Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

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Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby kid a » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:44 am


By Kid A

“How could i have let myself get this fat??”

Locked away in the bathroom of her dorm room, Laura stared at mirror in utter despair as she asked herself that depressing question. It was Friday night, and time to get ready for yet another evening of bar-hopping, partying and general debauchery with her college friends.

Wearing nothing but her bra and panties, she shook her head side to side in frustration. Grabbing the curling iron; she worked it through her blond locks, attempting to find a sexy look for the occasion. Pausing for a second, she frowned - her doughy double chin looked bigger than she could ever remember.

“Why did I ever agree to this new hairstyle,” she moaned. The closely cropped cut barely made it down past her chubby cheeks, only serving to emphasize her round and cherubic face.

Setting the iron down, Laura’s mood only worsened as she assessed the rest of her body. For a moment, she thought back to her Freshman year; it seemed so long ago now.

She had certainly been curvaceous back then, but at 5’5 and 140 pounds, she pulled the look off with with ease. You see, she had entered Indiana University as a star gymnast. Sure, she had a bit of a ghetto booty (and the matching set of tits), but no one was complaining. It didn’t matter what she tight jeans, low cut shorts, spandex yoga pants...if she walked by a guy, no matter the circumstances, his head was on a swivel in her direction. To the annoyance of many a local girlfriend.

But then the realities of college life hit her like a load of bricks. First she struggled in her classes, followed by the revocation of her scholarship and dismissal from the varsity gymnastics team. And it only got more slippery from there.

The PARTYING. Sure she had her share of fun back in high school, but this was a whole new world. No limits. And after she was kicked off the team, those morning after hangovers weren’t that much of a problem. And besides, there was always plenty of greasy cafeteria food in arms reach to ease the pain.

3 years later, all that laziness and calorie intake had certainly taken its toll. The last time she checked, she was tipping the scales at a fluffy 220 pounds. A staggering 80 pound weight gain, especially considering what a star athlete she had been in her glory days.

Returning to reality from her daydream, Laura saw immediately where the most recent pounds had taken up residence. Her belly positively bulged out from beneath the twin peaks of her soft and ample cleavage. She now had two distinct rolls of fat around her ever-widening middle, and the lower section sagged like jello onto her full, meaty thighs.

She grabbed it with both hands. Shocked at just how soft and malleable it was, she jiggled it back and forth for a moment. Each upward motion pressed the sizeable loaf of blubber into her upper belly roll, sending shockwaves reverberating though her drooping tits and plump, flabby upper arms.

With a sigh, she released her pillowy gut with a flop and watched it bounce and quiver as it settled back into place. Cringing, she turned sideways and got a look at her now huge, round, cottage cheese ass.

That rear end had always been the prize possession on her body. And in a sense it still was, although with different crowd reactions than she was accustomed to. It had easily doubled in size since she enrolled a few years back. Her meaty ass cheeks, scarred with cellulite and fresh stretch marks, sagged down onto her bulky, voluminous thighs.

With a look of resignation of her chunky face, she gazed down at the outfit choices she had assembled for the evening. Spying a pair of jeans, she picked them up with a chubby hand and looked at the size label.


“Ugh...”, she muttered. “There’s no way these are going to fit.”

They would have been falling off her hips a few years ago, but not today. Bending over, she could feel her soft belly and well-cushioned hips merging together as she worked her left leg into the garment. After positioning both feet, she stood up and tried to pull the jeans up over her bloated lower body.

They immediately met resistance at her soft, dimpled knees. Her entire body jiggled and shook as she grunted and tugged, trying to get them onto her fat ass and thighs. A minute later she succeeded. Almost.

They were skin tight, and as she lifted up her sagging belly rolls to locate the zipper, she quickly realized it was a fool’s errant. The first attempt to zip it into place caused the metal teeth to cut sharply into her blubbery FUPA.

“Ouch!!”, she exclaimed in frustration; an attempt to only use the button hole was equally unsuccessful. She could barely connect the two sides across her soft, rounded belly, and after finally getting it in place she watched as the threads holding it together began to stretch dangerously towards the point of no return.

Finally releasing her breath after the exertion, the rest of her belly sagged over the waistband. She felt a *pop* as the button hole inevitably ripped, and then a mixture of relief and embarrassment as the jeans expanded out to the sides and slid a bit down her wide hips.

Tears welled in Laura’s eyes as she looked at her porky, out of shape body in the mirror. “It’s useless,” she cried....”what the hell am I going to wear tonight???”


Outside the bathroom door, her roommate Shannon sat on the couch, sipping on a Bud Light and surfing the web on her phone. Checking the time, she looked up and called out to Laura.

“C’mon, you slut!! Aren’t you ready yet??? We’re gonna be late!!!”

“Um.....just a minute...”, came Laura’s muffled reply.

Shannon grinned and rolled her eyes. “PUH-LEASE, tell me you’re not in there fighting with those jeans again sweetie. They didn’t fit you last semester and I kinda doubt they would now.”

Not hearing an answer, Shannon clucked her tongue disapprovingly and returned to her beer. She heard a buzz from the desk nearby and saw the message on Laura’s phone.


Shannon scowled; it was that annoying Kelly from the gymnastics team again. “I’ll take care of that,” she said under her breath as she swiped the phone to delete the notification and message.

Ah yes, the old days, she thought to herself. She could still remember that first weekend from their Freshman year. They quickly bonded, and although the rail-thin Shannon was a bit jealous of Laura’s buxom curves, they were quite the partners in crime.

Then there was that night at the frat party when she caught her boyfriend undressing Laura with his eyes on the dance floor. Although Shannon blamed him to a degree (and gave him a drunken cold-shoulder for the rest of the evening), it was the usual flirty crap from her sexy roommate as far as she was concerned. Always flaunting that juicy body and drawing in the fellas while the rest of the girls sat there like wallflowers.

“Well,” she said quietly as she finished the moment of reflection, “we sure don’t have to worry about that any more now do we.”

Peeking around the corner and surmising that her butterball of a roomie was nowhere near finished getting dressed, Shannon quickly reached into her purse and retrieved another pill from the little blue bottle tucked away in her makeup bag.

They were mild sedatives that she had found from an online Canadian drug site. Safe, mind you, but with a few flashing side effect warnings:



Shannon snapped the capsule in half and poured the white powder into a martini glass. Filling it halfway with vodka and then a splash of pineapple juice, she yelled out to Laura again.

“I made you another drink babes! And you still need to eat your half of the pizza before we go. Hurry up in there!!”

Those pills were not cheap; had probably set her back a cool grand over the last 5 semesters. But as she considered the current pecking order around the dorm room, worth every penny by her estimation.

She looked at the large pizza sitting on the table untouched. Grabbing a slice, she took a big bite and smiled. Half of that pizza was then covertly tossed in the trash and hidden below a few plastic bags. She made sure the that Laura’s drink and the rest of the pizza were prominently displayed in the center of the table.

“I’m sorry, almost done in here,” Laura called from behind the door.

Shannon glanced at herself in the mirror, smiling contently at the trim, athletic reflection that greeted her.

“Honey, PLEASE just try on these pants that Debbie dropped off for you earlier so we can get out of here,” Shannon replied firmly.

She picked them off the couch and grinned as she noticed they were a roomy size 20. Their suite-mate Debbie had recently lost a bunch of weight and was shedding her older wardrobe, lest she get caught in the mental trap of having a pair of “fat pants” to fall back on in a stretch of weakness. Good for her, Shannon thought to herself.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll like them. I mean they might be a little snug but if you pick a long enough top it’ll hide all the ol’ problem areas anyways. And then we can bounce and get our buzz on.”

“OK,” Laura replied glumly. The door clicked open and Shannon quickly handed them to her through the crack.

“Good call, babe,” Shannon said in a sing song tone. Downing the rest of her beer, she scoffed as she checked the time again.

“Your pizza is getting cold Laura - and this martini isn’t going to drink itself!!”

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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby Matt L. » Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:31 pm

A very entertaining story, superbly written.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby kid a » Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:34 pm

Matt L. wrote:A very entertaining story, superbly written.

Cheers, Matt

Thanks - I didn’t intend to write anything more so quickly but this came to me suddenly this AM and there you go.
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:12 pm

This was a fun story. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby kid a » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:19 am

Junketh71 wrote:This was a fun story. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure. It’s funny though; I’m so used to writing 2-month long epics. Now what. lol
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby dxm9999 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:50 am

Nice quick story!
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby kid a » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:03 am

dxm9999 wrote:Nice quick story!

Thanks - and on second thought this was a great change of pace - may do a few more of these.

I don’t usually say stuff like this on here, but I think this is my personal favorite out of all my work to-date.
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby cane4kaa » Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:53 am

best stories. make a fat pretty girl. write more, only larger
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Re: Roomies - By Kid A (BBW, WG)

Postby kid a » Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:35 am

cane4kaa wrote:best stories. make a fat pretty girl. write more, only larger

Thanks - but my descriptive abilities top out around 6 bills ;)
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