What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

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What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby Burke_Rakers » Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:34 am

I know this is going to sound a little odd you the youngsters out there, but while I'm 50 now, I first got started reading TF and TG fiction in various forms of printed media in my late teens, long before I had (or even could have had) the internet. I don't just mean Jack L. Chalker or anything (though he was the king of legitimate TF in Sci-Fi back in the day, with 'Flux & Anchor', 'Changewinds', 'Identity Matrix' and the 'Four Lords of the Diamond' still sitting on my shelves), but rather the WG fiction of Wilson Barbers (from BUF and Dimensions magazines) or the TG/MC fiction of Toxis. Of the print media that we all used to read...what was your favorite.

I ask because I wanted to gush about the fiction...of Liz Jamesguard. Her work is pretty obscure these days (though you can find scraps pirated here and there), but the best of her stuff only seems to have been printed in the old 'Guys in Gowns' digests I used to order from MAGS back in the early 90's. I know MAGS is pert of Reluctant Press, but it looks like most of her best stuff seems to be unavailable now. I just reread her very ambitious 'America Transformed' series, and once again I'm amazed. Long and detailed, with many characters undergoing mostly TG, but also WG, Animal TF, Personality Change, Culture Change, Bimbo, Age Regression, Age Progression and Identity Death several times. You can tell that a lot of the pioneers of online TG fiction were influenced but her work. 'Steroids' was a long piece (not just a short story, but a proper novella) about two boys who took illegal steroids that caused them first to regress physically in maturity, then grow up again not only as girls, but hyper-sexualized fantasy girls whose new appearance and personalities were influenced not only by their own opinions of what 'girls' should be like, but also by their older sister AND their therapist who used psychotropic drugs to 'help' them adjust.

Then there was 'One Day', (one of my favorites of her long work) where a brilliant computer programmer (the sort who owns his own company) creates a self aware program called SAM that begins to demonstrate astounding abilities. Realizing that our hero intends to control or destroy SAM (think of HAL from 2001), SAM plots with his creator's girlfriend to...well, I don't want to spoil it all, but the programmer ends up with his mind switched with his girlfriends body, before being slowly (quite horrifically) erased and rewritten from the ground up, until all that's left is a stupid (IQ of 88), slutty, big-titted blond named 'Daphne', who desperately wants to have babies and has no idea how to work a computer.

I've searched the website, but only the inferior (in my opinion) 'Shamed into Skirts' (a transvestite novel) is still in print. I do see that some of her 'Guys in Gowns' books are still available in print form. Not much there, but I see that issues 74 and 75 contained the original versions of 'Slumber Party Nightmare', which is one of the few of Liz Jamesguards stories that can be found on line. Issues 40 and 41 had part one and two on The Cheerleader Curse' - where a teenaged boy tries to join the girls cheerleading squad as part of a project he's preparing, and a coven of witches (lead by his mother) punishes him with a curse that causes him to take on the appearance (as well as the stereotypical personality and attitudes), of whatever garments he wears. When dressed as a female cheerleader he starts to both look and act like one, for example. Later, when forced to dress as a slutty prostitute...well, you can guess. It was continued in issue 79, when one of his male friends becomes ensnared in the curse, resulting in a very unhappy (but erotic) ending that leaves one character stuck as a huge-breasted nymphomaniac, and the other as her infant daughter.

Finally, the complete 'Kidnapped' can be found in issues 48, 49 and 50. The first two parts were interesting, and I liked them (the young heir of a Playboy-like empire is abducted by a group of radical feminist terrorists, who forcibly feminize him as a way to manipulate his father), but part 3 was totally off-the-walls crazy, as his feminization is amped up to 11. He's given a new legal identity as 'Wanda' and forced to appear in one magazine after another, as different chemicals and potions are used to change him more and more. By the second day, he's left with enormous breasts and a smoking habit, and by the third he finds he's supposed to appear in a magazine called 'Ebony Nymphos', resulting in yet another change as he's injected with chemicals that enlarge his lips, widen his nose, turn his skin chocolate brown and his hair into an afro. His tits swell more and his ass inflates. Looking into a mirror after his latest indignity, he tries to comfort himself, thinking that at least he still has his mind, and that there should be plenty of options for erudite, well-spoken black girls if he plays his cards right.

Then, he's confronted by his tormentors, one of whom turns out to be his mother (always expect the mother in a Liz Jamesguard story to be an evil witch), who begin to gloat over his changes. He tries to argue with them, but as he begins to do so he finds his vocabulary, tone and body language changing. He starts to panic, screaming "You leave dis nigga be, Honkey! What'chu do to me, you white bitch? Yo be messin' wid Wanda?"

The story ends with them bundling our struggling hero into a car, and dumping him off at night, - penniless, half-naked and in the worst part of town. Later, after being raped several times by a group of rough-looking gang members, he surrenders himself to his fate and decides to seduce the leader. As he does so, he thinks about it from a purely intellectual position. If he (now she) can attach herself to this man, then he can protect her from everyone else. And to do that, she'll have to barter her one tangible asset - her awesome body, and the new talents her former tormentors implanted in her. As she sucks him off, she starts planning out the rest of her life as his girlfriend, then wife, and eventually mother of his children.

To this day, I always have a weakness for dark, even cruel twists. That story also started my interest in Culture Change and Stereotyping.

There are a few little gems in the rest of what they have. Issue 70 has the stand alone story 'Name, Rank and Bra size' (Nazis experiment on captured American soldiers, turning them into perfect Germanic women to act as mothers for the Third Reich), Issue 86 has 'NERDS!' where the computer program SAM (from 'One Day') makes another appearance. It tries to help a group of collage nerds get dates, but it all goes wrtong...or is it right?) and the first part of the wonderful 'Your Account is Overdue', which is continued in 87 and wrapped up in issue 91. 'Your Account is Overdue' involves a brothel that acts as a front for a high-tech company using a SAM style computer to change people into whores, but also to create perfect mates for certain wealthy elites. It has several fun transformations, both physical and mental. Issue 76 features a simple story with a MrGrey feel to it, called 'I said BUD light!'. In it, a pair of drinking buddies aquire a genie, if I remember correctly. It's pretty basic, though it has some nice twists on what can and can't be done with wishes.

There's some very interesting stuff to be found in some of these old books. Here's some links, to Reluctant Press and to a pair of Liz Jamesguard stories on TGStorytime. Slumber Party Nightmare is so good!


https://www.magsinc.com/store/Search.as ... d&type=AND

So...what are YOUR favorite print stories?
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Re: What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby Pigs Brains » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:26 am

Wow , thanks for all of this information . It's all quite new to me as most of my TG/WG Transformation in general obsessions were triggered by Grimms Fairy Tales and old DC comics involving magic or red Kryptonite.
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Re: What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby Burke_Rakers » Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:03 pm

Pigs Brains wrote:Wow , thanks for all of this information . It's all quite new to me as most of my TG/WG Transformation in general obsessions were triggered by Grimms Fairy Tales and old DC comics involving magic or red Kryptonite.

Also good choices. The Oz books had a ton of weird transformations, with the evil Mombi turning Princess Ozma into a boy (then erasing his memory of his old life) always seeming too come out of left field. The television series a couple years ago handled it well, I thought...with Tip not wanting to be turned back into Ozma, because he couldn't remember her life anyway. Red Kryptonite stories tie with Myxlplyx stories for potential, though Red K always wins in the end.
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Re: What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby alexa » Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:13 pm

Burke, OMG. I once owned PDFs of "America Transformed", bought a long long time ago ... but I had completely lost any reference to who the author was. Thank you so much for the reference, even if it's lost to time ...

My own very first exposure to TF was "My Wife as a Dog" on the old FRIDAY THE 13TH series ...
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Re: What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby bluecoal » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:44 pm

My own very first exposure to TF was "My Wife as a Dog" on the old FRIDAY THE 13TH series ...[/quote]

Very close to the same for me. I ended up scouring the TV listings for UHF syndicated horror series and never stumbled across anything remotely similar until the internet came about. The combination of inexorable change, mental shift, and body horror still gets me to this day.

As for written TF, I stumbled across a copy of Harry Kressing's "The Cook" just around the time I hit puberty and it definitely helped to awaken my preferences for SSBBWs and WG stories. It's still a good read.
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Re: What are your favorite 'Print' stories?

Postby Lyssa » Sun May 19, 2019 5:57 pm

I read a book a while ago called Life in the Fat Lane, about a popular girl whose never been heavy becoming obese. What makes matters worse, her family moves to a new city where nobody would know she was ever slim and popular.
The author is Cherie Benneth I think.

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