Some great horror movie transformations (spoilers)

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Some great horror movie transformations (spoilers)

Postby Scrape » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:34 am

I've been a horror movie buff for years and I've noticed that some of the most memorable scenes have women transforming into all sorts of stuff. Among which are...

V/H/S (succubus TF) - Genuinely surprised this hasn’t been mentioned on the forum (as far as I know) as it’s truly one of the best transformation sequences in horror from the previous decade. A trio of sleazy guys are inviting partying women over to a motel so they can film their raunchy activities. One of the girls is unusually eager and gradually turns nymphomaniacal and animalistic as her clothes are shed and things starts to heat up. After a few minutes she suddenly goes into a frenzy and literally rips a couple of the guys apart (castration included) before she changes into one great-looking succubus creature. It’s technically great, and manages to be genuinely creepy as she originally starts out as a cute and quirky partygoer.

Bite (insect TF, DG) - I saw this one was mentioned elsewhere on the site. It’s worth a watch, even though it’s a very flawed movie. The mental and physical changes the female lead undergo during her transformation into a insecticide creature are revoltingly interesting.

Starry Eyes (bald, DG) - Young and naive actress is corrupted as she try to achieve stardom in Hollywood. After an audition with a Harvey Weinstein’esque producer her skin starts to deteriorate, she vomit up maggots and lose her hair and fingernails before turning homicidal on her friends. In the final scene she’s become a bald she-demon.

The Void (monster TF, DG) - Female nurse transformed into hideous beast not even resembling a woman. It’s a scene with fast editing, so you don’t really see too much of the transformation itself, but you get to see the nauseating result.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead - Several people are transformed into chicken-monsters in the climax and go on a blood splattered rampage. It’s as hilariously stupid and ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s a Troma movie after all.
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