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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby champ » Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:46 pm

Thanks for the update! Always look forward to them!
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby audipwr87 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:57 pm

Damn this story has been nothing short of incredible! It is fast becoming one of my favorite stories on the site!! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:33 pm

Thanks a ton guys - and sorry I’ve been slow.

Was a bit busy/distracted and didn’t want to force the material. Rest assured I know where this is going, more this week for sure.
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:34 pm

Part 9

That evening, Mora stood in the kitchen having a light dinner before heading back to the gym. She was in quite a rhythm as of late, working out twice, and sometimes even three times a day if she could fit it into her busy schedule. A young and upcoming professional, she had an impressive calendar these days - a full load of classes in order to complete her Senior year (a semester early!), interviews with an array of prospective employers...

There was certainly no time for lounging around the couch. As she watched Daphne struggle to get her huge body extracted from said sofa and in motion towards the bathroom, she shuddered and set down her fork in disgust.

“Hard to even THINK about eating with all that blubber wobbling around here,” she muttered to herself. Daphne’s latest chubby chaser of a boyfriend Scott had been sitting next to her, wedged into the half of a cushion that wasn’t occupied by her wide and bulging ass cheeks. As Scott stood up and raised his arms to yawn, his lingering arousal was clear as day. He seemed to realize and reached down to adjust his pants before strolling into the kitchen to get a drink.

“Hey there, stranger,” he said to Mora with a wink as he opened the fridge and pulled out a Diet Coke. “Hardly recognized you - don’t know how it’s even possible but have you lost weight??”

He pointed to Mora’s rock hard abs which were clearly visible below her skimpy tank-top. “Impressive, I suppose,” he continued. “But then again, you know me..”

Mora rolled her eyes. “I sure do, Scott,” she replied with a smirk. “You’re lucky I like you....or should I say, you’re lucky I don’t really like Daphne.”

She laughed aloud at her own snarky joke. “I never would have even set you up with her in the first place. But I suppose you can’t trick fate.”

They shared a knowing glance; the duo cocked their heads in unison at the sound of the toilet flushing, and then mumbling and crashing sounds coming from the bathroom as Daphne attended to her personal needs. “I may have to get those doors widened soon,” Scott stated matter of factly.

“Eventually I’d like to move her into my place, but she doesn’t seem to want to leave this building,” he continued.

“But then again I guess I can’t blame her, what with you covering all the rent...”

He froze in the middle of that sentence, blushing red as if he had let something slip out. Mora pounced, an angered tone rising in her voice.

“What did you say?? She told me 3 years ago when I moved in that I was only paying half. $1,000 per month was my share. What the fuck did she tell you Scott??”

Realizing he was caught, Scott turned around to ensure Daphne was still safely out of sight. “Um...yeah...she said the other day that total rent for the place is like $950. Apparently she got a good deal a while back and was grandfathered in when the new management took over. Rent freeze or something like that.”

He could feel Mora’s blistering stare as he stood there shifting his feet nervously. Anxious to change the subject he grabbed the blender from nearby and started assembling the ingredients for Daphne’s 4th weight gain shake of the day.

“Let’s see,” he said to himself and he pulled the items out of the freezer and cupboards. “Ice cream, mass gainer powder, coconut oil...”

If he had turned back around, he would have melted in fear from the vision before him. Mora’s eyes had turned a burning, glowing, crimson red as she glared at him in unbridled rage. Ghostly blue shadows bounced off the walls behind her as the decades old, faded wallpaper seemed to twist and morph. A pair of tall, demonic wings sprouted from Mora’s shoulders as she shrieked like a banshee, her furious howls and moans reverberating from the kitchen walls.

Alarmed by the sudden and ghastly symphony, Scott covered his ears and looked up in terror to see Mora still standing there in serene silence. There were no sounds other than the buzzing of the blender as it continued to purée Daphne’s fattening cocktail.

“What was....did you hear that?!?!?” he asked in shock. Mora just stared at him blankly before grabbing an unopened box of Godiva chocolates from the counter. She peeled off the cellophane wrapping and removed the cover.

Raising the box to her nose, she inhaled deeply. “These sure do smell yummy,” she remarked as Scott returned to his culinary creation, mentally dismissing the frightening sounds as a trick of his mind.

“But you know what they say,” Mora continued as she handed him the huge box of at least 50 delicious chocolates. “A moment on the lips...”

Scott looked at her and grinned. He took the box and dumped the entire contents into the blender which contained Daphne’s shake. The device sputtered for a moment as it dealt with the infusion of sticky, gooey treats before resuming its metallic whirring sound.

“A lifetime on the hips.”
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:26 pm

This was certainly good to read. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:04 pm

Thanks and sorry again for the delay.

Just made a flurry of edits and hopefully improved this a bit. Addition by subtraction...
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby Lyssa » Thu May 02, 2019 10:02 pm

Fantastic and cool! This is a fun story! :D Wow!
I wonder how much more Daphne's life is going to change.

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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby Matt L. » Sat May 04, 2019 11:39 am

I like the insidious touch, smoothly written as well.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Sat May 11, 2019 6:35 am

Matt L. wrote:I like the insidious touch, smoothly written as well.

Cheers, Matt

tyvm. I guess I’m beyond apologies for being so slow on this one but rest assured it will be completed. Hopefully in the near future.
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Thu May 16, 2019 8:34 am

Part 10

“Excuse me, young lady - I don’t recall saying you were finished.”

Scott stood above Daphne with a scolding look on his face as she fell back into the sofa in exhaustion. It defied logic, but normally she was nearly able to keep up with his pace and demands regarding her complete devotion to gluttony. Each day, she awoke to a larger and more “acclimatized” body - a true work of art for a dedicated feeder such as her boyfriend.

But this shake....even for her, had admittedly been a workout. So delicious...but SO filling. As she sat there, the gigantic dome of her jiggling belly pressed uncomfortably into her large and saggy breasts. She was completely stuffed from this particular weight gain shake, and as she looked at Scott holding the blender with nearly a quarter of it remaining, Daphne wasn’t sure she was up to the task.

“You know what I always say, pumpkin,” Scott cooed with a grin. “No pain...”

Daphne sighed and reached for the shake. Her huge, blubbery upper arm wobbled like jello as she clutched the handle of the blender and rested it atop her bulging paunch for a moment. She took a deep breath and brought it to her lips; the triple chins that now adorned her fat face merged into her soft and pillowy neck as she raised it in the air and chugged and gulped to finish her “dessert”.

“No gain.” Scott smiled and pulled up a chair next to his prize feedee. He would have liked to squeeze into that couch with Daphne but to be honest real estate was getting tight. He admired his handy work; reaching over and grabbing a huge handful of her lower belly apron, he caressed the mass of sagging fat for a moment before giving it a vigorous yet playful jiggle, sending shockwaves through her entire blubbery body.

Daphne was wearing a massive pair of black yoga pants they had found online. They were a size 4XXL, but skin-tight on her nonetheless. Her belly rolls covered up the majority of her gigantic and bulky thighs, but below that Scott had a pleasant view of her pudgy calves. Pale and meaty cankles oozed out from the bottom of her spandex pants. Her legs were so fat that even down there the deposits of blubber pooled and rolled out onto the tops of her shoes.

A cute little pair of “running shoes”. They looked the same as the day he gave them to her as a present - white as snow without the slightest bit of dirt or wear that one would expect from a sneaker designed for exercising. In Daphne’s case, they were simply an ironic accessory to her morbidly obese figure as she sat there anchored to the couch, laboring as she tried to digest the shake.

Via a quick calculation on his phone, Scott had estimated the haul at nearly 8,000 calories. Three times the daily caloric requirement for the average female. Which Daphne clearly was not. Not anymore.

She felt a bubbling sensation in her vast midsection and cringed. It was hard to believe how far she had truly fallen - a few “months” ago, she was the one snickering as Mora strained to get her fat ass off the couch and into motion. The tables had truly been turned. She didn’t even know if standing up by herself was possible at the moment.

Part of that was how stuffed she was, but deep down she knew where this was headed. Feeling the pressure build even more, Daphne grimaced and rolled to her left, pressing heavily into the side of the couch as her other gigantic butt cheek raised up just enough into the air.

A loud, wet fart erupted from beneath her titanic ass. She blushed red as she settled back into place; Scott merely smiled, and after sarcastically fanning the air in front of his face, stood up in front of his huge girlfriend.

“Alright toots,” he remarked as he took in the view. He reached down and after bracing his legs, extended his hands to help her off the couch. Shamefully Daphne reciprocated - her chubby fingers met his, and with a grunt she lurched forward and into a standing position.

She appeared to be nearly as wide as she was tall. Her gigantic and sagging belly rolls drooped down to her knees as she stood there trying to steady herself. Scott tried to give her a hug, but as he pressed his body into her round, soft gut and tried to reach around her back, it proved a futile effort.

His hands only got as far as her gigantic love handles before he ran out of room. Despite her meek protest, he kissed her deeply before turning towards her room.

“Let’s get you into that bathroom and ready for bed.”

Reluctantly she followed him; her belly growled and she stopped to furtively peek into the kitchen for a snack. Then she saw it - the box of Godiva chocolates. It was open...and empty!!

For the first time in ages, a wave of hope swept over her body. Something had CHANGED. She surely hadn’t been the one who tore open those treats and devoured the entire box like some fat pig. Letting that thought sink in, Daphne allowed herself a moment of triumph.

Maybe Mora was finally slipping again, she thought. As hard as it had been to grow chubby, then fat, and now finally out of control obese, watching the converse path of her former punching bag had made it even worse for Daphne.

But if Mora was giving in to her temptations, and she was the one resisting...well then maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be different. Finally.

So with a weak smile on her fat face, she instead grabbed an entire box of Twinkies from the counter. Unwrapping her first, she shoved it into into her mouth whole and munched away happily as she lumbered after Scott to her bedroom. A spirited doggy-style session and the rest of those twinkies later, she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of her old athletic body and a brand new day.
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