Race change, social downgrade, possible slavery

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Race change, social downgrade, possible slavery

Postby Anadult » Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:39 am

Hi. I'm looking for a RP partner for an idea with the themes in the title and the following backtory. The setting is a medieval fantasy world, and my character, a white goddess who has helped the hero save the world/his country. After his quest, they get married, and are invited to become his country's new monarchs. It seems to be a happy ending until what occurs in the RP. They visit a desert country with which they wish to foster a better relationship. It may have been a country that they had passed through during their journey, but hadn't stayed in for long. While being treated well as guests in the country's palace, they become interested in the country's customs, especially the enticing harem girls, many of whom are dark skinned. My character befriends some of them, and probably at her host's suggestion, partakes in the harem girls' work while her husband gets catered to, and uses magic to change her appearance. Her interest takes her outside of the palace to the common quarters in the city where she lives with a host family, learns their language and traditions, and gets accepted into their kinship circles.

Below is a scene I wrote for my own enjoyment. It takes place while my character has lived the life of a harem girl for some time to the point it has become natural to her and the friends she works with.

One afternoon, Lifa came across Jemila in their shared quarters weeping by herself. She looked up as she heard Lifa enter, and tried to hide the tears.
“Jemila, what is the matter?” Lifa asked in alarm, feeling the other girl’s pain sharply as if it were her own.

“Oh Mirembe. I wish you hadn’t seen this,” Jemila cried out. “Now I must tell you or I know that you will surely worry about me, and you will not be able to focus on your work. I will tell you, but only because you are my friend. And please, do not let the masters know for they shall be cross, and I fear that they shall do harm to one I hold dear.”

Lifa nodded gravely, and pledged her silence. Just in case, however, they spoke in dialect in case an outsider may overhear. Lifa’s accent had become much better since she had gotten plenty of practice conversing only in the language while living in the ghetto.

“Mirembe, before I came here, I was in love with a man from a nearby village, but we were poor, and could not marry. He left his village with a merchant band to seek his fortune, and I never saw him again. Now he has come to the city. He has done well in the band, and is a full-fledged member. What’s more, he has found me, and sent me this letter proclaiming his love for me, and his desire for us to marry.” She held the letter for Lifa to see.

“Why Jemila, that is wonderful news!” Lifa felt like laughing. Perhaps she had mistook Jemila’s tears of happiness for tears of sorrow.

But Jemila looked stricken. “Oh Mirembe! Sometimes I forget you have not always been one of us! I cannot marry him! Not because I do not wish to. Nothing would make me happier. But we are forbidden to marry whilst we are in bondage. I am not a free person like you are, Mirembe, and I do not see our masters granting me permission.”

Lifa watched the young woman collapse back into sobs, and rocked her comfortingly in her arms. Lifa longed to help her friend. For some reason, she felt that it was within her power to solve Jemila’s problem though she did not know why or how she could. It seemed that she was forgetting something important.
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