Roll With the Changes by The Weaver

Roll With the Changes by The Weaver

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Hello I have had a few people message me about sharing the stories written by the Author, The Weaver. I have been hesitant due to the fact at one time these were paid stories only visible by his Patreon however I believe not only has that been shut down his email in order to contact him has been as well. So I will share his stories here and let people see his or her work. I do not own these stories and if requested I will take them down. Side note there is over 250 chapters and stories so this might take awhile to share them all.

Typically, there’s a lot more banter before the game gets started but, for some reason unknown to us during our trio’s joint arrival at the common room, Kate (our Castle Master) announces “Roll for perception,” the moment Val, Morgan, and I show up. No “Hi.” No “Hello.” Just “Roll for perception.” Maybe she wants to avoid the lengthy debate over pizza toppings tonight. A pizza purist, she never could wrap her head around jalapeño and pineapple, delicious as it may be.

Val and I each roll our 3d6, because we appreciate keeping the game in forward motion.

Morgan hesitates, per usual. “Is it magic?” She asks.

I’m surprised we ever complete a quest with all of Morgan’s stall tactics.

Kate replies, “You’ll have to roll for perception to find that out now, won’t you?”
“It’s just that,” Morgan holds her thumb to her forehead to indicate that she’s talking out of her character and as herself. “As you know… I have the Headband of Mala from our last adventure and that makes me immune to magic.”

This is why I hate when Morgan gets loot -- everything becomes about her loot. Do I have to roll? I have the Headband of Mala. Do the wolves see me? I have the Headband of Mala? Wouldn’t the goblins trust me? I have the Headband of Mala. As much as it comes in handy on quests, you don’t hear me asking about my Knapsack of Holding every time a roll is called for.

“Does the Headband of Mala make you immune to dice?” Kate asks her.

Resigned, Morgan removes her thumb, shakes her head, and rolls her dice.

Kate then also rolls behind her screen. This is weird. Usually, a CM doesn’t roll for their own perception check. I wonder what the play is. Kate is very thorough in thinking up the worlds she takes us to and she’s very good at keeping our “interesting” group on track... Despite Morgan.

“I got a seven,” Val says, then defeated, “I think I need new dice.”

“Eighteen,” I say, “Epic. I apparently see all.”

Val turns to me, “I think I need your dice.”

I laugh at Val even as Morgan announces her roll of eleven, then I look back toward Kate and I’m shocked to see a man standing behind her. He wasn’t there a moment ago, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. I nearly jump out of my chair like I’m watching a horror movie, my long body flying in too many directions at once.

“What?” Morgan asks at my movement backward.

“You don’t see him?” I plead, pointing in the direction of the man.

“See who, Christina?” Val asks.

Even Kate casually looks over her shoulder, appears to see nothing out of the ordinary, and then returns to me with a shrug.

For a moment, I’m worried for me and my friends. Then, when I’m the only one seeing the mysterious gentleman, I’m worried about my sanity, But the man smiles at me and nods. It’s a friendly smile. A calming smile. It’s a smile that says everything is okay. I get back into a more comfortable seated position in my chair, lowering my feet back to the ground, and ask Kate, “Um… Where were we?”

“When we last left our adventurers Elbereth, Halret, and… Morgan, they’d succeeded in securing the three needed ingredients to expel the poison from the town’s water source. Item one, the white wolf’s fang. Item two, the iridescent dragon scale. Item three, the sacred herbs from Mount Doom.”

Morgan gives a “well actually” to Kate, thumb to her forehead, “Which you stole from Tolkien.”

“Anyway, the mystery still persisted -- who poisoned the village’s water supply in the first place? The town’s inhabitants are gathered in the Inn’s main hall to salute the team, but you all know that someone amongst the assembly could be responsible for over a dozen deaths. Who knows? They could have even more nefarious doings up their sleeve. The mayor is making a party out of your ‘triumphant’ return, forcing a chalice of mead into your hand as he announces each of you. Do you feel like partying?”

“By all of the gods, yes!” Val shouts overly loud and dramatically and immediately starts to mimic drinking, ignoring the fact that she could just taken a sip of the diet soda she brought with her for effect.

It’s funny how, when roleplaying, some people clearly steer into who they are in reality and others go in the exact opposite direction.

For instance, Val -- who I’ve never seen partake in an adult beverage in reality -- plays a Chaotic Neutral Rogue named Elbereth. And an Elven one at that. She goes way off in the opposite direction of reality. Tall, where she’s actually short. Thin, where she has easily put on (at least) a Freshman fifteen. And adventurous and up for anything, where she’s usually… just Val. Boringly dependable Val.

Morgan is a True Neutral Human Mage because she likes employing a minimal effort for maximum gain. She even goes by Morgan in character form, apparently not wanting to put thought into things. That’s pretty true to her nature in real-life, being the trust fund kid that she is, everything just kind of comes to her. And she’s a know-it-all which dovetails nicely into the mage. We let her play, as annoying as she typically is, because she usually picks up the pizza tab. As college girls, we’re always up for a free meal outside of the dining hall.

Why am I a Halfling Bard named Halret? Small in stature, large in voice? Unlike some, I actually embrace a degree of difficulty in my role playing. I think it makes the story more interesting and makes me have to be a little more creative. Also, I’m very tall and a horrible singer, so I find it to all to be delightfully ironic to be a tiny songstress. I guess I fall into the Val camp of choosing opposites to play.

“Do you two drink as well?” Kate asks me and Morgan.

“No,” I say wholly dismissive (and totally in-character.) “There’s a mystery to solve and I must keep my wits about me. It will make for a good song too, eventually. So swears Halret.”

Morgan basically drops character (per usual) to say, “Really? I don’t drink anything I don’t see poured, IRL and otherwise. I was raised better than that.”

Kate nods, then solemnly turns to Val. “Saving throw. Fortitude. Roll.”

“Poop,” Val says. “Can I use your epic dice, Christina? I mean, Halret… Please?”

Like I can say “no” to sweet, subdued Val.

I hand her the trio of light blues that got me the three sixes on my last roll. She’s significantly less lucky with them, rolling only a trio of fours.

“Good enough?” Val asks sheepishly.

Kate shakes her head. “You start to feel exceedingly warm.”

“Fuck!” Val blurts out loudly.

I find it weird, initially, because she’s not the swearing type, but I think it through. I wonder if that was meant to be in-character or not. Her rogue probably has no compunctions against “bad words,” so I’ll assume it was. Maybe she’s going for XP, trying to show how in-character she can be to Kate. I think she’s close to leveling up, so that makes sense. And while I could’ve sworn on the walk over she was wearing baggy pants and a hoodie, she’s clearly in a tight leather dress that foists up her breasts like a shelf. She’s a bit… large… for such an outfit, but if she wants to wear it, more power to her.

Besides. The trustable man behind Kate nods so I know this must be a good thing. I don’t pay it much mind.

“Val. Saving throw. Fortitude.”

“Fucking again?” Val asks.

Wow. Two fucks. I’ve never even heard her say one previously. She must really want that XP.

“Yes.” Kate holds a thumb to her forehead. “The substance is working through your system. It doesn’t all hit at once.”

Val casually tosses her dice, not seeming to care which ones this time. She doesn’t even look to see that she managed to pull off a seven.

She also totally pulls off that daring, little leather number she’s wearing. If I had a perfectly hot body like hers, I’d wear stuff like that, too. Probably. I’d like to think I would, at least. Some people, people who don’t “get” her, call her a slut. I like her term for herself - physically adventurous. She doesn’t care what other people say or think. She’s a total rogue that way. Kind of like her character, actually.

I hold my thumb to my forehead, “Do I notice anything odd about Elbereth?”

“Roll perception.”

I grab my trusty blues and roll. Fifteen.

Kate does some mental math and then says, “She does appear to be feverish and flush.”

“Morgan, I think Elbereth has been poisoned.”

Morgan gives me an exaggeratedly drawn-out, “Whaaaaat?” She then turns to Val and says, “And that’s why you don’t drink whatever’s handed to you. Even if you’re up for doing whatever they would want to do to you regardless.”

“Morgan. Thumb to forehead when speaking out of character,” Kate chides.

“Who says that was out of character?” Morgan retorts.

“Okay, you see if you can whip up some antidote and I’ll confront the mayor.

Kate speaks to Morgan first “You know that the ingredients are being stored in the kitchen.” Then, she addresses me, “You look around, but you can’t seem to find the mayor…”

“I go to the kitchen to find the ingredients and try to help Val… I mean Elbereth…”

Kate lowers her voice to portray someone male, “Looking for something?” then tacks on in her normal speaking voice. “Morgan. Roll for initiative.”

Morgan rolls dice. “Well, that’s not going to do it.”

“You’re right. It’s not. Saving throw. Will.”

“Um, why?” Morgan asks, infuriating Kate.

She snaps back. “Because I’m the Castle Master and you will do what I say.”

The man behind Kate seems to like what she’s saying, smiling broadly.

Kate sports an all-latex outfit, which is different than her usual jeans and a sweatshirt attire. Or is it? Doesn’t Kate have an all-black, all-latex wardrobe? Have I ever really seen her in anything that isn’t tight, shiny, and commanding?

Morgan spills some dice onto the table. She seems more nervous than usual, more tentative.

“Tut tut,” Kate says, “Not good enough. I guess you have to do what I say from here on out.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Morgan says, head bowed in deference.

The collar around Morgan’s neck reads “slave.” Sometimes she opts for “pet.” And by “she,” I mean Kate. Morgan has no say in the matter. Or pretty much any matter, really. She does whatever Kate says. She wears whatever Kate tells her to. And we tolerate Morgan in our party because… well, we’re too afraid to stand up to Kate. So I guess what she says goes for us as well… sometimes.

“Now. Under the table with you. The game has ended for you, but the pleasure has just begun for me,” Kate commands and Morgan complies.

The trustable and charming man behind Kate nods so I know this must be a good thing.

Val throws one of her long, luxurious legs up on the table. The heal of her high boot lands with a thud. I can tell from the angle where I sit, and the tight short skirt, that she’s gone commando. I never know what’s going to happen when my svelte, raucous friend Val gets started. Hijinx definitely ensue. She unabashedly rubs herself in full view of the rest of the table. She’s being very verbal with her moaning and appears to really enjoy when domme Kate tells her sub Morgan what to do. Of course, if Kate didn’t like what Val was doing, she’d tell her to stop. I wonder who’s will would win out in that particular confrontation.

“Where is Morgan with that antidote?” I ask, in-character. “I go to the kitchen to investigate.”

“You arrive at the… uhn… kitchen,” Kate says. She has surprising powers of concentration considering the fact that her slave/pet is licking her pussy while she runs the game. “You see a man standing over the prone body of your comrade-in — fucking fuck — -arms.”

As Kate describes the mayor, the description seems to match that of the handsomely powerful man behind her. She sees me notice something to that effect and points to me, demanding, “Saving throw. Reflex. Now.”

I reach out (down? up?) to grab my dice.

“Too late,” Kate chides and I’m not sure what just happened. I feel like something is off, but I can’t quite put my tiny finger on it.

I feel disorientated and far away from the table suddenly. I look at my delicate hand and it perfectly matches my tiny, dainty body. Weird. I feel like I’ve been called a “tall drink of water” but why would anyone call me that other than to poke fun at my short stature? I’m five three… and a half. I have to add the “and a half” to seem taller and separate myself from those five three even bitches. Small character, small Christina. I guess I’m one of those players that tends to lean into the reality of their own existence with the characters they play.

Kate topples the Castle Master shield forward, signaling the game’s end. Must mean that Morgan has really found her groove (literally) and it’s time for me to make a hasty exit. Val usually stays behind to enjoy the show, in all senses. I just come for the game play, really. She’ll award the XP when she’s not cumming and cumming and cumming.

The handsome, trustable, and charming man behind Kate nods so I know that this all must be a good thing.

He finally breaks his prolonged silence, telling me, “You will, of course, sing of my victory here.”

I don’t know why, but I nod. I just feel like agreeing with what he says makes the most sense. I’m not even sure I know what his victory was, but I start to hum as I leave, slowly breaking out into a song extolling the virtues of “The Breaker” as accompanied by the lute that never leaves my side. The Breaker… Odd name for a person, but I find a number of suitable rhymes whilst singing his praises.

Take her…

Remake her…

I may be tiny, but my voice gives off a rather large, rather extraordinarily pleasant sound, bringing smiles to everyone I pass.

They will all know of his victory as if it were my sworn duty to sing it out to them… mainly because it is.

Besides, singing for crowds is always such a turn on. Once I’m done with my song, I’ll see if my party is still enjoying their post quest activities… and if they are, I’ll just have to join in.
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