(Slob, WG, TF, Revenge) Let's do a Revenge WG/TF Roleplay

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(Slob, WG, TF, Revenge) Let's do a Revenge WG/TF Roleplay

Postby j3golem » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:44 pm

I'm a big fan of Slob WG/TF and revenge stories where the victim is not happy with the result, and is fully aware of what is happening. For example: The victim begins to stink, gain a ton of weight, drool uncontrollably, etc, but is helpless to control it and hates it. No getting used to the transformation, being mind-controlled to like it, or of the like; I feel like those ruin the sense of revenge.

Favorite transformations are: Pig/Cow/Donkey/Horse, but they aren't necessary!

I don't mind too much which takes which roles, I just want to see a story like this unfold.

I've not done a proper RP before, so please understand if I seem a bit lost in the beginning!

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