RAD The Cow Goes Moo

RAD The Cow Goes Moo

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I do not own these stories they were posted on the Patreon page of this Author and have since been taken down and not able to be reviewed anywhere. If you are looking for a story by The Weaver, I can post it quicker if you message me about it.

Beth Leonard and Samuel Horton had always been best friends.

The reason behind this was two-fold.

One, they grew up next to each other and their parents forced them to hang out since the age of two. That’s a full sixteen years of time spent together now that they’re eighteen.

Two, no one else wanted to be their friend as they were categorically unpopular.

Beth was a tomboy who didn’t get along with other girls and yet was still someone too girly for the boys to accept. She never saw how that was possible. She’d look at the other girls at school with their dresses and their perfect skin and their beauty salon hairdos and then look at herself… her own frazzled hair and freckled skin and her jeans and oversized flannel shirts and was sure that she was a different breed of animal than all of them. She wouldn’t want to be like them if she could. Could any of them change a tire on a car? Could any of them build anything beyond a hairdo and their makeup? Beth never wanted to be like them and that kept her on the bottom of the social order.

Samuel was a nerd from a long line of nerds — a pimply brainiac with a taste for the odd fringe of pop culture — and facing a few days of out of school through suspension appears to break him in particular. He’s so unfamiliar with being in trouble that he seriously freaks out at the prospect.

“How am I going to explain this to my mom and dad?” Samuel whines out, kicking at some innocent dirt with his trainers. “Is this going to impact my college applications? I’ve already been accepted. This was a bad idea.”

“I see this as a good thing,” Beth says trying to comfort him.

“A good thing? A GOOD thing?!? Funny, but I can’t see that,” his sarcasm is palpable.

Beth punches him in the arm. “You’re a moron. For someone supposedly so smart, I don’t know how that’s possible. We’re Seniors. As you said, you’ve already been accepted to a college. Grades don’t matter anymore. Attendance doesn’t matter. We just got a free pass to hang out… to do whatever we want.” She starts to poke him to emphasize almost every other word. “Tell me, seriously tell me you were going to learn something worthwhile over the next few days that you don’t already know, genius.”

When Samuel starts to smile, Beth is certain he’s come up with some sort of plan for this newly acquired gift of free time. It’s a knowing smile and it draws her in to want to know what he’s thinking.

“Well…” Samuel says, wondering if this is the time for him to reveal to her his latest and greatest innovation.

“Well what?” Beth says, almost calmly, before immediately going on the offensive. “Spill!” She says, cocking her fist and fully ready to slug him in the arm again.

“Spill what, Beth?” He says in response, knowing that every bit of curiosity he stokes within her will work to his benefit.

“Samuel Beauregard Horton. Your ‘well…’ speaks volumes. Don’t hold out on me, son.”

“Wow. Middle name. You must be serious. Well, if you must know, I’ve managed to cobble together a RAD.”

Beth raises an eyebrow and then gestures with her arms for more information.

“Oh, sorry, it’s an acronym,” Samuel continues, “A RAD is a Reality Alteration Device.”

Beth stops in her tracks and then bursts out into laughter.

“What?” He says. “You think I’m joking? Sure. I haven’t had a chance to run human trials. I only finished it about a week ago and I’ve only tried it out on plants and animals, but the principles are basically the same. We’re all built from atoms, after all.”

Beth laughs. “Okay. You’re probably pulling my leg. A reality alteration device?” She asks and he nods emphatically. “That’s too big a concept for my tiny brain. This I’ve got to see.”

“Well, since we have no other plans on our docket for the day, why don’t we take a trip to my basement and I’ll familiarize you with the technology?”

Beth spends the five remaining minutes of their walk wondering what joke her friend is about to pull on her.

Samuel spends that time thinking what fantasy he’s going to live out with his first human test subject.

In the basement, Samuel shows Beth a device that looks oddly like the P.K.E. Meter from Ghostbusters, their shared all-time favorite movie. He flicks a switch and it chimes to life. Then, Samuel passes over Beth with it, casting a green light across her from head to toe.

“Ooo… Nice light show,” Beth says sarcastically, wondering when the “fooled you” moment will occur. She knows Samuel enough to be familiar with his odd sense of humor.

“Thanks, it’s scanned you and logged you in your current state which I’ve created as your default state, should any accidents occur and we need to return you to… you know… normal…”

“I’m normal? We both know I’ve never been normal. While they other girls hit puberty ages ago, I’m still sporting the training bra my mom bought with wishful thinking that eventually my girls will come in and fill out.” Beth makes a show of grabbing her B cup breasts, barely bumps registering through her oversized shirt.

Samuel smiles. “So, first change, you want breasts?”

Beth shrugs. “Not particularly. I was actually joking. I’m glad the boob fairy skipped over me. Breasts seem like a hassle, really. Always getting in the way of actually getting shit done, you know?”

Samuel speaks into the device. “Give the subject an undeniable desire for bigger breasts.”

Beth’s expression of dismissal changes to her overtly pleading. “Please, Samuel. Give me breasts. Bigger breasts!” She pauses, then adds a nerd reference in the hope of winning him over. “You’re my only hope.”

“Well, since you asked me nicely.” Samuel addresses the RAD. “Give subject D cup breasts.”

Beth starts laughing in joy at just the idea of having D cup breasts as the device whirs to life. At first, she thinks it’s just her imagination causing her to feel a tingle in her chest, but when she looks down, the growth is apparent, stretching her flannel so far out in front of her, that it nearly pulls up enough to reveal her midriff.

“Holy shit!” She proclaims, followed shortly by, “Ow!”

“Ow?” Samuel asks.

“Yeah. Ow, doofus. My dinky training bra can’t handle this amount of mass and it’s mashing them up something fierce trying to hold these puppies in.”

Samuel speaks into the device. “Give subject appropriately underwear for her body.”

“Hey!” She yelps.

“What now?” He asks.

“Um…” she hesitates.

Samuel speaks into the device. “Give subject the undeniable need to answer all questions fully and honestly.” He then asks her, “What was they ‘hey’ about?”

“First off, how dare you try to make me answer all questions fully and honestly and second, your thing gave me a nice fitting bra — and thanks for that, it’s a lot more comfy — but I think it also changed my boxers into a thong because I just felt the string in the back ride up my ass and it was unpleasant. I’ve only ever worn boxers. It feels like someone’s giving me a wedgie.”

“Subject’s body responds pleasurably to her new underwear.”

Samuel watches as Beth’s face flushes red immediately. “Watch how you phrase things, genius!”

“Why do you say that, Beth? What just happened?”

“Well, based on what you said, I think I’m now turned on by my underwear,” she confesses.

“You could always take them off,” he offers and receives a “ha” in response.

When he starts to lift the device back up to his mouth, she scolds him, “Don’t you dare.”

Samuel feels empowered and quite daring at that moment. “Subject would love to perform a strip tease for her best friend.”

The idea immediately forms in her head and quickly shifts to action as Beth starts to dance to music in her head, swaying her hips awkwardly to mimic moves she’s only seen in movies and on TV. She starts to unbutton her flannel shirt, giving Samuel his first glimpse of what the device has actually done. He sees that her bra is lacy and a lot more girly than anything he’d ever pictured her even considering wearing. When she undoes the buttons on her jeans, he gets a glimpse of the thong that device provided her. She turns around and let’s him see the string running up between her cheeks, before she hooks her fingers into the band around her and drops it down. She’s still wearing unsexy athletic socks, but nothing else.

“Happy?” She says, crossing her arms and standing naked in front of him.

“Here’s the thing. I said ‘strip tease.’ I didn’t say ‘get naked.’ I never said that. You wanted to get naked for me, didn’t you?”

“Well, I’m turned on. And I’ve always liked you. And having big breasts made me want to show them to you. I know that you didn’t do that to me. That’s all me. I’m feeling a bit… controlled by you… and I like it. I want you to keep doing things to me. It’s a fucking turn on.”

“What are you saying?” Samuel anticipated all kinds of reactions once they journeyed down the rabbit hole of his device’s capabilities, but this wasn’t one of them.

“I want you to fuck me, dummy.” She professes. “Do I need to spell that out any further or do you understand?”

Samuel is struck dumb. He nods in response.

Beth cocks a hand on her hip and says, “Well?”

The realization dawns on him. “Oh. Oh yeah. I totally love, want, and need you too.”

“Not the most romantic line, but I’ll take what I can get.”

After sixteen years of friendship, the pair share their very first kiss. Not only their first kiss with each other, their first kiss ever. It’s awkward and sloppy and generally not sexy in the slightest bit.

Samuel pulls the device up. “Subject knows how to kiss.”

He goes in for a second kiss and she pushes him back for a moment. “Can you do that to you, too?”

“The device can currently only affect one subject at a time.”

“You going to let me play with it and you then?”

“Maybe later. I’m not done with you…”

“Now that… That was a hot line,” Beth smiles and pulls him in for kiss number two. They quickly learn that if one of them is an expert at the activity, it raises the bar for the both of them. The kiss is so engaging, the bar isn’t the only thing that’s raised and Beth notices the tenting going on in her best friend’s pants. “Is that for me? Did I do that?”

“Don’t tease,” he says, momentarily embarrassed.

Beth steps back, gesturing to her naked body. “Me? A tease? I’m buck naked in front of you.”

“Good point.”

“Hey, can you do something for me with that device? I don’t think my body’s built for this kind of boobage. They actually hurt my back.”

“Subject's body is perfectly built for that kind of boobage.”

The minor back pain Beth was experiencing disappears in an instant, replaced by sensitive tingles all over her body.

“Damn. What did you do?” She says. “I’m even more turned on right now.”

“Guess I gave you sexy boobs and you feel sexy.” Then, he adds, “Subject knows how to use her body.”

A shiver goes up and down Beth’s spine and she knows exactly how to amplify the pleasure spreading through her body. “Could you leave the room? I want to do stuff, but I don’t want a spectator.”

“Why not? You already said you want me to fuck you.”

“Look. I want to touch myself and I’m not all that comfortable doing it in front of you.”

“Why not? I masturbate all the time.”

“In front of people?” Beth asks.

“Well, not really. No…”

“You ever masturbated to the thought of me?” She asks, intrigued and lifting her new breasts in her hands to try to lure a truthful answer out of him.


“Tell me about it.”


“It is so unfair that you have that device and can change me but you won’t describe masturbating to me.”

“I told you that I did.”

“Which only piqued my interest…”

“I guess you need a good distraction, then,” Samuel says. “Subject doesn’t remember her own name.”

“What’s your name?” He asks her.

Beth’s face scrunches up in frustration. “I don’t know. And you know I don’t know because you did this to me. Give me my name back, jerk, before I beat you up. You know I’m capable. I beat up that bully that was bugging you, remember? That’s why we’re suspended.”

“Subject remembers her name.”

“Beth Francis Leonard. Wow. I don’t know how I could forget…”

As she marvels at the notion, Samuel realizes that it’s safe to do whatever he wants to her and that the device can successfully return her to a previous state. “Subject is incredibly stupid.”

Samuel watches with awe as the realization of his words fades from Beth’s face, replaced by a dopey grin.

“They say ignorance is bliss,” he tells her.

She laughs, dumbly, then says, “What?”

“Sorry. Let me amend that. Subject is a completely horny idiot who can’t help but touch herself and demand to be fucked.”

Beth drops to the ground, no longer denying her body’s needs and no longer worried about the audience present. One hand rubs her breast, working the nipple, while another plunges downward, stroking her clit while she moans in bliss.

“Fuck me?” She says to Samuel, desperately panting in need.

“Not yet…” he says. “I’ve had a long time to think about this and a lot of built-up frustrations. I’m going to enjoy the show.”

“Fuck me?” She says again, her desperation only growing as the moments pass.

“Fuck it,” Samuel says and starts to undress as she works two fingers in and out of her slick hole.

He has to press hard against her to get inside of her, but once he does, it’s the best feeling he’s ever experienced — hot, tight, and wet. He always assumed his device would lead to his deflowering. He’s glad that Beth said that she wanted him, making it truly special.

All she says throughout is a repetition of “fuck me” and each time she says it, Samuel presses harder against her. As turned on by it as he is, he just can’t help himself.

When he feels her pussy spasm around him as she cums screaming out “fuck me” one final triumphant time, he feels his own orgasm build past the point of no return. A bit sweaty and out of breath, Samuel cums inside a girl — his best friend and the actual love of his life — for the very first time.

They cuddle and Samuel uses this opportunity to explore her body with his hands. His loves the feel of her big tits in them and thinks that her thin legs and barely-there ass could stand some improvement. Her hair could stand some improvement. So could parts of her face. Her flat stomach, he believes, is fine as is. Touching her and thinking about changes raise his staff to full mast again and Beth feels it press against her ass, responding with, “Fuck me?”

Samuel grabs the RAD. “Subject lactates when turned on. Subject’s breasts are sensitive to the point of orgasm when fucked. Subjects vocabulary and moans are replaced by moo’s.”

Excited at the prospect of a good cowgirl tit fuck, Samuel mounts her chest and presses her tits around his cock. Beth instantly moos in pleasure and dribbles of milk start to flow out of her nipples. He works the nipples, getting the milk to flow a little more freely and the smears it all around her breasts and his dick, providing the perfect lubrication to carry the tit fuck to the next level. She moos as he picks up the pace of his thrusting, squirming underneath him as she crests through a series of orgasms.

After he blasts her with his juices, instantly mingling and disappearing into her own, he takes a nipple in his mouth to try her milk. It’s a lot less sweeter than what he expected it to be and he makes a note to remedy that in any future visitations to this sort of encounter. She cuddles back against him with a soft “moo” and they fall asleep like that.

Samuel wakes up with a jolt, wondering how much time has passed. He finds that they were only asleep for an hour, so they’re still safe from potentially prying eyes. Not wanting to have to explain too much to his parents, though, he decides that he needs to reset his best friend… girlfriend?… to her default form.

Even as he hoists the RAD to his mouth, she asks a gentle, “Moo?”

“Subject returns to her default form.”

He’s sad to see her breasts deflate to being nigh nonexistent, but he’s more surprised when she instantly gets up to her feet and, still naked, rushes him. Samuel braces for punches, but instead, she kisses him full on the mouth.

The look on her face can best be described as loving as she speaks, “I was wondering what it would take to get you to make a move. I didn’t know you’d have to alter fucking reality, but I’m glad you did.” She looks down at her body. “Could you give me my bigger breasts back?”

“Only if you call them tits or titties…”

“Boys and your mammorial fixations.”

Samuel smirks. “Um. You’re the one that’s asking me to give them back to you.”

“Touché. Hey, while you’re at it, could I make a few more adjustments?”

“I’m going to try and cover you in one fell swoop. Subject is physically her ideal self.”

Outside of wishing Beth’s ideal self had come equipped with a bigger ass, Samuel is pleased with the changes that take place to the girl in front of him. Her hair darkens to an almost perfect black. Her hazel eyes shift to an emerald green. She raises in height a few inches and stands a lot straighter and more proudly. Her breasts don’t quite go out to D cup, but the larger C’s work perfectly with the rest of her body.

“Wow!” He says.

“You approve?” She says with a spin to showcase her new form.

“I do.”

“Anything you’d change?” She asks, then adds, “And keep in mind I could always use that device to get you to tell me the truth…”

“Really? You’d do that to me?”

“Shit yeah, boy. You did it to me.”

“Honestly? I think you could stand to have a bigger booty.”

She smiles, pictures that in her head, and her booty expands a bit, shocking the both of them.

“My ideal self shifted…”

“… so your physical form shifted to match. Wow. I wonder if that will persist when you’re no longer the subject.”

She holds out her hand. “One way to find out…”

“Yeah… but I know you so I’m building in a safeguard…” he says. “Subject will only ever use the Reality Alteration Device on her best friend in ways that benefit her best friend and that they would approve of.”

Beth chuckles. “You’re no fun. That doesn’t stop me from getting some tasty revenge on some of the girls in school that have been particularly mean to me over the years.”

Excited at the idea, Samuel hands the device over to her and asks, “Can I watch?”

“Watch? You’ll get to do more than watch, big boy,” she says, grinning. “I foresee all kinds of comeuppance in the near future. Maybe we’ll even start with that bully…”

Samuel realizes that there are a lot of people in the school — students… teachers… the principal — that he could see himself getting some much desired revenge upon. He’d been so focused on fantasies of a sexual nature, and with Beth at that, that he didn’t even contemplate any other types. Her opening up this world of possibilities gives him a new appreciation, love, and respect for Beth. He realizes that they truly do compliment each other and can’t wait to see some of her inspired decisions in doling out some comeuppance indeed.
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