F2M Cheerleader to Bear RP (tg,slob, wg, hairy, possible AP)

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F2M Cheerleader to Bear RP (tg,slob, wg, hairy, possible AP)

Postby Moddie » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:02 pm

I had mentioned this RP in my previous thread, but I've put together a little intro to hopefully pique people's interest in this particular one. I don't think I've ever seen a story involving a cheerleader becoming a male bear (read: gay, hairy, overweight, sometimes slobbish, not an actual bear). The RP could also involve age progression with aging and baldness too. I also see a personality change with the cheerleader becoming not only the object of desire of the gay man, but also in mind too (starting to like football, beer, typically male activities). If you are interested in continuing the story with me, please send me a PM. I'm also on YIM. My username is moddiemasters

"Who is that guy?" Summer was staring at a college-aged man. She and her friend Brittany were returning to their sorority house from an evening class, while the young man, appeared to be just starting his night, leaving from an adjacent fraternity. He wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo from the campus bar, which displayed his impressively chiseled pecs and muscular, yet not, bulging forearms. A pair of jeans packed in an impossibly tight ass and well-built legs. As he passed by the two co-eds, Summer glimpsed the man's face, which beyond the body itself, was nearly perfect. A strong bullet chin sported light brown facial hair, while his visage was supported by an aquiline nose and a pair of powerful, deep green eyes. His light brown hair was gelled, looking like, to Summer at least, very attractive spiky bed head. Blonde streaks ran through giving the young man's hair style a surfer quality.

As he walked past the two girls, he barely gave them a look, just a brief smile. Summer was going to try and break the ice, but he passed by them so quickly, she never had the chance. Both girls were used to less than fleeting looks from males on and off campus, in fact, they were used to being leered at and ogled on a daily basis. Brittany was a bubbly, brunette, gorgeous in her own right, but it was Summer who stole most of the attention. Alone, Brittany was going to many looks of desire, however; when she went out with Summer, especially to the beach, it was absolutely no contest- Summer was a perfect 10.

While the young blonde was average height, she made up for it with sleek, slender legs that went seemed to go for an eternity. Sun-kissed skin wonderfully soft and blemish free gave her a healthy glow that turned the heads of single and married men alike. However, most men (read all!) noticed how impressively stacked she was for someone her size. A gift from her mother her pert, perfectly shaped C cup breasts stood out on her slender frame. Her lean stomach showed just the hit of abs, feminine yet fit, while her heart-shaped ass stood out just enough to be noticed. Some girls managed to maintain trim physiques but were not so lucky with regard to their faces. Summer, however, was no but-her-face. Where many would find her body extremely appealing, all would see the beauty in her facial features. Her oval-shaped face was framed by sparkling, crystal blue eyes. Her nose, upturned and tiny, highlighted a face with a dimpled smile and perfectly shaped white teeth.

This is why both girls, and particularly Summer, were shocked that the young man didn't give them a second look. Most came back for second and third helpings. Brittany piped up, "Oh wait. I've seen that guy before. And, uh, we don't have a chance."

Summer's voice was honey as she spoke, a light flirty feminine tone with a slight southern drawl, "Sweetie, we've always got a chance."

Brittany said, "Not with him. He's gay. I'm almost positive I've seen him kissing another guy. It was at a frat party."

Summer shook her head, displacing her honey blonde hair and causing her bangs to hang coquettishly over her eyes. "He's part of a football frat. Honey, there's no way that he'd try anything with any of them."

Brittany nodded, "He wasn't making out with a frat guy. I can't remember exactly, but no one on the football team." Brittany looked at her friend with a sigh, "You're ridiculous, you really aren't thinking...you can?" Summer wore a knowing grin.

Summer said, "I did it with my high school boyfriend. I can turn him. I'll walk into the bar during his shift and wear something that will make him forget all about the boys, sweetie."

Brittany shook her head, "First of all, your boyfriend in high school wasn't gay. He was just confused, experimenting. And second of all, this isn't a choice for them. It's like built into them."

Summer shook her head, "I'll prove you wrong."
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Re: F2M Cheerleader to Bear RP (tg,slob, wg, hairy, possible

Postby tg57570tf » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:03 am

just have found this one, sounds great. Does anyone know if this is complete?
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