Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

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Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby kid a » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:19 am


By Kid A

Part 1

“Hey bartender - another round for my girls here.”

Sitting down on a barstool, the gentleman removed his rain-soaked fedora and placed it on a nearby wall hook. Outside, the dark and rainy evening continued. But inside Johnny’s Pub, the party had just begun anew.

“Frankie baby!!”, a gorgeous brunette purred from nearby. Half-drunk, she sauntered in his direction; her curvy and voluptuous body was encased in a skin-tight black mini-skirt, and just about every set of male eyes in the room swiveled towards her as she made her way to his seat at the bar.

She hugged him passionately and he responded with a quick kiss on the side of her tanned face. Turning towards the bartender, her tone quickly changed. “Another Manhattan ya bum!! Whadaya standing around for?!?!”

Frankie chucked to himself. “Now now, baby...no need to be so harsh.” He looked at the startled employee and provided a more level-headed request. “Miss Tanya here will have another Manhattan, Sal.”

The bartender did his best to avoid an eye-roll towards the offensive brunette. “Yes sir. Of course, Frankie.”

“That’s a good boy,” Frankie replied. As one of the more powerful Mafia bosses in New York City, he understood the importance of a commanding yet respectful attitude. On one hand, he needed to keep everyone in line. Conversely, make too many random enemies...

On the TV screen a story flashed about the latest gangland shooting. Three dead from gunshots in a local gas station parking lot, including an up and coming Captain from a rival gang.

“That’s right,” he muttered under his breath before taking another sip of his scotch whiskey. “Step out of line too much...never know who has a pistol.”

He patted his own piece for reassurance, a snub-nosed revolver tucked out of sight in the pocket of his sport coat. Just then he heard another screech from across the bar.

“Oh my gawd Frankie honey!!!!”

A young, bleached blond beauty bounced over to him. Her cartoonish set of tits (purchased from a local doctor on Frankie’s dime, mind you) nearly cut off his air supply as she jumped on his lap and gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips.

Jenna was a newer member of Frankie’s crew. Not the real, gangster “crew” mind you - most of those thugs were still out working the streets at this hour. But the boys certainly needed steady female company, and there was no shortage of sexy and willing recruits for those positions.

Life in Frankie’s mob was a nonstop party for a beautiful girl. And Jenna had both fit the bill and fallen for his proposition hook, line and sinker. A recent drop-out from the local Community College, she was a sweet but air-headed young thing. One of Frankie’s boys had spotted her at a local strip club where she was trying to scrap together enough money to pay the rent. After a “referral” to the boss and a few couch dances from her new and well-heeled benefactor...she became a mainstay of the group.

Much to the annoyance of the “old girls”, such as Tanya. There was certainly enough money and booze to go around. But Frankie’s attention (and the corresponding rank in the pecking order) was another story altogether. They had seen many a girl fall out of favor, say the wrong thing....and be unceremoniously kicked to the curb right outside the Pub. Not so much as cab fare provided.

Tanya scoffed aloud as Jenna took the other seat at Frankie’s side. “Well well well,” she crooned bitterly as their drinks were delivered. “I thought I read something about local property values falling.”

Clueless as ever, Jenna’s eyes grew large. “OH, MY GOD, Tanya,” she replied earnestly. “I read the same story I think. Can you believe the government doesn’t just step in and...ya know....build everyone new houses or something??”

Frankie and Tanya both looked at Jenna in disbelief as she loudly chewed her gum. Patting her on a shapely thigh, Frankie smiled warmly. “I know baby...I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I can tell you about it in my hotel room upstairs in a bit?”

Tanya’s jaw dropped in anger, while Jenna nudged even closer to her boss. “Well of course you can,” she giggled. “Let me finish my drink and then...”

She was cut off mid-sentence as a man burst through the door. “Frankie - we need you outside. NOW,” he yelled through labored breath. His white dress shirt was bloodied and his left arm was limp at his side , seemingly broken.

Frankie jumped out of his seat. “What the hell happened to you, Tony??”, he exclaimed as he rushed to his side.

“Some no-good bitch man...she set us up. Your cousin Jimmy is dead.”

The blood drained from Frankie’s face. “Where is she,” he growled, again reaching for the location of his gun. “I got her outside boss,” Tony replied with a grimace. “What do you want us to do to her?”

Frankie placed his fedora back on his head and straightened his jacket. “I’ll take care of this myself.”

Turning to Tanya and Jenna, who were still sitting in shock on their barstools, he motioned firmly. “The two of youse stay right there.”


A few minutes later, the two girls stood in the bathroom fixing their makeup in awkward silence. Tanya looked towards her newfound competition and sighed. She could certainly understand why Frankie was so attracted to her; just north of her 21st birthday and with taught curves in all the right places...

As she examined her own reflection in the mirror, Tayna’s mood improved. She was no old hag herself - she had just turned 30, and with regular workouts (those could be a challenge with all the drinking and ritual hangovers..) she held herself together pretty damned well. Her weight had settled around 145 pounds lately, which worked just fine on her 5’6” frame.

As the two finished up, Tanya suddenly had a craving for a cigarette. But considering what had just happened (and Frankie’s admonition to stay put) she didn’t exactly feel like wandering off by herself. Luckily, she had just the clueless patsy to join her.

Fostering a fake smile, she grabbed Jenna by the elbow. “Let’s step outside and have a smoke honey.”

Jenna pulled back. “Gawd I don’t know Tanya...you saw how mad he was, and he told us to...”

Tanya cut her off firmly. “Totally not a big deal. He’s always going off like that.”

She winked at her. “It’ll be our little secret.”


In the back alley, the sexy duo were finishing up their Marlboro Lights and checking their phones when they heard a scream.

“I warned you, ya stupid cunt!!!”, a man yelled. “Now youse gets what’s comin’ to ya!!!”

Tanya crept towards the corner of the building - taking a deep breath she knelt down and peeked her head around just in time to see Frankie raise his hand in the air, his pistol gleaming in the glow of a nearby streetlight. She looked up in amazed annoyance as Jenna stood awkwardly above her, clamoring for her own view of the disturbance.

3 loud gunshots rang out, and they watched in horror as a young women fell dead to the ground. Jenna shrieked in response, and Tanya saw Frankie turn towards their exposed heads in surprise.

He dropped the gun on the ground and faced them, his fists trembling from the release of rage and adrenaline. “I warned you stupid girls to stay in the bar!!!”, he bellowed. “But you couldn’t listen, could ya!!!”

“You dumb bitch....you’re dead!!!”

The world seemed to go quiet after that. Shoving her phone into her purse, Tanya turned and in what felt like slow motion, sprinted down the alley away into the darkness.
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby Odysseus66 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:12 am

Nice! Three of my favorite things are in this story so far; a sexy curvy brunette, a blond bimbo with huge boobs, and XWG written in the header! This is gonna be great!
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby Junketh71 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:30 pm

So far this is very intriguing. Thank you for sharing it.
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby Matt L. » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:41 pm

The atmosphere and dialogue first rate as are your descriptions. Outstanding and then some.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby kid a » Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:13 pm

Thanks all

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for some time...feels good to get that first part completed as always. More soon.
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby kid a » Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:45 am

Part 2

The next morning, United States Marshalls Timothy and Jane Smith sat in the local field office at the Department of Justice, awaiting the arrival of their newest, high-profile “asset”. They had been married for almost 10 years; assigned together on a job early in their tenure with the government as up and coming twenty-something agents, sparks had flown and marriage ensued. It could be difficult working with your spouse in such a stressful environment, but they had forged through, making the best of it in spite of the occasional pratfall.

Tim stretched his muscular arms above his head and yawned. It had been a late night; the brazen murder of a young waitress at a local pub had made the headlines when reputed Mafia Kingpin Frankie Delarosa was fingered as the shooter. Local law enforcement had been waiting for a chance to make a move on the ever-elusive crime boss, and his uncharacteristic burst of violence seemed to have finally opened a window of opportunity.

Time was of the essence, so resources from all local departments including the FBI had scrambled to assess the crime scene and their best course of action. Then the frantic call had come in from a lone, terrified witness.

This was where the U.S. Marshalls came into the game. They could bring her in, protect her and ensure she could testify safely in what was sure to be a lengthy and well publicized trial to bring Frankie Delarosa to long overdue justice.

There was a knock at the door and the sound of an electric badge being scanned; the duo watched in silence as none other than Tanya Degucci entered the room. She certainly did look rattled, Jane thought to herself as she observed the young woman. Still dressed in her skimpy miniskirt from the previous evening, her makeup and hair were a mess; the odor of her cigarettes and perfume quickly filled the air.

But she still could make an entrance, and with a fair amount of swagger she swiveled her curvy body towards Tim and winked at him, sitting down in a chair on the other side of the table from the two agents. Jane scowled, unseen by Tim as he blushed and returned a sly wink of his own to the gorgeous young seductress.

True, their relationship was solid. But that was in spite of Jane’s jealously and prior history of bad boyfriends. To make things worse, she knew Tim’s weakness as far as the opposite sex was concerned - curvy with a ample set of tits, and if they bordered on chubby....let’s just say she had thrown numerous a punch to his shoulder when she caught him causally checking out a plus sized vixen walking down the street.

Jane was very attractive with adequate feminine features - but chubby, she was not. Years of intense training with the federal government had resulted in a rock hard and muscular physique. It provided a steely exterior that was the perfect match for the no-nonsense mentality within.

So she was not lacking in confidence. Deep down she knew that Tim would never stray - but she was still a woman and dead set on protecting her marriage. Appraising the mood in the room, she moved quickly to take control.

“So....Miss Degucci - I understand you were a witness to the horrific murder downtown last night. And from what I’ve heard, willing to testify that Frankie Delarosa was the shooter. Is that correct?”

Ignoring the question for a moment, Tanya casually pulled a small mirror from her purse; smiling at Tim, she adjusted her makeup before responding.

“Yes and it was horrible,” she said quietly, looking at Tim Instead of the stern, female questioner at his side. “I’m so scared of what Frankie could do to me....he looked so mad.”

She frowned like a school girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar; batting her eyelashes at Tim, she continued. “If only there was a big strong FBI fella to take care of me...”

Tim gulped audibly and blushed; seeing the daggers that Jane was firing with her eyes at the two of them, he attempted to right the ship.

“Well ma’am, that’s what we are here for. To ensure your safety in advance of the murder trial at which you will be a key witness. But I cannot overemphasize the gravity of your situation - this is all business from here on out.”

Jane glared at her. “Miss Degucci, to ensure your protection, you are to be assigned an alternate identity beginning today.”

Standing up, she retrieved an iPad sitting on the desk in front of her. “Personally I think it’s bullshit, but the Bureau has insisted we get with the times and become more “customer friendly”, whatever that means.”

“Millennial-coddling bullshit if you ask me,” she said sternly. “If I had my way, you’d become whoever we told you to in exchange for our services.”

Pursing her lips, she stared at Tanya who had grown uncomfortable from the lecture. “In your case, I don’t know....frumpy school teacher perhaps?”

Tanya rolled her eyes. “Whatever lady,” she replied with a flip of her brunette locks. “Let me see that thing.”

Jane tossed the tablet onto her lap. “Be my guest,” she snapped. “The tech guys tell me it’s very user friendly so I’m guessing you might be able to figure it out before tonight.”


After the two agents left the room, Tanya sat there flipping through the profile choices on the tablet. They had everything imaginable...she was almost ready to settle on a Aerobics instructor from New Jersey when she came across the absolute jackpot.

“Marcy” from Hollywood California was a 25 year old, platinum blond. Recently widowed by a much older (and richer...) business man, she lived off his inheritance while taking the occasional online college course. Endowed with a gigantic pair of tits that were clearly “off the shelf”, she had a few excess curves due to her non-stress lifestyle but was unquestionably a looker. As Tanya scanned the fine print, she noticed a warning at the end.


“Oh my GAWD she looks just like Jenna,” Tanya crooned to herself. Marking the box on the screen and hitting submit, she smiled in self-satisfaction.

“I’ll show that two-timing bastard Frankie what he could have had.”
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby kid a » Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:51 am

Part 3

That afternoon, Tanya was processed and prepared to be relocated to her temporary accommodations in California. True to form, she made a spectacle of herself within the facility - cozying up to every attractive guy in sight and angering many a female employee.

None so much as Jane Smith however. Tanya flirted incessantly with Tim the entire day. Just before 5 PM, he approached her with some final instructions, Jane watching guardedly from across the room.

“Ok Miss, I’m going to need all your personal belongings now,” he said as she gave him her another sultry glance, adjusting her top to expose an eyeful of cleavage. Momentarily distracted by the display, Tim stuttered as he continued with his directions. “Um...and uh...that includes your cell phone.”

Tanya’s jaw dropped in protest. “My phone?? What the hell..how will I get in contact with anyone??”

Jane stepped in dismissively. “Have you heard a single word we’ve said today, or were you too busy playing the field? You CANT contact anyone you know, so you don’t wind up DEAD.”

She let that final word linger in the air as Tanya finally relaxed her attitude and remembered her predicament. “OK....I’m sorry - here,” she replied tersely, handing Jane her phone and purse.

“And that means NO access to anything where Frankie or his goons might track you down. Facebook, email...it’s all off limits until the trial. And your new apartment will have the necessary restrictions. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am,” Tanya said quietly as Tim hurried away to file her belongings in a side room.

“Good then,” Jane finished, setting a stack of paperwork firmly on the desk in front of Tanya. “I can promise you, this won’t be the party you are envisioning.”


That night, Tanya boarded a private jet for her new residence in Hollywood; but back in New York, Jane was busy making the final arrangements for her their star witness’ new identity. It was a very involved process; since contact with the outside world had to be minimized, everything needed to be delivered if possible for the duration of their assignment in the program.

Food, clothing, and even exercise equipment depending on the individual. Jane looked at Tanya’s sexy identity selection; her blood boiled as she thought of the interactions between the sultry brunette and her husband that day during processing.

“Marcy Ravenwood, eh?”, she intoned as she went over the profile. “160 pounds, double-D breasts...ugh.”

She threw down the tablet in frustration. Tim was also on that same plane for California to provide security during the trip. Men as powerful as Frankie could strike from anywhere in the world at any time...and the government could not afford to take any chances.

As Jane pictured the two of them alone on the plane, let alone in Tanya’s new luxury apartment, her anger and jealousy reached a fever pitch. “Sure, you’re his type, you little hussy,” she fumed. “For now anyways....he does have his limits as far as the chubby chasing goes.”

Searching through the profiles, she typed in “Marcy” and watched as the results refreshed on the screen. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the thumbnail image directly below Tanya’s selection.

**MARCY PLUMSTEAD - 30 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, 325 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes. Recently divorced, lives alone with her cats; employment, none - primary source of income is alimony**

Looking around to ensure no one was watching, she quickly selected the new profile and pressed the “override witness persona” button that popped up. After entering her supervisor authorization PIN, another message flashed on the screen.


Jane set the tablet down and allowed herself a smug grin. “I hope she enjoys the food.”
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:32 pm

The story just keeps on rolling smoothly. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby champ » Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:45 pm

I can already tell this is gonna be a fun read!
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Re: Witness Protection - By Kid A (XWG)

Postby Matt L. » Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:24 am

Nice, smooth flow, realistic and clever dialogue, first rate.

Cheers, Matt
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