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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:20 am

Thanks very much

But just to clarify - the last two parts were the same “day” - I.e. there was a number on the mirror.
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby Matt L. » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:42 pm

Sorry I missed that, thanks for correcting me.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby champ » Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:58 pm

So good! Happy to see you update frequently. Keep up the great work!
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:36 am

champ wrote:So good! Happy to see you update frequently. Keep up the great work!

ty. Had to take a little mental breather lest I rush through the rest of this - but I’ll be back at it soon. I have the rest drafted in my head, more by early next week.
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Re: Russian Doll - By Kid A (XWG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby kid a » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:11 am

Part 6

From there on out, Daphne was firmly trapped in the vortex. Doomed to repeat the same fateful day over and over. And waking up even fatter with each successive iteration.

She struggled mightily from the unending mental strain, not to mention the rapid deterioration of her physical condition. Even when Daphne was relatively slim she had battled a nagging sweet tooth, but as she moved into the morbidly obese category it became a full blown food addiction.

She did try to fight it, forming a logical (and well tested...) hypothesis that the extent to which she pigged out on a given day was somehow being multiplied into her past life and actions. It was as if inhaling that extra pint of fattening ice cream just before she passed out the couch was translated to an additional six months of gluttony in her teen years. And she wore the results in layer after layer of blubber that next morning when she awoke yet again to Britney’s greatest hit.

To be sure, there were moments when Daphne nearly lost her mind completely. As she watched Mora continue to shrink in comparison, she finally came to the alarming suspicion that her roommate had somehow cast a spell on the two of them. Confronting Mora in her ever fattened state did no good; so one evening she went ballistic and in a fit of rage called the authorities with her bizarre accusations.

It should come as no surprise that when the police arrived at the door to find a disheveled and massively overweight woman ranting and raving about witches, alternate universes and evil, robotic insects buzzing about...they were none too amused. A night locked up in the local psychiatric ward, listening to the nightmarish screams and bellowing of her fellow wards of the state was enough to prevent poor Daphne from making that particular miscalculation again.

The next morning she was almost relieved to wake up in her bed to the same old song, and didn’t even consider turning down the huge platter of pancakes, sausage and eggs that Mora had made for her before heading off to the gym. The food was delicious - and compared to the cold, stained and uncomfortable mattress she had slept on the previous night, feeling her enormous ass sink into that big soft couch felt pretty good all things considered.

After that, she became numb to it for a time and even began to abandon hope. So it was one morning, countless days into the cycle that she awoke at noon to the sound of nothing. Not her alarm clock, not a buzzing fly..just silence.

She had overslept all of that by a long shot. But as she tried to roll her fat body off the bed, she immediately knew she had gained a substantial amount of additional weight overnight. And there was no chance in hell that she had escaped the curse.

After a few failed attempts, she lurched into a standing position next to her bed. Her huge belly sagged down heavily in a cascade of blubber, swaying side to side and brushing against her knees as she waddled into the bathroom. Her hips nearly touched the doorframe as she entered and after holding her breath, turned on the light.

She was getting used to seeing herself VERY fat, so although the shock factor was somewhat diminished at this point, she was still alarmed by how huge she looked this morning. That belly now had 3 large and identifiable rolls. At the point where they diverged from her huge hips and ass, creases and bright red stretch marks flared in all directions as her skin attempted to accommodate the untold amounts of fat now packed within its distressed confines.

She noticed with dismay that her lower belly roll now had the true hallmark of a confirmed SSBBW. An inverted notch had formed at the bottom of the huge loaf of blubber, directly below her distended and almost hidden belly button. She grabbed the roll of fat with both hands and fingered her newfound “belly cleavage” in amazement before letting it drop heavily against her massive thighs, jiggling and settling into place.

Daphne had 3 sizeable chins on that fat face of hers. They were now a permanent fixture, clear as day no matter what fat girl pose “sleight of hand” she attempted. Down below, the growth of her upper body had slowed a bit in comparison to the extreme pear proportions of her belly, ass and thighs. But her tits were large and saggy nonetheless, laying atop her rotund belly and pressing uncomfortably into huge, fat upper arms that rolled well over her dimpled elbows.

She was so mesmerized by her enormous proportions that for a moment she didn’t notice the huge purple number beckoning her from the bathroom mirror. Catching the image from the corner of her eye, she looked up and recoiled.


Daphne sighed in defeat. It was hard to keep track at this point, but that was definitely 50 pounds higher than the last time. Struggling to get a fat arm behind her, she scratched her gigantic ass for a moment before turning off the light and making the daily walk of shame into the living room.


“Well well well...” Mora called out from the kitchen as Daphne lined up her wide, fat ass with the couch and sat down, the springs creaking loudly in protest.

“The piggy princess awakes!!”

Daphne rolled her eyes; she couldn’t stand being called that, but recent attempts to correct Mora on her rude comments had been unsuccessful. As her roommate had continued to shed the pounds, she had grown more dominant and forceful, especially when met with verbal resistance - and the bullying could be just too much to take for a fat girl like Daphne.

So she had found it was best to turn the other cheek and hope for the best. She looked up at Mora submissively from her customary place on the couch and sighed. “I’m sorry about my mess,” she said timidly as she looked past her bulging belly and bloated thighs to the scattered ice cream containers and cookie crumbs on the floor.

Mora stood before her for a moment and Daphne was awestruck by the inverse transformation of her once fat companion. Now close to 160 pounds, Mora was a lean and mean presence, especially at her height.

She looked down at Daphne will unbridled disdain and kicked one of the empty gallons of ice cream towards the garbage can nearby. “It’s OK pumpkin - I don’t expect much more from you as of late.”

“Honestly I’m amazed you’re up and a-ROUND this early,” she finished with a chuckle, emphasizing the word “round” for obvious reasons.

“You made quite a ruckus in there last night with my friend Scott, eh??”, she asked with a wink.

Daphne gulped - she had come to realize that in this new reality, the concept of “yesterday” was something alien. It shifted each morning to mesh with her new state and bodily dimensions. And in this case, involved going to sleep the night before weighing 475 pounds. And doing LORD knows what.

She had never heard of this Scott before. With trepidation and a dry mouth, she probed Mora for details. “Oh yeah, Scott,” she replied timidly. “We did have fun...he seems....nice?”

Mora burst into laughter. “Nice?!?!?! Well I guess we see that word differently...for me, nice doesn’t involve being force-fed a gallon of Scott’s world famous Weight Gain Shake...”

“But I warned you six months ago when you asked for his number. He’s a feeder, Daphne, so really you are only getting what you signed up for.”

Mora clucked her tongue as she looked over Daphne’s huge body. “What do you weigh now anyways...400 pounds??”

Daphne broke out in a cold sweat, knowing she was already much fatter than Mora’s lofty estimate. “Um yeah,” she mumbled as her enormous belly growled in hunger. “Something like that.”

Mora looked at her in a mix of disbelief and pity. “You’d better watch yourself, girl,” she said with a shrug. “Because I can guarantee you that Scott’s endgame involves this couch being your permanent residence.”
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