide as Mrs Gloop had been, all things considered.

"Oh! I knew this would happen!" groaned Ms. Teevee, patting her now massive belly and causing it to jiggle about. "Oh's not all bad I's not all bad " she mumbled, stroking her new assets as the trauma of being fat began to truly sink in.

Just then, Milly slowly began to appear on the TV screen, and thankfully intact to boot!

"Look at me, everybody! I'm the first person in the world to be warped by television! Wow, what a wild trip that was! It was like looking into an event horizon or something! It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me! Am I coming in clear? You guys look massive," exclaimed Milly, flailing her tiny arms about with excitement. Ms. Teevee picked Milly out of the screen, stroking her daughter's head with her thumb.

"Oh thank heavens, she’s completely unharmed," Ms. Wonka snickered, poking the tiny girl with her pinkie.

"B-but...She's only 6 inches tall!" Ms. Teevee fretted, clutching her child close to her bosom.

"Hey! Being tiny is cool and all, but when can I get back to being bigger?" Milly asked, staring at what felt like giants grumbling words above her.

"Why don't we just put her back in the other way?" suggested Ms. Teevee.

"It’s television, not telephone. There’s quite a difference. Even trying to attempt that is likely going to end in a Lovecraftian abomination of a child," Ms. Wonka chided.

"So how to we fix her?" asked Ms. Teevee.

"Simple, we feed her back to size!" Wonka chuckled.

"W-what?!" Milly gasped, her voice high-pitched and squeaking just loud enough before she was placed in-between her Mother's massive cleavage. Ms. Wonka turned to an apple-shaped Oompa Loompah with braids.

"Tina, would take these two to the Feeder Room at once please?" asked Ms. Wonka. The Oompa Loompah lead the Teevee out of the room, and as they waddled off, the remaining Oompa Loompahs began to sing once more:

Teevees! Meet the Teevess!
They're the modern braindead family!
From the age of boobtube
They're a page from a tabloid magazine!

Milly, as arrogant as can be!
Raised on mindless junk since she was 3!

Someday, maybe Ms. Teevee will see the light
and stop jacking off the entire night!

But now with the teevess,
They're gonna have a chubby tubby time
A chubby time,
They'll have a fat old life!

And upon the final line, both ladies were firmly booted into the next room, the sounds of whirring machinery kicking in.

"On with the tour? Come on, there’s still so much to see," said Ms. Wonka, leading the remaining duo out of the TV room.
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Re: Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

Postby mewmew666 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:13 am

i need a new editor
glaciaberry has gone silent on me and isn't replying to any of PMs or comments i send to him
so would anyone out there be intrested in taking over form him as the editor there's only two more chapters and the epilogues to do

basically i send you the skeleton of the chapter and you add the meat

please pm me if intrested
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