Bed Ridden - By Kid A (XWG, Revenge)

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Bed Ridden - By Kid A (XWG, Revenge)

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By Kid A

Part 1

Mara trudged through the Commons of Lincoln High School on a dreary March morning with her head tucked down, trying to avoid eye contact with the numerous snobs and jocks surrounding her. At 275 pounds, she had faced ridicule from her peers her entire life, and things had only gotten worse since she arrived at Lincoln as a freshman. Back then she had weighed 180, and had been somewhat unprepared for the onslaught of teasing and tormenting that lay ahead of her. More specifically, she had been unprepared for Emma Simmons.

Emma was the prototypical elitist high school snob, and was the top of the pecking order at Lincoln. At 5 foot ten inches, 130 pounds, with a taught, tanned, yet curvaceous body, she had been the envy of both boys and girls alike for most of her short existence. However, the constant adoration had first made her proud, then snobby, and finally downright nasty. And no one bore the brunt of her cattiness more so than poor Mara.

At 5’3 and 275, Mara’s figure was what most would consider dumpy. Her face was round and chubby, with a dimply double (triple??) chin that had progressed further and further down her neck as her weight ballooned throughout high school. Her breasts had expanded to D cups over the past few years, but did little to enhance her appearance. They sagged pitifully onto her swollen belly, the rolls of which poured out over the waistband of her sweats (she had given up on jeans years ago), and were recently threatening to progress to mid-thigh. Luckily (or not so luckily), this prodigious belly was balanced out by massive, cellulite ridden thighs, and a rear-end that made J-Lo look like Twiggy. Her upper arms showed signs of the strain as well, as they rolled over her elbows, with bright red stretch marks telling the tale of her weight gain all too effectively.

Mara plodded past Emma’s group of syphocants, in a futile attempt to go unnoticed, when she heard the call that greeted her every morning.

“Suuuueeeeeeyy!!!! Pig Pig Pig!!!,” Emma called out, and was rewarded with snarkly chuckles from her group of similarly endowed schoolmates.

Mara stopped momentarily, her massive love handles and portly ass jiggling softly with the shift in momentum, and peered at Emma through the glasses that sat on the tip of her nose, and framed her doughy face.

“What’s the matter, Piggy? Was Krispy Crème closed this morning?” Emma queried, before laughing to herself and turning back to her friends. Mara’s eyes watered up with tears, and she waddled slowly away from the group, trying to ignore the snickers and sarcastic looks coming from the other popular students. With a sigh, she turned the corner and took her seat in math class (20 minutes before the bell), just like she did every morning. She struggled to cram her bulk into the small desk, and took out a candy bar (for the pain, really) and chewed the sadness away, her chubby cheeks and double chin bobbling up and down with the effort. This school was a drag, she thought.

The school day ended (which thankfully, they all did) and Mara took the bus home, and walked into her parents house. With a slight smile, it occurred to her that she had to pack for her trip to the Bahamas that night. A large contingent of Lincoln Seniors were headed south of the border for their annual spring break trip - not that Mara had been invited along. She was heading down as part of an exchange program to work in a local hospital for several months (part of her nursing studies - she hoped to work in a local hospital after graduating). Anything would be better than this snobby town, she thought to herself.

Two miles away, Emma stood in her bedroom, modeling her latest swimsuit in the mirror. “Cara, where is that bottle of Evian I asked for?” she shouted down the stairs to her younger sister. “Coming Emma,” came the reply. Emma rolled her eyes - she didn’t ask for that much, did she? She had captained the cheerleading squad for 3 years now, and worked hard to keep her body in tip-top shape. She watched her slightly chubby younger sister run down the stairs towards the kitchen, and sighed to herself - that girl needed some self-control. She made a mental note to give her a little more “prodding” over the coming weeks - she wasn’t about to have her reputation at Lincoln ruined by a fat little sister. And then there were cows like Mara, she thought to herself. Well luckily, she would be heading to warmer climates tomorrow morning…with no chubby losers like her around for at least a few weeks. She smiled inwardly. Little did she know, her perfect little life was about to be turned on it’s ear.

Both girls flew out of Capital City Airport that next morning - Emma wined and dined in first class, while Mara crammed uncomfortably into a coach seat. Mara had noticed Emma, but Emma had either not seen her, or just pretended not to. After they touched down in the Bahamas, Emma was whisked away to her luzury hotel in a limo, while Mara took a cab to the local hospital. She met the staff, was given a new set of fresh scrubs (only after the staff was able to find a size 4XX in the back closet), and went to work. They wouldn’t be apart for long, however.

That next morning, Emma played volleyball with a group of fellow seniors, taking breaks to sip from the delicious margaritas that the locals brought down to them every 30 minutes or so (and she made sure they knew who was serving who, with her sarcastic comments and attempts at a “foreign accent”).

“Emma - your ball!” her friend Cristal called out. Emma turned to see the ball flying towards her, and took off in a half-drunken sprint, lunging for the ball. A sharp pain tore through her left leg, and she went down in a heap. Her friends gathered around, gasping at the sight - Her leg was nearly snapped in half, the exposed bone still touching the jagged boulder that she had landed upon, half-hidden in the sand. She looked up at the circle of people gathering around her, and the world went dark.


“But doctor, there’s no way I can stay here for that long! Cheerleading practice for Michigan State starts in May!”, she explained to the physician attending to her at the local hospital.

‘I’m sorry Emma, but I’ve talked to your parents, and we all agree. With the massive injury you suffered, there is no way we can have you on a plane for at least 3 months until you’ve healed up - let alone going to cheerleading practice.” Despite her continued protests, the doctor left her in the room to sulk. She couldn’t believe it - she was stuck here all summer in this bed.

Out in the hallway, Mara could not believe what she was hearing. Little Miss Perfect was laid up in a hospital bed 1,000 miles away from her friends and family! Well, she would sure have to do everything to help her “feel at home”, she thought to herself with a chuckle.

That next morning, Mara wheeled in Emma’s breakfast, and paused as she glanced over the sleeping beauty. “Oh Miss!”, she said softly. Emma stirred, and looked up to see the chubby maiden looking over her. “You???”, she exclaimed. “Not only am I stuck down here all summer, I have to look at your fat f*#king face the entire time? Just lovely, “ she remarked.

Mara bit her tongue, and turned back to Emma. “I’m just doing my job - I’m no happier than you that I have to see you all summer, but I’ve been assigned to this wing, and we’ll have to make the best of it, “ she replied.

“Whatever - just leave my food and get the hell out of here, “ Emma snapped.

Oh, I’ll leave you your food alright, Mara thought to herself, a plan already formulating in her sharp little mind.


That evening, Mara sat in a hospital staff meeting, trying her best to stay alert throughout the mostly dry discussions about patients, procedures, the name “Emma Simmons” came up. “Ladies and gentleman, this young lady has suffered a very serious leg injury that will require months of bed rest. There are certain things we need to do to ensure that she both heals properly, and stays in good physical condition.”

Those two words: “physical condition” rang through Mara’s head for the rest of the day (along with a few less kind words that were hurled at her by Emma during her thrice daily trips into her room to serve her meals and attend to her other needs). So that night, as she was taking inventory in the medical supplies room, a dusty brown cardboard box caught her attention when she spied the words “Emergency Caloric Supplement” on the outside. Mara sat her plump rear end down on a stool next to the box, and began to read the instructions on the outside. “500 calories per ounce - for use in patients who have suffered from severe dehydration and lack of nutritional sustenance.” Mara grinned to herself and thought, “Or, severe lack of humility.” She quietly dusted off the box, and carried it down to her room in the hospital, with a noticeably hop in her heavy little steps.


Emma awoke the next morning to the sight of Mara standing over her bed, adjusting her IV drip (the doctors had explained to her at the outset of her stay that she needed a steady supply of vitamins, fluids, and other essential nutrients to ensure a speedy, healthy recovery). “What are you doing you sow?” She snapped. “Where is doctor Perez?”

Mara mustered her best phony smile - “Sorry to wake you miss, but Doctor Perez was busy and wanted me to stop down and clean out your IV apparatus. We want to make sure you stay in tip-top shape!”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Get out of here so I can get some rest.” Mara complied (with a unseen grin), and waddled out of the room. Emma drifted back into a restful slumber, listening to the soft drip of her IV which she had become accustomed to over the last few weeks. What she didn’t notice, however, were the adhesive marks on the outside of the IV bag where the labels had been removed, or the steady flow of calories that were slowly working their way through her slim little body.


A couple weeks later, Emma awoke from her daily nap (which was becoming a more frequent, and lengthy occurance), and yawned contently, looking around the room. “God,” she thought to herself. She had been so tired lately! Well, in her defense, it was hard to stay terribly upbeat after this long in a bed, and she would have plenty of time for being “active” once she got back to the states. As she turned to the side of the bed to grab her comb, she felt an awkward, unusual feeling coming from her waistline. Pulling up the covers slightly, she realized why. In this light, she was starting to look a little chubby down there! She was far from fat (especially compared to that porker Mara, who seemed to be bringing her fat face around far too often the past few weeks, she thought to herself with a smug laugh), but the complete lack of exercise appeared to be finally taking a slight toll on her petite form. A small layer of fat appeared to be forming around her waist, and although she didn’t have the heart to look, she was sure she could feel her formerly toned bottom spreading just a touch wider across the bed sheets than she remembered from her first day in the hospital. Well, Emma thought, Doctor Perez promised they were taking every step possible to ensure she would stay in as good of shape as humanly possible - maybe she should have expected this to some extent. Although, she thought, Perez hadn’t been around much lately (he seemed to have passed along most of her care-taking duties to Mara). “Oh well,” she mused, pulling the cover back up over her slightly expanded form.

No use fretting about it, thought Emma, reaching over to grab one of the cookies that Mara had left there last night. She chewed contently - if anyone deserved a little break from exercise, it was certainly her.


Some three weeks later, Mara quietly crept into Emma’s room at 3 in the morning, both to replace her “vitamin drip”, and leave a new batch of chocolate chip cookies for her little patient. She moved softly around Emma, and froze when she stirred in her bed, the slight motion displacing her covers, and completely exposing her body to the moonlight pouring through the window. Mara could hardly believe her eyes - Emma was actually getting chubby!

Close to 5,000 additional calories had been coursing through Emma’s veins daily for the past month and a half (along with the steady supplies of cookies and cake, which Emma seemed to be growing much less “resistant” to), and her athletic form was finally showing the strains. Her formerly rock hard abdomen had completely disappeared under a soft roll of fat (make that two rolls, Mara thought), and had begun to creep over her panties towards her thighs. Those thighs had seen better days as well, she thought. Formerly toned and tan, the barrage of calories, and completely lack of sunlight, had left them bloated and pale, softly pushing against one another. She couldn’t get a good look at her ass (The extra weight from her belly and thighs had pushed it securely into the bed cushion below), but her entire lower body had definitely taken on an exaggerated, pear-like shape. Before she could get a better look at her patient, Emma stirred again, a slight double chin forming as she yawned herself awake. But Mara was already gone as she looked around the room, reaching over to grab another cookie before quietly falling asleep once again.


Two weeks later, Mara hummed happily to herself as she walked into Emma’s room. She had taken a brief vacation from her work (a fellow staff member had assured her she would take care of Emma’s IV and keep her well “nourished” in her absence). As she glanced at Emma, her jaw dropped.

There she sat, munching on a cookie, with crumbs and frosting stains all over her bedspread. The “chubby” phase had passed by quicker than Mara expected - Emma was on the verge of full fledged fatness. Her formerly angular, model quality features had all but disappeared. That hint of a second chin had been replaced by a flashing neon sign - her doughy jowls jiggled in unison as she munched through the tasty treats that Elisa had left the night before. She looked downright piggy, Mara thought to herself with a smug grin. Her toned upper arms had vanished, buried under soft layers of flab that were threatening to roll over her elbows. And that oversized dressing gown she had received on her first day at the hospital was looking like it’s days were numbered as well - Her flabby belly rolled out over her plump thighs, pushing the gown apart at the waist. She must have gained 70 pounds in the last 2 months, Mara thought excitedly.

“Well looks who’s up and around,” Mara chimed in a cheerful voice. Emma turned to her, and her chubby cheeks flushed red with shame as she set the rest of the cookie back onto the plate.

“Leave me alone, you sow,” Emma exclaimed angrily. “Isn’t there something else you need to be doing other than bothering me??”

“Well, I had stopped by to check if you were hungry, but from the looks of things you’ve already taken care of that for today,” Mara snapped back with a grin.

Emma stammered - “That’s it! I may have gained a few pounds, but I certainly don’t need to be hearing about it from a fat pig like you! And what the hell is with this vitamin solution - Elisa forgot to refill it yesterday, maybe if you were taking care of your job instead of feeding your fat face I wouldn’t be in this condition!”

“As a matter of fact, you need to up the dosage on that. Two bags a day ought to do the trick,” she snapped at her. Glancing over at the cookies, her tubby stomach began to growl. Maybe two wasn’t enough….she didn’t want to have to starve herself to death…maybe she could balance things out with the solution, she thought.

“Make it 3!”

Mara smiled sarcastically in her direction. “Ask, and you shall receive, princess.” As she walked around the bed to put in a fresh bag of the “vitamins”, she noticed just how flabby Emma’s legs had gotten. Cellulite had declared war on her formerly toned limbs, and even her calves had begun to regress - lord, they looked about the size her thighs used to be, Mara thought to herself.

This was turning into the best summer ever.
The weeks seemed to fly by for Mara as summer drew to a close. She was doing so well at the hospital that Doctor Perez had given her full control over Emma’s “treatment”, and she was taking full advantage of it. She looked at the hastily scribbled note that Perez had left her:

Mara - please check downstairs if we have a larger gown for Emma….she seems have completely outgrown her old one. Such a shame she can’t seem to leave the sweets alone….that girl seriously needs to exercise a little self control.

Mara beamed, and strolled into Emma’s room with the gown.

“Hey there piggy!” She cooed in Emma’s direction. “How’s it going today?”

Emma didn’t even turn to look at her. She quietly chewed on the last of yesterday’s cookies, vacantly staring out the window. The last two months had sealed her fate - she was looking like a full blown blimp these days.

Her double chin now sagged halfway down her neck, resting on her necklace (which looked more like a choker, Mara thought inwardly). Her formerly athletic breasts sagged onto her massive belly - the rolls of which had finally overpowered her undersized nighgown, covering her skin-tight panties completely.

“Let’s get you out of bed for a minute - gotta get you into a larger nightgown - doctor’s orders,” Mara chimed smugly. Emma gazed at her, and quietly rolled out of bed. Mara hadn’t seen her stand in over 4 months, and boy was it worth the wait.

Her toned, tight ass and thighs had vanished under wave after wave of cellulite and flab. Her massive thighs brushed against each other as she slowly waddled over to Mara and took the gown from her hands with her chubby fingers. As she turned to go into the dressing room, Mara finally got a head on shot of that ass. It had easily doubled in size, and was now riddled with dimply cellulite and bright red stretch marks. As she plodded heavily into the other room, Mara noticed with glee that those porky thighs had begun to roll over her knees onto her calves. Love handles the size of tractor tires completed the picture, jiggling heavily with each awkward step she took.

“Well we head back to Michigan tomorrow - aren’t you excited?”, Mara queried cheerfully. “Don’t worry - I’ve called all your friends and family for your grand return - I’m sure they’ll all be curious to see how well you’ve ‘recovered‘”.

With that, Emma stopped in her tracks. She turned to Mara and opened her mouth to say something, but no words would come. Her eyes welled up with tears as she trudged into the other room. She came back out minutes later, with a pathetic look on her fat little face. “It’s not big enough,” she said softly.

Mara chuckled to herself. “Well I’ll have to go downstairs and see what I can find for you then, Pumpkin! You should really watch those sweets….they have a tendency to wreak havoc on a girl’s figure - but I guess I don’t need to remind you of that.”

With that, Emma waddled back to the bed, and threw herself heavily onto the cushion, her whole body jiggling softy, and tears streaming down her face.

She watched as Mara triumphantly exited the room. She didn’t look that fat at all, anymore, Emma thought glumly. She reached for the cookie with her chubby hands…..No use pretending anymore.

This had been the worst summer ever.
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Matt L. » Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:01 pm

This is without a doubt one of the finest weight gain stories ever written. Thing is, there was a pair of sequels written, would anyone have them?
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby buzzy » Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:13 pm

Would love to see a sequel following Emma's return to Michigan, but I've never seen one.
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

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Part 2

The alarm rang the next morning, stirring Emma from her sleep. She slowly rolled out of bed,
and plodded heavily into the bathroom. Today was the day, she thought glumly. She clicked
on the light, and gazed sadly into the mirror.

Staring back at her was a image she had never contemplated. Her face was unrecognizable -
from the prominent double and triple chin that sagged onto her neck, to the puffy, jowly
cheeks that accompanied them. But that wasn’t the worst of it, she thought as she scanned
down the rest of her body. From the neck down, her figure simply exploded. Her once perky,
athletic breasts had ballooned into a set of sagging udders - she had gone from a firm C cup to
at least a bloated Double D in 4 short months. Her belly was now the prominent feature of her
body though, as the 3 large rolls flowed over her waist band, and sagged to mid-thigh. Tears
brimming in her eyes, she slowly turned around to look at her once flawless ass - it was now
at least 60 inches around, and sagged depressingly low and wide onto her cellulite ridden

The scale sat in the corner of the room. Taunting her. She hadn’t ventured near it in at least 2
months, but now she had to know. She waddled over, and grunted with the exertion, her soft
belly getting in the way as she leaned down and placed it in the center of the room. The metal
top squeaked in protest as she slowly stepped on, and with her heart in her stomach, she
looked down at the electronic display.

340 pounds.

She almost fainted right then and there. “Oh my god…..” Emma gasped. She had tripled her
weight in just 16 weeks. How could this be possible, she wondered as her stomach growled,
as if to answer her question. Her head spun as she stepped off, and plodded back into the
room. She let herself drop onto the bed with a heavy thud, and felt the cushion and springs
straining beneath her now massive frame.

Just then, Mara walked into the room.

“Hey there, porky!” she exclaimed happily. Emma just stared at her blankly, still in shock
over her current situation. “Plane takes off in 2 hours, we have to get going here.”
A male nurse came into the room behind her, pushing a wheelchair in front of him. “Hospital
regulations,” stated Mara. “You’ll have to ride that down to the cab. Fitting that were rolling
you out of here,” she snapped smugly.

Emma just gasped at her. How could the tables have turned, she wondered to herself. 4
months ago, this fatass in front of her wouldn’t have dared spoken in her presence. Now she
was belittling her. But as Emma gazed down at her giant belly, and meekly looked up at
Mara, she couldn’t think of a single thing to say in her defense. Mara was right - she was a
disgusting pig.

Sweat beads rolled down Emma’s chubby cheeks as she forced her bulk into a standing
position and walked over to the wheelchair. She noticed the look of disgust on the young
man’s face as she slowly turned around, and fell into the chair. Almost. Her massive hips and
ass were now wedged firmly against the armrests, several inches of soft flab rolling out over
each side of the chair. “Jesus,” said the nurse. “I’ll get a couple of other medics down here
and see if we can’t grease that up and get you out of there”.

With that he walked out, leaving her with Mara, who grinned at her. “Feels shitty, doesn’t it,
piggy”, she said. “Maybe you’ll think twice before you make fun of the school fat girl
anymore. Oh wait - you ARE the school fat girl now, aren’t you”.

And with that, Mara turned and left the room, leaving Emma wedged halfway into the
wheelchair, tears streaming down her chubby red cheeks. But as she tried in vain to free
herself, she realized that the worst was yet to come.

The jetliner touched down in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 5:00, and as it taxied into the
terminal, Emma pondered her fate, crammed into a pair of coach seats at the back of the
plane. A potential dilemma had been averted shortly before takeoff, when a male passenger
insisted that Emma was going to need two seats if she was on the plane - her now gigantic ass
had flowed completely over the armrest when she took her seat and knocked over his drink.
Emma had sat there mortified while the flight attendants moved the gentleman to another seat,
and took down the armrest so Emma could have more room (each butt cheek now took up an
entire seat, so it worked out perfectly, much to Emma’s chagrin).

She quietly waited her turn, then headed up the aisle of the plane, her immense thighs and
corpulent upper arms brushing heavily against both sides of the aisle on her way. After
receiving a reproachful look from the pilot, (who muttered “she needs to lay off the cake”
under his breath as she passed), Emma swallowed hard, and walked into the waiting area.
She heard murmurs as she approached the door way, and as she turned the corner, the moment
she had been dreading finally had arrived.

“WELCOME BACK, EMMA!!!”, read the huge banner held up by her girlfriends on the
cheerleading team, flanked on both sides by Emma’s parents, sister, boyfriend, and other
close relatives. She walked through the door, her massive hips brushing against the frame, and
headed in their direction with her head down.

She saw the puzzled looks on the cheerleaders faces, and then heard them say in near unison,
“oh my god…”

“Hey guys,” she said softly.

The jaw of Ashlee Parker, the captain of the team, dropped wide open. “Emma??? Is that
really you????” she stammered. “What happened to you?”

“Well, I was in bed for so long, and you know….” Emma started to say, nervously shifting
her prodigious weight from foot to foot. She looked down, and noticed that her overloaded
belly had slipped out from beneath the XXXL sweatshirt she had purchased before she left,
exposing bright red stretch marks, and drooping over the elastic waistband of her jumbo
sweatpants. She heard snickering coming from one of the cheerleaders and her chubby cheeks
turned scarlet red.

“OK guys, party’s over,” shouted out Emma’s mother, whose face was as white as the tank
top she had worn, showing off her toned upper arms and firm breasts. Emma turned to her
boyfriend, Matt, but he quickly averted his gaze, muttered out, “well I’ll see you around…”,
and headed for the exit.

Her little sister ran over, with a perplexed look on her face and gave her a hug. Or she would
have hugged her if she could have gotten her arms around Emma’s now sizeable body. “Hey
sis….”, she finally blurted out. “I take it the food was ok?”, she said, trying to force a smile
Emma’s head dropped, and she saw her mother shoot a dirty look at her little sister. “OK, let’s
get going here,” her Mom announced, and the family headed for the doors. Emma sighed, and
dutifully waddled after them, hoping they didn’t hear the telltale rumblings coming from her
massive belly.


4 months later, on a dreary December morning, Emma’s alarm clock sounded. Groggily, she
opened her eyes and swung her hand over to shut it off, her corpulent upper arm jiggling and
swaying with the effort. As she began the lengthy process of rolling herself into a sitting
position and out of bed, she noticed the clutter of candy wrappers and empty potato chip bags
covering her bedspread from the night before. They fell to the ground with a rustle, as she
swung her immense, flabby thighs over the side of the bed and stood up with a heavy thud.
Grand intentions of getting back in shape (which were initially fueled by a desire to get back
at Mara) had fallen by the wayside only days after her return. The road back to thin was just
too long, and she didn’t have an ounce of energy left in her flabby body. She was amazed how
quickly she had assumed the persona which, 8 months ago, she would have expected from a
chubby loser like Mara. She instantly had become an outcast among her friends (a few of
them stopped by the next day to try and cheer her up - bringing boxes of chocolate might not
have been the wisest move, in retrospect), and an embarrassment to her family. Even her
sister, who she used to poke fun at over her “weight problem” and learned to avoid being seen
with her in public, to avoid the stares and disdainful chuckles which were never far away. Her
mother was simply crushed - her popular little cheerleader (whom she was attempting to live
vicariously through) reduced (or is it “enlarged”) to the biggest, fattest joke at her school. At
first she prodded Emma to go away to a “fat camp” but it was no use. Emma had become a
recluse, hesitant to leave her room, let alone the house.

And with that self-imposed isolation, she found solace in only one thing. Food. And her
weight had continued to skyrocket (though at a much more controlled rate than during her
“treatment“). The last time she stepped on a scale a month ago, it had spun frantically, coming
to a dead stop at the upper limit. 450 pounds. She had vowed that day to never weigh herself
again, which wouldn’t be much of a problem unless she happened to come across an
industrial farm scale.

Once the spitting image of a glamorous, rich debutante, she now resembled a white trash
queen from a Jerry Springer “Fat girls” episode. A single thigh was now much larger in
diameter than her hips had been just under a year ago. It was impossible for her to walk
without a slow, laboring waddle, and she probably wasn’t far away from the day when even
that would be impossible. The bloated layers of flab and cellulite met each other all the way
down to her knees, and rolled out over her meaty calves. Even her feet were a supersized
version of their former selves, as she had learned that “cankles” were definitely not an old
wives tale.

Her ass was now at least 80 inches around, making her jean wearing days a sad, distant
memory. As she looked back at her bed cushion, she noticed the prominent indent of that
immense ass was still firmly embedded into the material - a 5 year old boy could have taken a
bath in the indentation if it was filled up with water. However, all this was easily put to shame
by her giant, buddah like belly. Roll after roll of soft flab exploded from what used to be her
waist, the heavy apron of fat sagging over her immense thighs almost to the point of touching
her flabby, dimpled knees. Her breasts were now an unspeakable size, but without a bra (and
she had given up on those months ago) they sagged all the way down to her corpulent love
handles, her giant bloated nipples sadly pointing to the ground.

Her porky upper arms were the size of her former thighs, although any comparison to those
tanned, toned limbs stopped right there. Bright red stretch marks now dominated their pale,
corpulent landscape, as a soft, heavy layer of flap rolled out over her elbows and sagged
towards her chubby forearms, and meaty little hands. Her 4th chin had recently sagged to the
point of touching the upper reaches of her chest - she almost looked like a cartoon fat lady,
with her puffy, flabby cheeks drooping towards her heavy shoulders, and pimples erupting
across her shiny forehead, which hadn’t seen the light of day in almost half a year now.
Slowly, she lumbered over to her closet, and pulled out a pair of XXXXL sweatpants that her
mother had been able to find at a 70 year old lady’s garage sale. Today horrified her perhaps
more than any day of her life - her Mom had vowed to take her out clothing shopping, as
second semester started at school tomorrow, and she had no choice but to return if she wanted
to graduate.

Emma’s chubby cheeks flushed red as she thought of all those people seeing her at the mall.
And as she swigged down the remainder of the 2 Liter of Coke she had almost polished off
the night before, she knew deep down that everything was about to come full circle.
“But Mom, I don’t want to!”, Emma whined as her mother tugged on her hand, pulling her
out the front door.

“Tough luck - it’s not my fault you’ve decided to turn yourself into a blimp,” her mom replied
haughtily, as she marched towards the driveway, with Emma plodding heavily behind her.

“You’re going back to school on Monday, like it or not. And you will not be going in

“The mall has one of those…”Lane Bryant” stores,” her Mother said, with a note of disdain in
her voice. “Never thought I’d be going to one, let alone for you, but it appears that’s the only

“But Mom!”, Emma cried again in vain. But it was no use, she realized, as she slowly braced
herself against the top of her Mom’s silver Mercedes, and dropped herself into the bucket seat
with a heavy thud. The car strained in protest, as the shocks squeaked under her now
impressive bulk.

Her mother sat down lightly next to her, and rolled her eyes as she struggled to disengage the
parking brake in the center console, which was firmly wedged under Emma’s flabby ass. She
looked over at her pudgy daughter and sighed to herself. “Well,” she thought, “at least I don’t
have to worry about that expensive wedding now.” She looked down at her toned frame, and
then glanced over at Emma, who was wedged uncomfortably into her seat. Her hips were now
at least 4 feet wide, and flowed over her side of the car, brushing softly against her mother’s
slender arms. Her overloaded belly spilled out in front of her, even touching the leather
dashboard. Her mother smirked inwardly, and backed out of the driveway, the car riding
slowly, and dipping heavily to the right.

10 minutes later, (and after refusing two separate requests by Emma to stop at a fast food
joint), they pulled into the parking lot of the trendy suburban shopping mall. Emma’s mother
stepped out of the car, and then clucked her tongue as Emma began the lengthy process of
pulling her bulk out of the Convertible.

Her mother quickly marched towards the entrance, scanning the lot in hopes of avoiding
running into an acquaintance. Emma, meanwhile, waddled behind her, her bulky thighs
rubbing heavily against each other through her oversized sweatpants. Her chubby cheeks
flushed red from the exertion, and she was completely winded by the time she got to the door.
She stopped for a second, gasping for breath as she leaned down with her hands on her knees.
Her flabby belly promptly rolled out from her baggy sweatshirt, exposing bright red stretch
marks and sagging over her pudgy knees.

A group of young, preppy looking teenage girls walked by, and one of them stopped to gawk
at the vision of overindulgence blocking the doorway.

“Like, oh my god - don’t you have any self-respect?”, one of them snapped at her.

Emma’s cheeks flushed red with shame as she stammered for a reply. “You….you…..” she
managed to spit out, but the girls sped away into the mall, snickering to each other and firing
back dirty looks at her.

She looked at her Mom for support, but received a cold glare in return. “What do you expect
me to say? You ARE a disgrace,” she quipped. “Maybe you need a little embarrassment to
snap you out of this….this….”

With this, Emma began to sniffle sadly, and her Mother cut herself off. “Forget it - lets just
get this over with.”

There stood the sign in big, thick, fat letters. LANE BRYANT.

Emma and her mother approached the entranceway to the store, both with embarrassed looks
on their faces (though for different reasons obviously). They headed in, her mother looking
around curiously, and Emma waddling slowly behind her. She peered around the store,
thinking back to all the jokes she had made about the fat losers who were forced to shop here.
Dozens of chubby young women were browsing the aisles. Some with friends, some with
their mothers, but all of them had one thing in common - they looked downright skinny in

Emma was decked out in a un-matched sweatsuit - at her size, she had been forced to wear
whatever she could find. In this case, it was horizontally striped pants (the manufacturer must
have been playing a cruel joke when he designed those), and a lime green hooded top. Even
through these “baggy” clothes, every flabby roll of Emma’s body could be seen. Her giant ass
jiggled heavily in counter-rhythm to her belly as she plodded through the aisles, scanning the
racks of oversized outfits.

2 rows over, she saw a young girl with her mother. Perhaps 17 years of age, she had a cute
round face, although the scowl on it made it clear how unhappy she was to be in this
particular store. “Look honey,” her mother said cheerfully. “This is a cute outfit - would really
mask your hips.”

Her daughter sighed and looked over at the skirt. Probably in the 220 pound range, she had a
cute, pear shaped figure, with small, flabby breasts that paled in comparison to her bulky ass
and hips (one of god’s little jokes). “I need to go on a diet,” she stated out of nowhere.
“Oh honey,” her mom clucked. “You don’t look that bad…it could be worse.” With that, her
mother nodded her head towards Emma, who was holding up tent dresses to her massive
body, putting them back in succession and looking for larger sizes.

“Yeah, the poor thing,” her daughter said glumly. “She must have some sort of glandular

Meanwhile, Emma was growing increasingly frustrated. “What the hell,” she whined. “Why
can’t I find anything that fits?”

Her mother came around the corner, and shot a disdainful look at her. “We’ll have to go up
and have you measured,” she said. “We must be in the wrong section.”

They headed over to the sales counter, where a chubby young woman sat reading a magazine.
“Hey guys,” she said with a chipper tone in her voice. “Can I help you?”

Emma’s mother rolled her eyes, and motioned towards Emma, who had found a candy
machine near the door and was fishing through her pockets for loose change. “My daughter
has….recently put on some weight,” She finally got out. “We need to figure out her size so
we can get some back-to-school clothes.”

The salesgirl looked over at Emma’s corpulent frame, and a sympathetic look fell over her
face. Emma headed back towards them, happily chewing on a mouthful of candy. Her chubby
cheeks and jowls jiggled in unison as she approached the counter - but the smile quickly faded
as she saw the reproachful look on her mothers face.

“What did I tell you about eating candy?”, her mother barked at her. A look of shame fell over
Emma’s face, as she quickly reverted into the submissive, shy persona that she had adopted
over the past few months. Sniffling, she swallowed the last of the candy and waddled over to
her mom’s side, her head pointing to the ground.

The salesgirl cleared her throat, and said in a voice that could be heard throughout the store,
“Well Miss, we only carry up to size 32. I’m afraid your daughter is what we would

She looked at Emma, and scanned down her body with a knowing look on her face. “Maybe
you guys could try shopping online? I know of a few sites that have really cute Muumuus…”
Emma’s mother laughed out loud, and composed herself. “Thank you very much, young lady.
We appreciate the help.”

She grabbed Emma by her flabby forearm, and marched out of the store. “I hope you’re happy
with yourself,” she barked at Emma. “Too fat for Lane Bryant.”

But Emma didn’t even hear her. She was too busy gazing vacantly in the direction of the
Cinnabon Shop to their left. Her mother looked at Emma, and heard the growling coming
from her massive belly. Throwing her hands in the air, they made a U-turn and headed back to
the food court.

Happily plodding up to the counter, Emma’s face beamed as she looked over the menu. “Two
large cinnamon rolls with extra icing, please”
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Matt L. » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:51 am

Hello Talon Drone, Thank you for posting the second part of Bed Ridden. I really appreciate it.
Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Talon Drone » Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:16 am

My pleasure, Matt. It's been on my hard drive forever. I don't even remember where I downloaded it from. If there's a part three floating around someplace, I'd sure like to read it.
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Matt L. » Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:15 pm

Hey Talon Drone,
I did read somewhere that the author did write a 3rd part but never put it on line but shared it upon request through e-mail. I do know that he was flirting with the thought of Emma's mom gaining weight.

Reading about Emma's first day back at school would be quite entertaining. Some of her friends acknowledging her, though more in the manner of an acquaintance rather than close friend, while some of her other friends would probably exchange catty dialogue over her weight gain and appearance.

The new students at school who aren't familiar with the slender / popular version of Emma would probably treat her like a pariah, the more superficial females would ridicule her.

Eventually Emma would settle with a new batch of friends, the same type of females she used to look down upon would welcome her as one of their own. All of them chubby, though Emma would positively stand out as heaviest of them all.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Junketh71 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:37 pm

That was a very nice story. Thanks for posting it, and a special thanks for the second part!
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby buzzy » Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:48 pm

Glad to see there was a second part after all, I had never read it.
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Re: “BED RIDDEN” By Kid A [XWG, Revenge]

Postby Lyssa » Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:38 pm

I really like this story, a shame that the writer didn't continue it.
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