TF me into a girl, body and mind, being a bit cruel about it

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TF me into a girl, body and mind, being a bit cruel about it

Postby Alojz1 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:00 am

You see I am a 26 year old guy. An average person, one you wouldn't think of much if you passed me by on the street. Dark brown shaggy-curly hair and short trimmed beard, a little crooked smile, standing at six feet tall and slim in a 'he's slightly too stretched out' kinda way. I'm reasonably happy in my body as a guy. I'm also into women. I've thought about it a while and I'm pretty sure I'm not trans. But then... there is this one thing - I find it super arousing to picture what it would be like to be a girl. To see the things I once found attractive in woman now become a part of my everyday life, plainly boring or even a straight-up nuisance. I don't think I would ever actually wish to turn into a girl if I was presented with a real-life magic lamp. That's where you come in. You discovered my 'interests' and decided to fulfil my curiosity, knowing just how much it turns me on to be faced with being thrown into a new life. All that even though I'd be scared and try to resist being actually transformed. I want to feel helpless and powerless as you strip my life and body away from me bit by bit, instead shaping me into someone suitable for you to date... someone who ultimately will regret ever having TG fantasies of the sort I had.

You could start off by teleporting me to your location. From that time onwards you will have total control over my body and mind - that is you will be able to slowly shape me into your idea of perfect woman physically, but also being able to choose the way I think about things, my interests, desires, anything to do with my sexuality, my attitude to my own body, to his body, to politics, religion. ANYTHING. Even give me new job or relationships. Make me hate someone or love someone. The only thing I'd like to have left intact would be my memories, just to make sure that it's actually me who is forced to suffer through seeing the way my brain works more and more differently from what I was used to. If you really want to you can plant some new memories in my brain, but those can't overwrite the ones I have already, and I would be aware they are fake. I guess they could be mostly used to better illustrate the changes you make in me.

Other than that general outline there are several things which play a large part of my kink - as you can probably see from my posting history:

- Feeling stuck - I want to know that once you're done with me, that's it. There's no coming back. Whatever fate you choose for me is mine forever. If you choose to go with an infinity device transforming me maybe this could be done by the machine being able to work only for limited time before running out of charge?
- Mental changes - I love the idea of having my personality changed and having some thoughts 'pushed' into me. The more extreme the better honestly, except things to do with loss of IQ are really not my thing (so anything related to bimboification). My interests are varied and range from being made really boy-crazy and sexually forward [1] to being made cripplingly shy [2] (both of those links have some good pieces of text of scenarios I find hot). The common factor there is - the way my brain works is modified to a severe extent and I have to suffer through unfamiliar thoughts and emotions. I want my new life to be sexual, but I also want it to be in some way too much. I want to regret allowing someone to change me like this. Not actual pain, rather I feel... I guess I'm a bit of an emotional masochist - hence the mention of sadist twist in the title. Also I'll use this point to ask that you include the word 'banana' in any messages, just so I know that you've read this prompt!
- Tits - essentially, I am curious what it would be like to grow up as a petite girl who sees herself to develop up top way more than what she would feel comfortable with. This is a big turn on of mine, one I tackled in this post [3] and this older but more illustrated one [4]. You'll find those two posts a goldmine for the details of my interests in getting stacked.
- Changes being novel / very specific - RPs can get pretty formulaic (get turned into a sexy girl, made proud of my body, made want to suck cock) and that lack of creativity is boring and not exciting. I'd love the changes you give me to include some that are different, or maybe just weirdly specific. Like once I spent a lot of time fantasising about being turned about a girl with quite cute, petite feet but also made feel self-conscious about how small they were. Then I imagined someone gradually ramping that self-consciousness up and up until it gets to the point where I were likely to break down and cry from just looking and thinking at my own feet enough. So yeah, that was a pretty weird one (and it still sounds regretfully appealing!) Specificity is key and can turn even 'mundane' parts of the fantasy (like getting boobs) into something mega exciting (like, letting me know exactly what kind of shape they are, how do they squish and where do they touch my body etc.)
- Keep it real - I would still like to remain a biologically plausible human by the end of this. Unfortunately anthro or anything like that is a turn off. I can't realistically imagine what my life forward, in human society would be like if we go super fantasy/sci-fi (other than the change itself). Yes, you can make some changes pretty extreme, but keep it biologically plausible. For example you can give me some disorder making my pussy lubricate most of the time, but making it gush pints of juice an hour would probably not work.

Limits: no under-19s, no bathroom stuff, no gore, no bimboification, no furry stuff, no pain stuff

What I can offer is an engaged and descriptive RP!

Let me know if you're interested!
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Re: TF me into a girl, body and mind, being a bit cruel abou

Postby brucejedi » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:05 am

I’ll bite on this one. PM me and we can talk about it further.
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