Curosities: Poker Night By The Weaver

Curosities: Poker Night By The Weaver

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Hello I have had a few people message me about sharing the stories written by the Author, The Weaver. I have been hesitant due to the fact at one time these were paid stories only visible by his Patreon however I believe not only has that been shut down his email in order to contact him has been as well. So I will share his stories here and let people see his or her work. I do not own these stories and if requested I will take them down. Side note there is over 250 chapters and stories so this might take awhile to share them all. Here is my personal favorite from him the 4 Chapter Poker Night

Summer Hopkins can’t believe the Ross’s are bouncing out on Couples Game Night this week as they’re usually the ones to provide the games and, if she’s honest with herself, the couple she likes the most out of the four. Despite this, they didn’t even have the common courtesy to think up a good excuse beyond “we’re preternaturally busy.” Only the two of them would use the word “preternaturally” as if it lends credence without any actual meat behind the reason. Confronted about borrowing a game, they merely passed along an address of a store about an hour and a half away, saying it must be visited to be believed.

The drive seems ludicrous for some sort of game shop, but, since her boyfriend Ashton was coming back that way after an in-person meeting with his editor in the City, Summer has him stop by, keeping her on the phone so she can chime in on his purchase.

“Where is this place supposed to be?” Ashton, sounding more than a bit annoyed, asks Summer via cell phone.

“Corner of Main and 4th. That’s all they said. They said you’d know it when you saw it. Well? You seeing anything? …Hello?”

Summer thinks the line’s gone dead for a few seconds, then she hears Ashton tell her, “I’m inside. Someone’s coming up. This place is weird. It’s so not a regular game shop, by the by. I don’t know how I was supposed to know it when I saw it.”

“Just.. don’t leave empty-handed, love.” Summer says, half-command, half-encouragement.

Summer hears a voice, hoarse and ancient, tell Ashton in a dusty whisper, “This is what you’re looking for.”

The line sounds dead once again, for a good minute. When she hears him breathing again, Summer asks, “What’d she give you?”

“I’m not sure it was a she…” Ashton replies.

“Well, then, what’d he give you?”

“I’m not sure it was a he, either…” Ashton hears Summer’s deep breath and before she can go into him for his cryptic answers, he says, “A poker set.”

“How much?”

“It’s… good for six people. It looks really old, but really cool, too. Detailed and intricate with a nice leather case and everything.”

“No. How much did you pay?”

“Nothing. They just gave it to me.”

“Oh. Well. I guess we’re all playing poker tomorrow night, then. Drive safe.”
Summer doesn’t even bother looking at the poker set when Ashton gets home. She only opens the thick leather case the next evening briefly in advance of the other two couples arriving, once the appetizers have been spread out and everything is in perfect preparation.

Inside the case resides six sets of chips. They are colored black, grey, blue, red, green, and yellow. She counts out thirty five chips for each color, each with a word written within a different-colored ring — nineteen in a white ring, fifteen in a silver ring, and just one in a gold ring. The words appear random to Summer — things like age, height, ambitions, maturity… The word in the gold ring is “soul.” She shudders a bit when she holds that chip in her hand, but the doorbell forces her to quickly put it back in its place.

Ashton goes to open the door and Summer looks on from her final preparations as Callie Guerrero and Emmett Bates enter.

Callie is a Pilates instructor and has a slender, pliable body. Her dark features are counterbalanced by an overall joyful disposition. Callie has a bowl in her hands, likely full of her homemade guacamole.

Emmett looks like the guy in the sitcom where you ask, “How did that guy get that girl?” He is, in a word, schlubby, with an unruly mop of hair on top and looks generally like a slightly out-of-shape surfer, though in reality, he’s a programmer for an up-and-coming startup company. He slovenly wears his “adult clothes” uncomfortably, like he was forced to do so by his mother…. Or in this case, girlfriend. Emmett has two bags of tortilla chips, clearly his limited contribution.

“Anything I can help with?” Callie offers.

“You can let Ashton know what beverage he can make for you,” Summer replies with a smile, taking the bowl of guacamole as well as the chips before returning to the kitchen to get them ready to set out.

Emmett asks Ashton, “How’s the novel?”

“Which one?” Ashton asks in response to the question.

“You’ve got more than one going, man?”


Emmett gets excited. “Dude, just be sure that I get to audition for a role when you get the TV show or movie made.”

Ashton’s face scrunches up in response to the request. “Can you act?”

Emmett dismissively laughs at the question, before broadly declaring, “Me? No.”

Sensing a break in their banter, Callie asks Ashton, “Do you have the ingredients to make a Cosmo?”

“It’s a Summer-hosted party.” He pauses, as if that should be enough, but then adds on for clarity, “I have the ingredients for everything. She’s keen on details.”

“I’ll take a Cosmo, then,” Callie says.

Emmett adds, “Make it two, but could I get mine in a manly glass? You know… so that appear manly… despite drinking a Cosmo.”

Ashton nods and makes his way over to the bar to start preparing the drinks.

The doorbell rings again and this time, Summer answers, opening the door to her friend Valerie Stanley and her boyfriend-of-the-week.

Valerie is not one to keep a man in her life, going through them like moist towelettes at a BBQ joint. She gets away with it because she’s a stunning dark blonde with the face and sleek body of a Victoria’s Secret model.

“Summer, Ivan Keller. Ivan, this is Summer’s condo.” Valerie says, formally.

Ivan has chiseled features and wouldn’t seem out of place appearing on the cover of some Harlequin romance novel, if his look wasn’t so contemporary. He makes the other two men in the place feel just a hair more insecure than before he entered and adds a hint of jealousy to the women with the thought that Valerie gets to play around with him at her leisure and then, eventually, toss him away for her next “toy.”

“So,” Emmett chimes in. “How many Ivan’s have you ‘kelled’ exactly? We’re all friends here, so you can be honest.”

Valerie stifles a giggle.

“What?” Ivan asks, already a combination of bored and annoyed at being there.
“Just joshing you, man. I’m Emmett.”

Emmett extends his hand and Valerie says, “You can mostly ignore him.”

Off of Emmett’s defensive “Hey!”, in response, she adds, “Said with love.”

Emmett runs his eyes up and down Valerie, before making eye contact and saying,

“Story checks out. How are you doing, Val?”

“Wonderful as always, Ems. You know how I do.”

Despite the most obvious outward indicators, it’s clear that Valerie only pokes at Emmett because she loves him. The exact depth of that love is in question. Their friend group assumes that it’s only platonic.

Callie slides into place alongside her boyfriend breaking the connection with Valerie and, Cosmo in hand, asks, “We waiting for Tessa and Harrison?”

Summer replies, “No. They’ve abandoned us to our own devices this week.”

Emmett chimes in, “Kegger?”

“How do you handle him on a daily basis, Callie?” Valerie asks.

“I tolerate him publicly because of his proficiency in the bedroom,” Callie says and then kisses Emmett on the cheek.

“If you need tips,” Emmett says to Ivan, “I’ve got you, bro.”

Ivan pulls out his phone and texts Valerie — How long do we have to stay here?

Valerie sees the text come up on her watch, dismisses it, and gives Ivan a very stern “stop it” look as her answer.

The small talk continues and, after a few more drinks, the three couples sit around the dining room table before Summer brings out the leather case secured from Curiosities.

“What… is… that?!?” Callie asks, excitedly.

“We got a poker set special for such a special occasion.” Summer says and opens the case out towards her guests.

“Dibs on blue!” Emmett calls out.

“We were going to let the ladies choose first,” Ashton gently scolds.

Callie asks for the red set.

Valerie takes the blue chips, earning a stuck-out tongue from Emmett.

Summer takes green.

Ivan takes the black set, Emmett the grey, leaving Ashton with the yellow chips.
He gets those yellow chips settled into stacks in front of himself and then unwraps the sealed deck of cards within, pulling some demonic looking joker cards before starting to shuffle.

Emmett asks, “Just so I know ground rules, are we or are we not playing strip poker?”

“Like anybody wants to check out your doughy body,” Ashton responds.

“I swear… There’s a six pack under all of this… Somewhere…”

Ashton places the shuffled deck down on the table. “So dealer calls the game,” he says examining the players. “And let’s try to keep it reasonably simple like draw or stud with limited wild cards, okay?”

Ivan asks, examining his chips, “What’s worth what?”

Summer chimes in, “Let’s say whites are one’s, silver’s are fives, and since we’ve only got one gold ringed chip a piece, that’s worth… fifty.”

Ivan reads the words on a couple of the chips, then shrugs, “Okay.”

“Who deals first?” Emmett asks.

Summer shifts the cards to him. “You. Since you were nice enough to ask.”

Emmett starts to re-shuffle. “The game is five card stud, because I don’t like
dealing any more cards than I have to. No wild cards because I was promised there’d be no math tonight. One chip in as your skin, people. Let’s get this poker party started!”

Not knowing anything about the chips beyond their one, five, and fifty value, all six people push a randomly-pulled white-ringed chip into the pot.

Summer - Age

Ashton - Build

Callie - Eyes

Emmett - Wardrobe

Valerie - Genitalia

Ivan - Hair

Emmett says, “Everybody in? Then let the poker night begin,” and starts to deal the cards clockwise — starting with Valerie, then Ivan, then Summer, then Ashton, then Callie, and finally himself — until everyone at the table has five cards.

Everyone looks at their dealt hands, then, once they have a handle on their cards, all of the gazes of everyone else at the table shift to Valerie.

“What?” She asks.

“The action’s to you. Check, raise or fold.” Ivan says to her.

“And now in English?”

“Have you never played poker before?” Ivan asks.

“No. I’ve apparently led a very sheltered life,” Valerie says. “Despite all indications of a fabulous existence otherwise.”

Emmett throws her a lifeline, explaining,“Check means you don’t want to bet any more. Raise means you’re increasing your bet. Fold means you don’t think your hand will win and you’re giving up.”

“Ah, okay. And is it good if I have three K cards?” She asks.

Unanimously, everyone around the table folds their cards.

“What happened?” Valerie asks.

“You won,” Summer tells her, pushing the pot her way.

“Oh, well, then I like this game very much. Let’s play more of it,” Valerie says moving her chips into a more pleasing array.

Emmett hands the cards to her and she asks, “What now?”

“It’s your turn to call the game and deal.”

Valerie’s face brightens. “Let’s play that one again. The one I know how to win…”

Emmett announces to the table. “Okay, like the lady said, the game is still five card stud, no wilds.”

“And can you mix up the cards for me?”

Emmett smiles pleasantly at her. This smile is not lost on his girlfriend Callie as he says, “Shuffle the cards for you? Sure…”

Inside, Valerie wonders how long her “dumb act” will last before they all discover she knows exactly what she’s doing. As she watches Emmett shuffle, her thoughts linger on him. It’s a shame he’s never pulled himself together. If he put some effort into his body and his style, Emmett would be a real catch.The things I could do for and to him.

Valerie watches and, as if responding to her thoughts, Emmett’s clothing shifts to that of a more tailored look. She looks around the table, but no one else seems any wiser. Somehow, this very distinct and noticeable style shift gets no reactions whatsoever from the rest of the table. She examines the chips she won, looking specifically at the words encircled on each, and does the math to see that she’s currently in possession of Emmett’s Wardrobe.

She focuses her attention on him and thinks, Emmett never goes out without a newsboy cap on his head.

Her long shot suspicion is confirmed when a newsboy cap shimmers and then solidifies into existence atop Emmett’s head as he shuffles. She looks to her hosts, Summer and Ashton, to see any signs that they might know what’s going on, seeing as it’s their “magical” poker set they’re all playing with. That pair though, like everyone else at the table, show no signs of being aware of the shift.

Gripping Callie’s Eyes, Valerie concentrates deliberately and Callie’s eyes shift from brown to a very light blue, piercing and dynamic against her otherwise dark features.

Then, using Ivan’s Hair, she makes Ivan’s cropped hair cascade down to his shoulders and gives him a rugged five o’clock shadow, making him look very much inline with a Harlequin cover model.

She’s about to mess around with Summer’s Age when —

“Earth to Val. Earth to Val. Come in, Val.” Emmett says and then waves a hand in front of her face to get her attention.

“What?” She snaps, broken out of her focus on experimentation.

“You have to put in a chip and deal the cards now.”


Valerie decides to protect her personal chips at all costs, now that she has more than a growing inkling of their potential power, and tosses Callie’s Eyes chip back into the pot, having already had her little bit of fun with it. That chip joins —

Summer - Ass

Ashton - Height

Callie - Lips

Emmett - Arms

Ivan - Stamina

Concentrating on the deal, she doesn’t have time to play with her other won chips, but as soon as everyone has their five cards, Valerie finally uses Summer’s Age and drops Summer down to eighteen years of age. Summer’s body gets tighter, and a decade more youthful, but her mannerisms remain unchanged. Valerie doesn’t know how any of this is remotely possible, but figures she should have as much fun as she can while she alone seems to know what’s going on, especially considering she might not have any clue what’s been done to her if anyone gets ahold of one of her chips and arrives at the same realization of their power. Besides, it amuses her to think of the always-proper Ashton as a cradle-robber. She also wonders if eighteen-year-old Summer would still boss him around or if the age-shift somehow changes their dynamic. Because of this change, Summer and Ashton’s seven year relationship shrinks down to merely seven months. Lost in this pondering, the table again looks at Valerie and she learns that she’s lost track of the happenings and the bet is to her. The chips at the center of the table remain the same as when the hand started, so apparently, it would seem that everybody checked.

Valerie sees that she’s got a whole lot of nothing in her hand. “Okay… What do I say if my hand is bad and I don’t want to play it?”

Annoyed at his date for the evening, and not seeing a future with her, Ivan scratches at the hair on his face. “Fold,” Ivan brusquely says.

“Oh. Yeah.” Valerie says, seeing the irritation in his face, hearing it in his tone, and wishing she had a better chip from his stack to get instant revenge. “Fold.”

Her minor revenge for his unnecessary shade is to make Ivan completely bald as she watches the hand play out without her, utilizing her power to its fullest capacity. She’s marginally disappointed that he still looks good, still a solid nine/nine and a half even with no hair, but it doesn’t matter to her — they’re done after tonight. She only brought Ivan to parade him around in an attempt to show up the other girls at the table with their “rock steady relationships” — to dangle her eye candy as a human shield in the hopes that they wouldn’t look deeper to see her lovelorn, aching heart.

Insult to injury, Ivan wins the hand with just a simple pair of fours and rakes in the pot.

He thought his date, Valerie, was smarter than she seems to be. Who doesn’t know poker? I mean, hasn’t she ever watched it on TV late at night trying to go to sleep?

Ivan shakes his head and runs a hand over his smooth scalp, a reflexive action.

He looks around the table. The “competition” at the table isn’t much of anything, but as for the women, Valerie is easily the hottest. Summer, the hostess, is maybe a bit too young for him… maybe… and she seems to have a stick up her unfortunately tiny ass. If she had just a little more in back, I might consider stealing her from her boyfriend, despite not being able to take the underage chick to bars.

Ivan doesn’t notice as Summer raises an inch or two in her chair as her ass balloons out according to his unspoken wishes. The change takes place mostly below the table.

And this Callie chick, he thinks, it’s a shame she’s so dark but is also somehow lacking in some serious dick sucking lips. Those would look perfect on her face. Valerie’s might be a bit man-enhanced, but lips like that would definitely make my pants tent.

Callie’s lips become two pillows, perfectly puckered to accept a cock.

Ivan notices this change, since it’s not underneath the table and he’s pretty much staring at the woman as her lips go from barely there to very bee stung in a fraction of a second. No one else at the table seems to notice, but when he looks to Valerie, her knowing gaze says that she’s aware that something’s off. He looks at his chips — sure enough, he has Callie’s Lips in his control. He also has Callie’s Eyes and watches as he purposefully wills her eyes from blue to emerald, but he senses something else. In actively using that chip, he also senses Valerie’s previous handiwork in initially changing Callie’s eyes from brown to blue.

Holy shit. What the fuck is going on?

His disbelief is squelched by the proof taken in by his eyes. That, and the fact that Valerie knows… The look they share tells him as much. He checks out her chips to see what she possesses of his — Ivan’s Hair. Ivan wonders if he wins that back if he can give himself a nice, full head of hair, imagining that he’d be even better looking like that and could do better than his current date, too.

“Ivan? You know how to shuffle and deal, right?” Summer asks, casually, her voice a bit higher, softer than before because of her revised age, but this detail is noticed only by Valerie.

“Yeah. Yeah, sure,” Ivan says, bringing all the cards to him and starting to shuffle the deck.

Callie says, “You two must be having some pretty deep thoughts because I thought we’d lost you both at different points.”

Deciding to quickly change the subject, Ivan says, “Five card draw. Ante up.”
Ivan throws in Callie’s Eyes. He figures if that’s what Valerie was comfortable circulating, he may as well follow suit. Valerie throws in Summer’s Age, not quite ready to give up Emmett’s Wardrobe as she really likes seeing him with a better

sense of style.

The other chips in the pot are —

Summer - Chest

Ashton - Weight

Callie - Legs

Emmett - Attractiveness

Ivan starts to deal.

Emmett leans over to Valerie, “So draw means that you can trade in some of the cards that you’re dealt for new cards… if you want to.”

Valerie knows that Emmett is trying to be helpful and genuinely smiles at him and says, “Thanks.”

Callie really doesn’t like the dynamic between the two and casts a short-lived glare at the both of them.

“I have a question,” Summer says, looking at her cards. “Do we bet before or after we get or don’t get new cards?”

Intrigued, Ivan asks, “You thinking of raising?”

“Thinking of it.” Summer looks from her cards to her chips, “The silver ringed ones are worth more, right?”

Valerie and Ivan look at each other and then Summer. Still coming to terms with the real stakes of the game, they aren’t prepared to ramp up the competition.
Summer, however, remains blissfully unaware of the power of the chips as well as the changes she’s already experienced and tosses in her silver-ringed Maturity

Valerie sees the chip and asks, “You sure you want to do that?”

“Why? It’s all in fun. Is that too rich for your blood?”

Ashton decides to match the silver ring raise, adding Ambitions in.

Callie adds in Ego and Emmett adds Inhibitions, before Valerie and Ivan both decidedly fold with no intentions whatsoever of remaining in at these stakes.

“How many cards do you want?” Ivan asks Summer.

“Five, please.”

“You raised with a shit hand?” Valerie asks, shocked.

Summer shrugs in response.

“So that you know,” Ivan says, “You generally can’t trade in all of your cards, but since I didn’t specify…”

Ivan gives Summer five cards. She pouts as she looks at them which, with her current youthful appearance, looks somewhat cute.

“One please,” Ashton says, before Callie takes three cards and Emmett two.

“You still want to raise?” Ivan asks Summer, but she lays her cards down on the table, sadly saying, “Fold.”

Valerie rolls her eyes at the sheer stupidity of the move, right out of the gate.
Ashton checks.

Callie raises with a white-ring (Weight) and Emmett calls her with Genitalia.
Ashton folds and Emmett turns to his right, saying, “Looks like it’s just you and me, babe.”

Callie sweetly, singsong says, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

“So betting is done?” Emmett asks. “And the foreplay has begun?”

“It’s just you and me. So yeah.”

Emmett flips over his cards, showing a pair of Jacks.

Callie smiles, happy to display two Queens, says “Come to mama,” as she rakes in her chips. Once they’re in front of her, her happy expression is replaced by enraged confusion. “What. The. FUCK?!?”

“Honey?” Emmett asked, as confused as Summer and Ashton by the sudden change in temperament. Valerie and Ivan know better, though.

“Babe, what color are my eyes?”

“I don’t even have to look to say that they’re a lovely, lovely green.”

“They are now,” Callie says, eyeballing Ivan, “but they were blue before that,” giving Valerie the eyeball. “And brown when we got here.”

“I don’t understand,” Summer says.

“That makes two of us,” Emmett adds. “Babe, have you had too much to drink?”

“No, babe, I haven’t,” Callie says, examining the chips at her employ to test out the powers she knows she now has.

Callie looks at Summer’s Chest and wills the perky pair to some serious, natural, gravity-defying gazongas. She uses Ashton’s Weight to take off some excess fat, leaving him much slimmer and more svelte. She doesn’t want to change her boyfriend and she doesn’t have a chip for either Valerie or Ivan, likely because they already knew the stakes involved. She gestures to the two hosts, expecting someone to say something, but she doesn’t hear what she assumed.

“No one seems to notice the changes except for the person making the changes,” Valerie tells her.

“But I knew about my eyes…” Callie pleads, searching for some truth to hang onto.

“Yes, but…” Valerie thinks for a moment before she sorts that enigma out. “Only after you won that chip back.”

“What else did you two change?” Callie asks and when they sheepishly avoid eye contact, she repeats the question with much more conviction. “What else did you two change?”

“Just your eyes,” Ivan confesses quickly, unaware of the enhancement he made to Summer’s ass at his unspoken behest.

“I started with your eyes and then I experimented a little more to see if the power was real.”

Emmett turns to Summer and Ashton, “Either of you know what they’re talking about?”

Summer and Ashton just shake their heads “no.”

“What else, Val?”

“Watch it with the tone, Cal.”

Summer snaps, “Stop! Please stop! Whatever it is you two are fighting over… Stop.”

Callie turns her suspicions to Summer. “Are you playing dumb or do you know what these chips really do?”

“Don’t call me dumb, Callie.”

“Look, if the immaturity fits…”

Fed up with her attitude, Callie uses Summer’s Maturity to make another adjustment, making her attitude and mannerisms feel even younger than her eighteen years of age.

“You — you’re a poopy head,” Summer says to Callie.

“Summer, please…” Ashton says to his girlfriend — a girlfriend everyone at the table can’t understand how he could end up with… everyone but Callie.

When Callie sees the frustration on Ashton’s face in dealing with the current state of his girlfriend, she can’t stand to see him suffering like that and returns Summer to her previous maturity with a new realization… these chips want you to use them. They push you to use them.

Callie turns to Valerie and Ivan. “I’m sorry I was snappy with you guys. You probably only just felt like you were experimenting, but it’s their pull. They make you feel like you have to use them. We have to stop playing. Right now. Before too much damage is done.”

Callie puts her hands on the table and goes to stand, but finds that her body refuses to cooperate. “Are you— Are you doing this? I can’t leave.”

“Of course not,” Valerie replies, goes to stand up herself and finds that she’s equally incapable.

Ivan sees the two women struggle and discovers that he is also in the same situation.

“Where the fuck did you two get this haunted fucking poker set?!?” Valerie screams at Summer and Ashton.

The trio in the know look at their confused friends. “They need a chip. They need to understand,” Callie says to Valerie and Ivan.

The pair nod.

Callie tries to just hand chips back to Summer, Ashton, and Emmett (Age, Build, and Wardrobe, respectively), but finds that she can’t.

“I can’t just give them chips!” Callie complains to Valerie and Ivan.

“Maybe they have to be won,” Valerie offers.

“Right. But maybe it doesn’t have to be poker. Summer, push one of your chips towards me. We’re going to play cut the deck. High card wins.”

Summer pushes in Complexion and Callie successfully pushes forward Summer’s Age.

Callie cuts to a Nine.

Summer cuts to a Jack.

Summer pulls the chips back to her and realization crosses her face.

“Holy shit. I’m not supposed to be eighteen. I’m twenty-eight. Seriously, I’m twenty-fucking-eight years old.”

Of course, this statement only makes total sense to the three girls, as they’ve now each held Summer’s Age. Ivan accepts it as something to do with the chips, but Ashton and Emmett remain confused.

“Ashton, your turn.”

Ashton pushes Eyes forward and Callie matches that chip with Ashton’s Weight.

Callie cuts to a Six.

Ashton cuts to a Queen.

Even as Ashton realizes the little bit of weight loss he’s experienced, courtesy of Callie, Summer realizes something else.

“Guys. You guys! I can’t will myself back to my real age.”

Callie hadn’t even bothered to try to change her eyes back, but now that that might no longer be a possibility, she also finds that the chip returned to her possession is seemingly inert and incapable of enacting change. “Yeah. Me neither. Maybe they don’t work for their owners. Only on their owners.”

“Did I somehow stop understanding English all of the sudden? Because the words all line up, but ya’ll are talking some straight up nonsense.” Emmett says to the group, everyone around the table in the know currently but him.

“Push in a chip, honey.”

Emmett shrugs and pushes in his Face chip. Callie adds Emmett’s Attractiveness.

Callie cuts to a Two.

Emmett cuts to a Three.

“You’re really good at losing these things,” Ivan says as Emmett pulls his won chips in.

Emmett reminds confused, saying,“I still don’t know what the deal is.”

“Crap. I hadn’t used that yet,” Callie bemoans, looking down to see that her only other white-ringed Emmett chip is Emmett’s Genitalia. She doesn’t know if it will work, but she thinks about him being able to get hard at will and fully control when he orgasms, figuring if that were to stay after the game, it wouldn’t be a hindrance at all. Quite the contrary, that would make for many a fun night… and afternoon… and the occasional morning.

Before she gets too lost in her thoughts and accidentally triggers another change, Callie shoves that chip toward the center and Emmett responds to this and her nod with his Gender chip.

Callie cuts to a King and is a bit worried she’ll finally win one of these hands.
Emmett slaps his hands together, rubs them furiously, then cuts the deck… to an Ace. The Ace of Spades, to b exact.

“I am a magical being,” he says, then, feeling the returned chips, realizes the change Callie just made. He lifts his hand up for a high five, before he slowly lowers it, coming to the conclusion that everyone else at the table has already arrived at — they’re quite literally playing poker for their very lives.
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Re: Curosities: Poker Night By The Weaver

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Part 2

“So, seriously,” Valerie says sternly. “Where the fuck did you get these chips?”

Summer answers, “A place the Ross’s sent us to.”

“And you’ll note they’re conspicuously very much not here tonight,” Valerie says, getting angrier at the situation. “Like they knew something would be off…”

Ashton, ever the peacemaker, offers to the group, “What if we promise not to use the chips on each other? We’re all friends here, right?”

“We’re all friends,” Summer says, “but Valerie brought her flavor of the week. I might trust all of you, but how do I know I can trust him? We don’t know a thing about him beyond his name.”

Emmett fake glares at Ivan. “If that even is his real name… Dun dun DUN!”

Callie slugs Emmett in the arm. “This is serious, Emmett. Stop playing around.”

“Hey, if you want me to stop being me, apparently just find the appropriate chip and make the change.”

Callie glares at Emmett. “Not funny.”

Emmett shrugs in response.

“So we can’t just leave, we have to play, “Ashton says.

“Yeah. Great party, you two,” Valerie chirps back.

Ivan assesses the room as the rest of them continue to bicker. If these chips really do what they appear to do, he could have whatever he wants out of these five strangers, reshaping them into whatever he desires. Maybe this date isn’t going to be the waste of time it appeared to be at the start of the night. He sets his eyes on Summer — the teenage host with the big tits who claims to actually be twenty-eight. Since someone took her “age” chip from her, he doesn’t doubt that this is true, but he likes her “barely legal” and plans to keep her that way when he wins her completely. He looks to see that he already has her “ass” chip. He wills it so that, whenever she’s sitting on her extremely plump bottom, she will get increasingly horny. He studies her face for changes and decides his approach to the game will be securing as many of one person’s chips as possible before moving on to the next target. Since she’s casting doubt in his direction, she should clearly be the first one he takes out. It will help if they continue to throw shade at one another and don’t pay attention to his steady growth of control over the table. “Who’s deal?” He asks, hoping to get the game restarted.

“Darling,” Valerie says touching his arm, “We’re still trying to figure out what’s the deal?”

“We’re stuck here until the game is over. We know that much. So we should play and get the game moving…” Ivan says, frustrated that his “date” is interfering with his plans. He decides he’ll have to take some delicious revenge on her when the time comes for doing that.

“He’s right, though. The only way out is through.” Summer says grabbing the deck and shuffling. “I’m pretty sure it’s my deal… Ante up, people.”

Everyone around the table heavily weighs what chip they’re going to put into the pot, especially those who don’t have someone else’s to bargain with and must gamble with aspects of themselves.

Ivan tosses in Emmett’s Arms, having no desire to keep that currently. Valerie opts for Ashton’s Build. Callie throws in Summer’s Chest and Ivan tries to hide a hungry smile.

With nothing but their own chips to throw in, Emmett opts for his Eyes, Summer chooses her Stamina, and Ashton chooses his Legs.

Summer deals five cards to everyone at the table. Before blurting out, “Oh shit. Stud. The game is stud.”

“Yeah, it is,” Emmett says.

Everyone looks at Emmett with glares that tell him no one is in the mood.

“Sorry,” he says and looks down at his cards. “Oo, not sorry.”

Ashton folds, reading Emmett’s excitement at his hand.

“Um. You could have just checked.” Callie tells him, then checks.

Emmett folds.

“I literally just explained that you don’t have to fold,” Callie frustratedly berates her beau.

“Why are you folding?” Ashton asks him.

“Oh, I had total crap.” Emmett laughs, but Ashton is more than annoyed with him and a little disappointed in his own game play.

Valerie pushes Ivan’s Hair in as a raise.

Ivan matches her with Ashton’s Height.

Summer folds.

Callie pushes in Summer’s Maturity - the first silver-ringed chip to join this pot.

Valerie folds and Ivan spends a long moment trying to read Callie’s face. All he knows is that he desperately wants the Summer chips the call out to him from the pot.

Ivan calls Callie’s raise with his Kinks chip, figuring that would do the least damage if lost. He also still trusts Callie at this point to not be too reckless if he were to lose to her. “Let’s see them.”

Callie flips over two pair, Tens and Jacks.

Ivan smiles and shows trip Threes.

Callie reaches forward to grab the pot, but Ivan stops her. “I won.”

“But I had two pair.”

Emmett mumbles, “Three of a kind beats two pair.”

“Shit, I knew that…” Callie defeatedly says as Ashton starts to shuffle. “Shit…”

Ivan uses the brief pause in game play as an opportunity to make more changes to Summer, even as he sees her begin to squirm in her seat from his last
improvement. Having her Maturity in hand, he puts in place that she’s incredibly immature when it comes to gambling, especially when horny. He makes sure that she’s on an even faster ramp upward in that department by using her Chest chip and making her breasts as sensitive as her ass, increasing her randiness exponentially whenever they are sheathed in clothing. He watches her face go flush and knows that her body is absolutely betraying her. He’s certain she’ll start to gamble wildly and will soon be his.

“Okay, the game is draw. Deuces wild,” Ashton calls out before he starts to deal.

“Chips in, please.”

Ivan puts in Ashton’s Height. Val reluctantly relinquishes Emmett’s Wardrobe, not wanting to sacrifice any of her chips. Summer submits a chip at random -- which just so happens to be her Hair. Ashton puts in his Weight, Emmett his Complexion, and Callie her Legs.

Callie looks at her cards and checks. Emmett follows suit, as does Valerie. Ivan pushes in Summer’s Maturity, not ready to lose it, but wanting to drive the game to higher stakes. Summer grabs a silver-ringed chip to match, tossing her Intelligence into the pile. The rest of the table, especially her boyfriend Ashton, look at her like that was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Ashton, hoping to rescue his girlfriend, stays in the hand by adding his Dislikes to the pile.

Too rich for their blood, Callie, Emmett, and Valerie all fold.

“Card?” Ashton asks Ivan.

Ivan waves him off and Ashton can’t help but think, Crap, Summer, what have you pulled me into?

“Card?” He then asks Summer.

When she replies, “Nope,” he hopes that she’s got something powerful in her hand and that’s why she’s still in.

Ashton takes two cards for himself and tells Ivan, “Action’s to you.”

Ivan keeps the pressure on the couple, tossing his Ego — another silver-ringed chip — into the pile.

Summer grabs a chip at random, throwing it into the pile.

Callie gasps. Valerie grabs Emmett’s arm. When the chip settles, it’s clearly her gold-ringed Soul chip.

Ashton prays his girlfriend knows what she’s doing and folds his cards.

None of them, not a one, knows exactly what the Soul chip will do, but there’s only one, it’s gold-ringed, and they’re certain it can’t be good.

Ivan sees that it’s do or die time. He knows Summer is acting recklessly because he baked that into her, but can he risk it?

Emboldened, Ivan pushes his own Soul chip forward.

“Fuck…” Ashton says.

“Let’s see them,” Summer says.

Ivan flips his cards to reveal a Flush.

Ashton’s “fuck” is louder and even more concerned for his girlfriend’s fate.

Summer starts to laugh and for a moment, Ashton thinks everything is going to be okay, but she flips her cards to reveal — absolutely nothing -- five cards with no rhyme or reason to them.

“I was totally bluffing,” Summer confesses through her raucous laughter.

As Ivan rakes in his chips, all of Summer’s, even the ones that weren’t in the pot, shift over to his stack.

“Wait. What the fuck?” Ashton says, reaching across the table to pull back his girlfriend’s other chips but finding himself incapable of doing so.

“I guess when you’ve got someone’s soul, you’ve got everything…” Ivan says, flipping Summer’s Soul between his knuckles, happy to be in possession of Summer and setting his sights on Callie next.

Valerie looks at Ashton, “Umm… Souls? We’re playing for our fucking souls?!? Who made this game? The fucking Devil?!?”

Ivan decides to calm the table down a bit by changing Summer into his girlfriend. Knowing that she’s been desperate and horny, he gets rid of her Inhibitions completely and she starts to maul her oversized, sensitive tits, freeing them from the confines of clothes, before dipping a hand below the table and rubbing vigorously. For the time being, those are the only two changes he makes, not wanting to lose focus on his mission to take everyone at the table for their souls as well.

Everyone is a bit confused at the table, as remnants of Ivan arriving with Valerie linger, but otherwise, they just accept that Ivan’s girlfriend Summer is the type of horny teenage slut that would get naked and masturbate in front of all of them. They’re not sure how either of them winded up at their friends-only game night, but don’t dwell too long on that detail.

Ashton and Emmett can’t help but sneak glances, seeing as she’s an attractive girl with an amazing body and apparently no reservations about using and abusing it. Plus, Ivan doesn’t seem to mind them looking. While Ashton is single and thus accountable to no one at the table, Emmett doesn’t register any of the flak he’s getting from Callie on his left as her boyfriend openly drools over another woman.

Ivan pulls her from her glare by saying, “I believe it’s your deal, Callie.”

As Callie starts to shuffle, Ivan looks at his pile for the chips that will put her on the path to join her friend Summer in his fold. With her Lips and Legs under his sway, Ivan makes it so that anytime Callie touches playing cards, her lips heat up with an undeniable desire to be wrapped around a cock. When she’s not touching playing cards, her legs will constantly rub against each other, sensually heating up the juncture where they meet. Ivan smiles, thinking those should be good distractions to keep her from playing her best poker.

Callie has to set the deck down mid-shuffle, unable to stop thinking about wrapping her luscious lips around some dick. When she does, her legs start grinding against each other, as if possessed by a mind of their own. She can’t stop them and the heat in her crotch builds up quickly. She picks up the cards and throws them quickly out to each player, yelling, “Stud. Stud. Stud.”

Emmett notices her odd behavior and when he puts a hand on her thigh, he feels the grinding that she’s doing. Concerned, he leans over and whispers, “You okay?”

“No,” she says through gritted teeth. “I need this game to end so we can fuck.”
It was whispered and pointed toward Emmett, but Valerie still manages to hear it. She wonders if Callie is always so hot and ready or if other forces are currently working on her.

Valerie sees the chips in front of Ivan, specifically two for Callie, and asks him in a whisper, “What are you doing to her?”

“To who?” he asks with a shit-eating grin.

“Callie. Not your hypersexed, underaged girlfriend.”

“She’s not underaged, she just looks it. I’ll have you know she’s twenty-one.”

The drink in front of Summer shifts from a soda to a cocktail.

“Right. Not underaged and not her. What are you doing to Callie?”

“Nothing, okay? Gah. Whatever she’s doing, thinking, or feeling, that’s all her.”
Valerie feels like Ivan’s a bit too defensive, but she has no proof or even any specific ideas on what may be off about her friend.

Ivan doesn’t need to be pestered. He examines his stack, sees that he has Ashton’s Dislikes, and Ivan’s raises up his dislike for Valerie even as he lowers Ashton’s dislike for himself.

Seeing Valerie on Ivan’s ear, Ashton shouts out, “God, Valerie, why do you have to be such a bitch? Can you just leave Ivan alone and maybe focus on the game?”
Valerie is thrown off by the insults. She knows that Ashton has always had a low regard for her, but it’s never boiled over like that before.

“We anteing up or fucking what?” Callie cries out desperately, tossing her Genitalia chip onto the table to get the pot started.

Emmett’s Age soon joins it, alongside Ashton’s Ass. Valerie deliberates a bit before throwing in her Height. Ivan throws Emmett’s Complexion to secure the starting pot. He also decides to make Ashton completely dislike everyone at the table, other than Ivan, in the hopes of throwing his game off.

A sneer rises on Ashton’s previously genial face. He doesn’t know how he got roped into bringing these horrible people, save Ivan, into his home for a game night. He can’t wait to be rid of them.

Ivan loves to watch the change in how Ashton regards his “friends.” Ashton catches Ivan looking at him and rolls his eyes in reference to everyone else at the table.

Callie tries to keep a balance between holding her cards and placing them on the table. To everyone, but Ivan and Emmett who know better, she just looks extra fidgety.

“Bet… is to… Emmett…” Callie moans out, holding her cards and picturing herself diving open-mouth first into Emmett’s lap.

Emmett pushes all fifteen of his white-ringed chips toward the center of the table.

Valerie immediately folds.

Ivan considers taking him no, but with the chips being mostly Emmett and his cards giving him only Jack high, the appeal isn’t strong enough. He folds, but hopes that Ashton’s dislike is enough to drive him to compete.

Ashton throws in his Aptitude, Attitude, and Decision-Making.

Callie folds her cards away, leaving her endlessly grinding against herself below the table.

“You sure you want some of this?” Emmett asks Ashton, pushing forward his Ego chip.

“Yeah, putz. I’m sure.” Ashton matches the Ego chip and raises with his Likes.

Emmett makes a show of calling him with his Intelligence chip. “Show ‘em.”

Ashton flips over a flush.

“Nice cards,” Emmett says, “but mine are better.”

Emmett flips over four twos and proclaims, “Deuces! All of them!”

“What?” Ashton asks aggressively. “Did your girlfriend deal from the bottom?”

Emmett ignores him, raking in his chips, and using Callie’s Genitalia to turn her off completely. Her legs continue to rub, but with no effect. Her breathing still comes deep, but it’s significantly less strained. Emmett leans in and whispers, “Love you” in her ear.

He also cranks up Ashton’s Like for everyone at the table but Ivan. Ashton’s face shifts to an emotionless state, his Like and Dislike effectively canceling each other out, leaving him feeling “meh” toward everyone.

As it’s his deal, Emmett doesn’t have time to do much else as he shuffles the cards.

Ivan notices the change in both Ashton and Callie and squints at Emmett, calculating. Clearly, he’s currently the most dangerous wild card at the table and must be dealt with. Ivan looks at the chips he has for Emmett -- Arms, Eyes, and Wardrobe. Ivan makes Emmett’s Arms and Eyes weak.

Disadvantage - Emmett.

Advantage - Ivan.

Shuffling the cards becomes problematic for Emmett. Seeing them, almost impossible. He calls out “stud” and does his best to push cards toward the other players at the table. They all have to rake them in from where they stop.

Unable to read his chips, Emmett pushes one at random toward the center -- his Gender. The possibilities start to whirl inside Ivan. He wonders, if he makes Emmett a woman, would that automatically make Callie a lesbian?

Valerie submits her Ethnicity.

Ivan submits Ashton’s Build.

Ashton offers up his Age and Callie her Attractiveness.

Emmett pushes and pulls his cards as best as he can closer and further away from his face, with neither end of the spectrum offering any clarity of vision. Ivan stifles a laugh, watching.

“Valerie?” Emmett asks.


Ivan throws in his Maturity, wanting to raise the stakes but knowing that he was still pretty keen even in his youth.

Ashton and Callie immediately fold.

“Wow, guys. How many chips did he put in?” Emmett asks.

“Just one. A silver one...” Callie answers.

Emmett grabs from his pile and tosses his chip in. His gold-ringed Soul chip.

“Emmett, you just tossed in your Soul.”

“What?!? No. That was a mistake,” Emmett says, blindly reaching forward toward the pile.

Ivan tuts at him. “No. It wasn’t. He didn’t say ‘call.’ If he’d said ‘call,’ then maybe the chip could be retrieved because it didn’t match the current bet. But he didn’t. So he raised. He went all in. And I... will call him... on that.” Ivan says and tosses his own Soul chip into the pile. “I’ll assume Val, that you will want to fold.”

Valerie looks between Ivan and Emmett and then tosses her cards away.

Ivan shows his cards, announcing, “Full house, aces over kings.”

“Fuck,” Emmett says and fumbles with his cards, flipping them over and silencing the table.

“What? What do I have?” Emmett asks.

“Holy…” Callie starts, but Ivan finishes, “Shit!”

“Seriously, what do I have?” Emmett asks as Callie pulls the chips toward him.

“Royal flush, honey.” She kisses his cheek. “You won.”

Seizing the chips, Emmett is suddenly aware of all of Ivan’s manipulations. “Oh. Oh wow. Our ‘friend’ Ivan here has been a bit of a naughty boy. Summer should be Ashton’s twenty-eight year old, somewhat run-of-the-mill girlfriend, not Ivan’s twenty-one year old exhibitionist nymphomaniac.”

Emmett neglects to mention that Summer’s chest wasn’t always so daunting and pendulous, nor was her ass so bulbous and callipygian, but he sees no harm in keeping them that way. He leaves the physical ‘improvements’ to her chest and ass in place, but removes the horny aspects. Ashton will thank him if they continue to remain and he ever finds out.

“Callie, you can touch cards again without feeling the need to perform oral…”

“What?!?” Valerie announces confused.

“Why did you do that Ivan?” Emmett asks, and then tacks on, “And you answer any question posed to you honestly…”

“I was using whatever power I had over you all from the chips to try and distract you from the game so that I could win and control you all. With the women, I gave them the hornies to cloud their thinking. With you, I took away your sight and strength.”

“And you might have gotten away with it if it weren’t for blind luck… See what I did there… Blind luck?”

A returned to (reasonably) normal Summer says across the man who would have
owned her, “Wow, Val, where’d you get this guy?”

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Summer. I don’t think he’d be in a position to potentially control any or all of us if you hadn’t brought us into this game. Which we still have to play.”

“I have a proposal. Let me win. I’ll return us all to normal and we can look back on all of this and laugh. After someone else fixes my eyes… and my arms... ”

“Why you?” Valerie asks.

“I mean, it doesn’t have to be me. I’m just up two souls already so I guess it would make it faster, is all. Why? Who did you have in mind?”

Everyone who still possesses their soul around the table, namely Ashton, Callie, and Valerie, all say “me” at the same time.

Emmett responds, “Okay, so we all have trust issues…”

“Considering whoever holds the chips can do whatever they want to us…” Summer says.

Her statement causes Emmett to wonder -- Are there limits? -- and he feels the incontestable pull to experiment. Even as well-intended as he knows himself to be, he knows he won’t long be able to deny reshaping those in his control, even if just a little at a time. And then a little more after that. And then a hair more after that. Already, he’s kept Summer’s ass and breasts enhanced and feels no remorse about it. Quite the opposite in fact, he revels in the power, but knows he has to stop. Does his conscience stop him from going further at this time… or his fear of being caught? And how long will that last, especially if he amasses any more chips and the temptation continues to grow?

Emmett knows he can’t share these concerns with the table. It would only add to the trust issues.

With two players taken out, it’s down to the four remaining.

He knows, if he wants to remain at all himself, he’s going to have to take the rest of his friends out and hope that his better nature prevails over the pull of the transformative chips.

He looks to the table and asks, “Who’s deal is it?”
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Re: Curosities: Poker Night By The Weaver

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Part 3

Valerie calls out “Five card draw,” and deals cards to the remaining players at the table -- Ashton, Callie, Emmett, and herself.

Emmett gathers the cards to his hand, mainly using his sense of touch.

“Okay party people... so who amongst you wants to fix my eyes?” Emmett asks the table. When he gets no response from the table, Emmett realizes that, with three gold-ringed Soul chips in front of him -- his own, Ivan’s, and Summer’s -- he’s the villain du jour at the table. “You guys. It’s me. The Emmett-meister.”

Ashton, typically the happy-go-lucky one, chirps back, “You understand that we can’t trust anything right now, right?”

“You guys --”

“How do I even know I’m really your girlfriend?” Callie asks brusquely.

Irked, he turns toward the voice of his girlfriend. “Callie… Seriously? I just cured you of some of the shit that Ivan did to you…”

“Some?” she questions pointedly.

Emmett is happy that, for her part, Valerie remains silent. She could be smiling or she could be judging or she could be judging with a smile. With his bum eyes the way they currently are, Emmett has no idea of knowing. Isolating him doesn’t quell his desire to use the chips he currently controls. Quite the opposite, with friends not acting like friends, he feels less inclined to treat them as such. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. He currently has absolute power over

Summer and Ivan -- who and what they are.

Summer’s eyes are now his. It’s distorting to see from a completely different perspective, but at least the image is clear. An added bonus -- Ashton won’t hide his hand from his girlfriend. Emmett can’t see his own, but he’ll know what Ashton has. If it’s going to be war to be the last man standing, Emmett is going to use every weapon at his disposal. Thankful that he doesn’t need to see the chips to utilize their power, he senses all of the things he can currently change about Ashton: Ass, Build, Height, Legs, Weight, Aptitude, Attitude, Decision-Making, Dislikes, Ego, and Likes. Emmett opts to crank up a positive attitude in Ashton, lowering both his general aptitude and decision-making.

Emmett knows in his heart of hearts that Callie is his girlfriend. She should be able to do that math as well, seeing as he only has chips for her genitalia, legs, and lips. The sliver of anger, caused and inflamed by her doubt, makes him want to mess with her. Using her Genitalia chip, he makes is so that whenever she has a good hand, she orgasms. He just needs to keep his ears open and he’ll know whether Callie has a hand he needs to worry about. He wishes he didn’t have to do it, but with her throwing shade and doubt his way, he feels backed into a corner.

He justifies these changes to the both of them because of their distrust and vows to return everyone to normal at the conclusion of the game when he’s the winner. Despite his inability to see her, he can feel Val’s judgment. They’ve known each other long enough that she knows what he’s doing and he knows exactly how she feels about it. He uses Ivan’s eyes to look at her and notices that she’s keeping her cards protected from his view. Clever girl…

“The pot’s looking damn empty, folks,” Valerie says.

Emmett immediately chimes back, “Funny. I wouldn’t know,” he feels around for a chip that he’s not currently deploying -- at least he has that -- and winds up tossing Ashton’s Ass toward the center of the table. Valerie debates what’s safest and opts to throw in her own Wardrobe, having no other person’s chips.

Callie, not wanting to put herself out there, matches with Ashton’s Ambitions.

Valerie points out, “That’s a silver-ringed chip, Callie.”

“Then I guess the stakes are raised,” Callie says, crossing her arms.
Valerie reaches in to retrieve her Wardrobe, but finds that she can’t. “Thanks, Callie. Now, we all have to toss in a White and a Silver. Yourself included.”

Emmett immediately complies with Ashton’s Ego.

“Hey, bud, it’s looking very Ashton out there,” Ashton says in a chummy voice. “That’s not a thing or anything, is it?”

“I’m just not a guy who puts himself out there if he doesn’t have to. I’m sure you understand.”

“Right. Totally.” Ashton says and pushes his Stamina and his Name into the pot.
Callie, a little peeved that she has to, makes her contribution square by tossing her Complexion forward.

Valerie opts to push her Sexuality in as her silver-ringed offering. Her love life has always been rocky — her date tonight a classic example of her failings of judgment — so she feels that there’s nothing a change to her sexuality could do to make it worse. In this game, her wits are the most important thing to keep intact.

Everyone looks at their cards, but Emmett, who looks at the only cards he can — Ashton’s. Ashton, holding a Queen high, asks for two cards and gets no help.

Callie asks for one card, but because of her lack of an orgasm, Emmett’s sure she didn’t draw what she needed for a good hand.

Emmett, wholly unaware of what’s in his hand, stays with the hand he was dealt.

Valerie takes two cards for herself and says, “Bet’s to you, Ashton.”

Ashton looks at his hand and then the other players before pushing forward his Language chip. Emmett sees this through Callie’s eyes, but still says, “What’d he put into the pot?”

“A silver chip,” Valerie says.

“Ooo,” Emmett says.

Callie calls with Emmett’s Inhibitions.

Emmett pushes Ivan’s Soul into the pot.

Valerie immediately folds and Callie follows suit thereafter, despite Ashton’s move being between them.

Despite his forced positive attitude, Ashton’s words remain pointed, “You guys. You guys. Don’t you see? He’s going to bully us out of the pot if we don’t stand up to him.”

Emmett’s perturbed by the accusation. “I’m not bullying anybody. I’m playing cards. And I’m trying to end this game so everything can get back to normal.”

“Yeah. Your version of normal,” Callie responds, crossing her arms.

“Guess what? My version of normal is normal. I have Summer and Ivan’s souls and it’s not like I turned them into circus freaks or anything.”

“Actually,” Ashton says in a mansplaining tone. “Ivan’s soul is in the pot.” Ashton pushes his own soul chip forward. “Therefore, it’s up for grabs. I call. Show ‘em.”

Emmett flips his cards over. “What do I got?”

Valerie answers, “Jack high.”

“Shit,” Emmett says. “What’s he got?”

“Balls.” Valerie says, a hint of being impressed in her tone. “He went in with his soul with Queen high.”

“See guys, we can beat him!” Ashton says while he rakes in his won chips.

“Hey man, it’s not the table versus me anymore. We both have an extra Soul chip, which means we’re both targets.”

Ashton ignores the comment. He’s in it to win it. He focuses on what he can do with his chips to shift the game to his advantage. Using Valerie’s Sexuality chip, he makes her fully bisexual and with her Wardrobe chip, puts all of her assets on clear display in tight, sheer, barely there clothes, hoping to distract at least one of the other players, but hopefully both.

He uses Emmett’s Inhibitions to shed him of any and all of them, hoping it will cause him to make poor poker decisions, but unaware that it was his inhibitions keeping him in check with the chips he already owned.

Suddenly, Emmett feels a sense of freedom, like someone flipped the off switch on his conscience. Pissed at Ashton and in full control of the reality of his girlfriend Summer, he decides to start making some changes as Ashton shuffles the cards.

Emmett turns Summer into a nymphomaniac porn star who only dates Ashton so that she can hang out with his friends who are all a bigger turn on than her boyfriend. So much so, in fact, that she openly masturbates whenever she’s in a group setting with them. He makes everything about her fake — dyed blonde hair, lips, tits, ass — and barely covers those assets with latex. While he, unfortunately, can’t see Summer start to dip her finger into her honeypot, he can hear her sloshing immediately and smiles. Utilizing Ashton’s Likes, he cranks up the idea that Ashton actually likes that his girlfriend does this. Emmett’s certain this will not win Ashton any fans at the table. He takes Ashton’s Height and Weight and makes him short and fat, a bit out of spite, but also to sell the fact of the reality of Ashton and Summer’s new equilibrium.

“Ugh. Your girlfriend’s fingering herself at the table. I think people eat here.” Callie says disgusted.

“Yeah,” Ashton says, taking it in stride, “isn’t it great?”

She might not have, pre-adjustment, but Valerie thoroughly enjoys the carnal show of the hot young thing two people over now. She wonders how a slug like Ashton could land a girl like that, but more importantly, she wonders how she could get a taste of her wares, reflexively rubbing her thighs together at the thought.

“Just call the game and deal the cards,” a still annoyed Callie says.

“Ante up first, people!”

Callie throws her Name into the pot, setting up a silver-chip baseline. Emmett tosses in Ashton’s Dislikes. Valerie matches Callie exactly, also tossing in her Name. Ashton throws in Emmett’s Inhibitions.

With the pot settled, Ashton starts to deal, calling out, “The game is stud. It was clearly named after me.”

Summer lets fall a well-timed groan and the consensus at the table, outside of Ashton, is that it wasn’t sexually induced.

Callie looks at her cards, then pushes her Attractiveness forward.

“What’d you do?” Emmett asks and she responds, “White chip.”

Despite the raise only being a white chip, Emmett folds. He’d prefer to have Ashton start ruffling the feathers of the others at the table so that Emmett can go back to flying under the radar.

Seeing no point in its quality, Valerie pushes her Stamina into the pot. Ashton pushes his Chest and Kinks forward, calling the white chips and raising a silver.

Callie calls with her Ambitions and Valerie folds.

“What do you got?” Ashton asks and Callie reveals Ace high, backed with a Queen.

“So close, yet so far away.” Ashton shows that his Ace is backed with a King. “Don’t mess with the Ash-master,” he gloats as he pulls his won chips toward him.

As Callie shuffles, Ashton goes to work. He cranks Callie’s Attractiveness up off the scales, making her humanly perfection, and then uses her Ambitions to make her want to be exactly like his slutty porn star girlfriend Summer.

For fun, he uses Valerie’s Name to change it to Valley so that there’s a rhyming set at the table.

Knowing how hot she is, Callie is certain that Emmett somehow used the chips to transform her into his girlfriend. It’s not a role she wants to occupy. She’d much rather be like Summer — an adult film star and properly adulated. Maybe if she cozies up to her and Ashton, they can show her the path to making that a reality. For now, she’ll have to look across (and over) Ashton to try to pick up some masturbation tips from the professional.

“I think those cards are shuffled enough, sweetie,” Valley says, taking in the wonder that is Callie’s beautiful form. She contemplates how it’s possible that the average (Emmett) and below average (Ashton) looking men at the table were able to land such fine pieces of ass. The chips… it had to be the chips… Maybe if I got my hands on some of those wonderful chips, I could be as lucky as the pair of them…

Callie chirps back, “I don’t see any chips in the pot. I’m not going to stop shuffling and start dealing until that pot is good and ready for me.”

Emmett pushes Ashton’s Ego forward. Valley pushes in Valerie’s Ego to match. Ashton pushes in Callie’s Name and Callie pushes in her own Ego.

Callie calls out, “The game is stud,” and winks at Ashton before sending cards to all the remaining players at the table.

Emmett folds and Valley says, “You’re a horrible poker player, Emmett. You could have waited for someone to raise. You don’t even know what your cards are.”

“With my bum eyes, I never do…”

Valley sees her cards — a pair of Eights. Not the best hand, but in stud, it’s a decent draw. She raises her Dislikes.

Staring at another Ace high, Ashton throws in Valerie’s Name.

Callie spies a pair of Nines in her hand and pushes in both her Language and Maturity.

Valley folds and Callie looks at Ashton. “What are you holding?”

Ashton smirks and replies, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He pushes in his own Soul chip. When he removes his hand, he realizes that he meant to push in Ivan’s but grabbed the wrong one. He reaches toward the pot, but can’t retrieve it.

Callie thinks about what could happen if, worst cast scenario, she went all-in with her own soul. It seems clear that, with Ashton in charge of her, he would let her live out her ambition of being just like Summer. That sounds like a good fate to her so she tosses her Soul into the pile then flips her cards, “I’ve got Nines,” she says and watches as Ashton’s face falls completely. Defeated, he shows his Ace high and watches as the perfect specimen of femininity rakes his chips in to her pile and they are joined by the remaining ones he’d had in front of himself as well as the Ashton chips in Emmett’s pile.

Realizing that Ashton changed her ambitions, she slugs him in the arm.

Valley asks, “What’d he do?”

“Oh, all kinds of stuff.” Callie replies, instantly aware of what doings Ashton had been up to. She rights Valley’s name back to Valerie and returns Emmett’s Inhibitions. Valerie doesn’t notice the change, but Emmett feels instantly bad about the transformation he put Summer through. This feeling gets even worse when Callie reveals to the other remaining players that Ashton made her sole ambition to be a slutty, nymphomaniac porn star just like his girlfriend Summer.

“Maybe you could lose your Ambition’s to one of us and we could fix that,” Valerie offers, but is still transfixed by the image of perfect loveliness naked and beneath her. She would pay good money to watch that form on any screen.

Callie sees the way Valerie looks at her and is certain it’s because of her shift in sexuality, but she enjoys her lusty gaze too much to make a change to it. She realizes this enjoyment is an artificial feeling, baked into the shift in her ambitions, but the thrill feels real enough. Callie feels particularly fond of thrills, especially those of a sexual nature.

“We could make a deal. If you fix my eyes, I’ll set your ambitions to whatever you want them to be,” Emmett offers.

Callie still doesn’t trust him. She pushes the cards to him for his deal and says only, “We’ll see…”

With a large chip advantage over her competitors at the table — including her own soul as well as Ivan’s and Ashton’s — Callie isn’t ready to make any deals just yet. Really, she wants to see how things play out naturally and find time to have some fun with the chips she already has…
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Re: Curosities: Poker Night By The Weaver

Postby Philbill » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:10 am

Part 4

Callie can’t change anything about herself, despite having nearly all of her chips back in her possession. She still wants to be a porn star, like her friend Summer, despite knowing the reality of the feeling is wholly manufactured. She could lose some chips and see if that particular ship could be righted, but who’s to say she wouldn’t end up in a worse predicament. There are worse things than being hot and being filmed having sex and being paid for it. Oo. Just the thought of it sends tingles down her spine. She’s not sure she can part with that desire and, at the same time, she’s also not sure she can trust either Valerie or Emmett to help her.

She has six of Valerie’s chips (Stamina, Wardrobe, Dislikes, Ego, Name, and Sexuality), but solely Emmett’s Inhibitions.

But… She has Ivan and Ashton’s Soul chips, and therefore complete control over the pair of them. While Emmett shuffles cards, she utilizes that power and sculpts the other two men into twin studs, remaking them into sex on legs; tripods with manhood ready to wreck a girl in the best way possible. She gets lost in a daydream of taking on the pair of them while bright lights shined down on the trio — cameras recording Ashton in her mouth, while Ivan plunges into the depths of her wet and waiting pussy.

“Yo. Callie? You with us?” Emmett asks.

She looks over to see that Emmett has finished shuffling and the pot contains Valerie’s Height (from Emmett) and Valerie’s Gender.

Seeing that second chip nearly sparks off a brand new fantasy, with Callie at the center of three men — one formerly Valerie. She tosses in Valerie’s Stamina to make it an all-Valerie opening pot.

“Is the pot good?” Emmett asks.

“Yes, Emmett. The pot is good. If you want to throw in your Eyes next, that’d be great. We’re all tired of your squinting and questions,” Callie chirps back, annoyed that her “boyfriend” doesn’t stack up to the other men sitting at the table in the slightest. With only his Inhibitions in her control, there’s not much she can do even to remedy that situation.

Valerie doesn’t like the way Callie’s talking to her own boyfriend, certain that having the chips in front of her and being surrounded by porn stars both male and female has affected her ego. She’s also not a fan of the fact that she is the featured attraction in the pot currently. Valerie can only hope the cards she receives can remedy that before she loses any aspects of herself which she can’t reclaim.

Emmett starts to recklessly deal cards and calls out, “Five card stud.”

Valerie looks down at a Queen high hand.

Callie looks down at garbage — no face cards, and a nine has her high.

Emmett looks down at a blur. At least the cards appear to all be of the same color, and he hopes there’s something in there to keep him afloat. Plus, no orgasm from Callie means she doesn’t have a great hand either.

Valerie, feeling the need to move up in the game before she’s squeezed out, pushes a silver-ringed chip into the pot — her Attitude.

Thinking of all of the potential fun she could have with Valerie, latching onto her as the next target, shoves Emmett’s useless Inhibitions in.

Emmett folds his hand in surrender, letting the girls duke it out and trying to float through the game a little longer before striking for the win.

Callie licks her lips. “Looks like it’s just us girls, then.”

Valerie sizes Callie up. “Looks like.”

“Want to make this even more fun?” Callie asks in a tone that would start off the action in most adult films.

Still wondering if she can beat her and looking for a flaw in her armor, Valerie asks, “What did you have in mind?”

“It’s to you. Why don’t you raise? Make it something interesting.”

Valerie can’t tell if Callie is trying to lure her in or bluff her way out of a weak hand. In a moment of boldness, Valerie pushes her Soul chip forward. Callie’s wide and hungry smile in response to the act makes her almost one hundred percent certain she’s made a mistake. Callie pushes forward Ashton’s soul to match.

“What do you got?” Callie says. Valerie reveals her Queen and Callie’s face drops. “I was bluffing…”

“I can see that…”

As she rakes in her winnings, including Ashton’s soul, Emmett questions, “What’d I miss?”

“Looks like we’ve all got a soul to spare now,” Callie responds.

Callie decides to dial up Valerie’s Ego in the hopes of upsetting her gameplay with the shift.

Touching Ashton’s Soul makes Valerie instantly aware of Callie’s improvements. She thinks, I guess I’ll have to assume Ivan didn’t always look like that either. Shame, the pair of them are hot.

With her cranked up sexuality and enjoying the eye candy, she sees no need to make any changes at the moment. She commits to setting everything right when it’s all over, and she wins out the table. She is unstoppable and deserves the eye candy. She gathers and shuffles the cards. “Ante up for five card draw, fuckers.”

Hearing her say this tells Callie she made the right move. She throws in Valerie’s Wardrobe to the pot. Emmett pushes in Callie’s Lips, and Valerie adds her Arms in.

Callie looks at her cards, moaning in pleasure when she sees the matched pair of Jacks she landed on the deal.

The moan signals an excellent hand to Emmett, and he doesn’t even bother picking up his cards. He just pushes them to the center of the table.

“Weak play,” Valerie chides, before looking across at Callie. “Looks like it’s just us girls again.”

“As it should be,” Callie says with a wink.

Valerie is turned on by the fact that Callie is so clearly turned on by her. She knows she needs this game to end so that her demanding needs can be met. Having five people service her would do the trick. She looks at her cards — nothing particularly useful, but she has three hearts and can hope for a flush draw.

“How many?” She asks Callie.

Callie daintily holds up two fingers, and Valerie sends two new cards her way, before pulling two for herself. Callie gets no help from the draw and can’t tell if Valerie’s smug expression is her newly enlarged ego or in response to the cards in her hand. Callie turns off Valerie’s Ego entirely, instead, skyrocketing a big dislike of “winning at cards.” Valerie’s face shifts abruptly from smug and satisfied to disgusted. In response, Callie folds.

“Ugh,” Valerie says, pulling the won chips toward her.

“What’d you have?” Callie asks, checking to see if the fold was called for.

“A fucking flush. Can you believe it?” Valerie responds.

Emmett, relying more heavily on his sense of hearing, notes the disgust lacing Valerie’s words and correctly assumes that Callie has messed with her desire to win in some way. He now has verbal cues for both of the women at the table. He won’t know if he can beat them, but he’ll surmise if they can at least be beaten. He realizes he has a third weapon at the table in the form of Summer. He’s not keen on transforming someone no longer in the game, but anything to help him win.

With Ashton off the board, there’s no need to torment or distract him. Emmett decides to craft a complete one-eighty on Summer, shaping her into a more pure, virginal form — a lithe, natural blonde with soft, wholesome features.

Valerie’s desires for the girl are amplified by the idea of being the first one to defile her, while Callie is confused by a conflicting desire to be, on the one hand, a porn star and, on the other, to be just like Summer, now chaste and quite the opposite of one. The naughtiness of the conflict does nothing to quell her arousal. Something about a return to virginity and then losing that virginity on camera inexplicably turns her on.

As it’s her deal, Callie focuses on the cards. The cards will see her through this inner discord.

“Stud,” she says, embracing the deliciousness of the word, before immediately feeling guilt in doing so. “Or not.”

“Well… Which is it?” Valerie questions.

“Stud,” Callie says with a decidedly noticeable blush.

Emmett adds Callie’s Legs to the pot. Valerie tosses in Callie’s Lips. Callie sees this and remarks, “If you’re going to come after me, come after me,” before throwing in Valerie’s Sexuality and her own Ethnicity.

“Before you ask, she raised a silver-ringed chip,” Valerie tells Emmett, tossing his Inhibitions in.

“Before dealing?”

Valerie asserts, “Before dealing.”

Emmett throws in his Kinks, which instantly raises Valerie’s eyebrows.

“The pot is good,” Callie says and starts to deal cards to the three remaining players.

Emmett listens for signs from either of them. When he hears nothing, he raises Summer’s Soul.

The two women at the table don’t hesitate to match with Ivan and Ashton’s souls. Callie’s hand lingers over her own for a moment before adding it to the pot as well.

Emmett matches.

Valerie matches.

“I guess it all ends here,” Valerie says.

Callie flips a pair of nines.

Emmett flips a pair of Jacks.

Valerie starts to laugh, flipping over her own pair of Jacks. “Split pot.”

“Really?” Emmett asks, astounded.

“Really. Callie’s out. The only question now is how to divvy.”

“We each get our own Soul back along with any of our own chips. The two boys go to you, and the two girls come to me?”

“Just wanting to play with the girls? How very straight of you, Emmett?”

“Just think, though. That means I also want to play with you, Val.”

Valerie pulls Ivan and Ashton’s Souls toward her and Emmett collects Callie and Summer’s.

Emmett starts to shuffle, and Valerie reaches over and puts her hand on top of his, pausing him for a moment. “I was always jealous of her.”

“Of who?”


“You were?!? Why?”

Valerie pauses, then says, “She got you… This is a chance to set the world right. My love life has always been a series of jerk after jerk after jerk.”

“A lot of jerking sounds like high school to me,” Emmett quips.

“I’m being serious.”

“If you know me, you know that I counter serious with humor.”

“Yeah,” Valerie chuckles, “I’m familiar. And somehow, I still want you.”

“How do I know this isn’t some ploy to win?” Emmett asks and Valerie counters, “Let’s play a hand and make sure you get your sight back. Then, you can see how serious I am.”

“Stud, it is.”

Emmett feels around his chips, and Valerie lets him know when he’s got his Eyes to put into the pot. Valerie counters with her own Eyes. He deals the cards. She tells him to just fold.

After a moment’s hesitation, he does.

With the chip in her possession, she gives Emmett perfect vision. He looks at her and sees how hot she’s become since he last saw her clearly. “Wow…” he mutters in response.

Valerie smiles. “You’ve never looked at me like that before.”

“I never could… You trust me?”

“I have to. Callie set me so that I dislike winning. Even taking that hand just now to get you your eyesight back almost made me sick to my stomach. I can’t keep playing, but I can’t keep playing at life anymore either.”

Valerie grabs the cards, pushing her Soul into the pot. “Take care of me, stud.”

Emmett pushes his soul into the pot…


Ashton was pretty confident the game night over at Emmett’s place was just an excuse for Emmett to rub in how lucky he was. Emmett never exactly referred to the quartet of girls as his harem, but it’d be hard to call the four enthralled girls much more than that.

Emmett had —

Ivanka, the hot red-headed Russian supermodel with a penchant for dirty talk and over-the-top flirting;

Summer, the pristine blonde who Ashton’s certain only pretends at being a virgin because of the secret looks she exchanges with Emmett when she thinks no one’s paying attention;

Callie, the brunette, Earth-mother type who is so open about her sexuality, she makes sure everyone knows that any act with Emmett involved is on the table;

and Valerie, the least overtly sexual of the bunch — she seems to pair to Emmett on a deeper level than merely physical like the other three.

Ashton leaves the apartment confident that the sound he hears the moment the door closes behind him is the sound of clothes being shucked and falling to the ground… girlish giggling… mouths and tongues exploring bodies.

He doesn’t understand how any guy, let alone average Emmett, could get to be so lucky, nor why he would give Ashton an old poker chip set with the ominous sounding, “have fun!”, before pushing him out of his apartment and his life.

Oh well, he thinks with a shrug and a sigh; he’ll just have to whip out these vintage chips at the next boy’s poker night and see what kind of luck they bring him.

This was my Favorite story that the Weaver Wrote due to the fact any part could be changed and completely take the story in a new direction. I would love it if someone made their own version of this tale if not the sequel it hints at a retelling of this one. I will upload a few more of weavers stories today keep an eye out.
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