Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon

Postby catfish » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:05 pm

Episode 1 of the new Netflix series "Altered Carbon" has a race-change female TF at about the 41:30 mark. All too brief, but it's well-done and should provide some fodder for your futuristic fantasies.

Actually, the whole plot of the show revolves around TF in a sense, but it's (mostly) off-camera surgical body-swapping -- the idea is that, in the future, everyone's consciousness/memories/etc. is constantly being downloaded to implanted "stacks," which can be transferred to other "sleeves," i.e., other human bodies. There is one short bit in the first episode in which someone has been put in a body that's quite different from the one they originally had; I won't spoil that by giving specifics.
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