M4A Male WG/M2BBW/Slob Weight Swap Texting Roleplay

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M4A Male WG/M2BBW/Slob Weight Swap Texting Roleplay

Postby j3golem » Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:30 pm

In this story, I'm a male student that just entered college; in high school, I was in a swimming team, and had what you might call a well-sculpted body. And you are either going to be my girlfriend/friend - that used to be "the fat friend" of the group, and was a butt of the fat jokes.

And we happened to go to the same university after graduation! And somehow, you're going to manipulate me into gaining weight. Anything goes - magic, sci-fi, sneaky weight gain powders - whatever you want. And while I slowly gain weight, transforming from a handsome, fit swimmer to a fat slob with J-cup moobs and ass that gets stuck between doorframes.

Long-term, Short-term, either works. We are pretending that we are friends/a couple that's texting each other, usually late at night. And every day that passes we can comment on each other's appearances and have a pretty natural conversation.

If you like the idea, we can do vice versa. If not, tell me what you want, and we can RP that as well as long as it includes any of MWG/Slob/M2bbw/Weight swap elements.

Message me on kik: sorkrhwkfksl

If you prefer some other app, just message me right here, or leave a comment. Have a good day!
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