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Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

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Part One

“Miss Williams! Get in here!” blasted Harley McLaughlin’s voice through the intercom on Jo Ann’s desk. Not that she really needed it; Jo Ann had heard her from down the hall.

“Damnit all,” she thought. “I had just sat down and it’s taking more energy to get my fat ass up.” With a sigh and a grunt, Jo Ann popped herself back onto her feet to waddle down to McLaughlin’s office. Being twenty-three weeks pregnant and two hundred and nine pounds, she officially considered herself in waddling territory.

Jo Ann lamented how her life had gotten her to this point. Three years ago, she was a fresh community college graduate of just slightly better-than-average GPA and no more desire (or money) to be in school. She had landed the job as a secretary for the law firm Johnson, Peabody, and King, thinking this would be a great learning experience and maybe give her an edge later in life.

Her widened hips brushed against a passerby; an intern with too many books in his face and not enough sense. That contact flushed the idea of an “edge” right from her mind. She had been a moderately thin gal when she started working for the law firm, but a fifty-four-pound gain will take the edge right off anybody. Her new boyfriend, Leo, loved her lusciously chubby body, something her ex (whose name she swore never to repeat) would criticize her for relentlessly. When Leo had weighed her around Christmas (something she had been adamantly avoiding) and found out his girlfriend weighed in at one-ninety, he had gotten so excited he popped a baby in her. Not that she was complaining. Sex with Leo was fantastic. But gaining another nineteen pounds had its ups and downs.

As Jo Ann approached McLaughlin’s door, she tried to give herself a once over, ensuring no fat was visible around her waist between her maternity-style blue blouse that fit her rather well currently and her tight black business skirt that really needed to be put into the back of the closet. She also checked to make sure no crumbs were visible in her cleavage or on her face as best she could. She had just scarfed down a doughnut before McLaughlin called.

Steeling her resolve, Jo Ann pushed open McLaughlin’s oak door. McLaughlin’s office was spacious, as all of the offices of the senior lawyers were. Jo Ann’s former apartment could have probably fit in there. Real oak paneling, luscious gray carpet, and warm earth tones on the walls belied a soothing atmosphere of compassion and order. The idea was to help inspire cooperation and trust between the people in the room.

Too bad the owner of the office was a harpy. Harley McLaughlin sat behind her imposing desk, her thin fingers in the shape of a steeple before her angular face. McLaughlin was in her mid-forties, though the only reason Jo Ann knew was because the firm sends out an email with everyone’s birthday every month. McLaughlin looked ten years older than that though. Her crow’s feet were strong, as were her frown lines. The skin was stretched too tight around her jawline and cheeks, but sagged under the eyes. Her piercing blue eyes held equal parts intelligence, contempt, and displeasure at just about everyone. She had pulled her yellow-blonde hair into a bun so tight that it had to have come from military-training of some kind, though Jo Ann could only guess. Incredibly light streaks of grey could be seen stretching from her temples back into the bun. McLaughlin was wearing a black pantsuit that was crisp and elegant, with a deep red button-up blouse. The color scheme made her look paler and even older. Simple diamond stud earrings pierced each ear and the barest hint of makeup could be seen on McLaughlin’s face.

“Probably just enough foundation to cover up the evil,” Jo Ann thought.

Jo Ann had barely walked in the door before McLaughlin said, “What is this?” Her voice was made of ice and steel, hardened most likely in the pits of Hell itself.

Jo Ann waddled over to the desk, her brain having not a clue what McLaughlin was talking about. “Let me see,” she said as she came up to the desk. Jo Ann was five-five, three inches shorter than McLaughlin, which made it all the worse when McLaughlin was sitting down. The first thing the woman saw was Jo Ann’s hefty bust or bulging middle. Jo Ann had learned to keep herself a respectable distance away, if only to keep the scathing remarks to a minimum.

McLaughlin roughly handed her the paper. Jo Ann blinked at it as she remembered what it was, though she had emailed it. To Human Resources. It was her maternity leave paperwork.

“It’s my maternity leave paperwork,” Jo Ann stated. “I’m going to go on leave soon. To have my baby.”

McLaughlin stared her, then down to her swollen midsection. “I see. I thought you were just getting fatter.”

Jo Ann blushed angrily and she bit back a scathing remark, her hands slipping down unconsciously in front of her belly as if to protect her tiny bundle from the hurtful remark. She had told McLaughlin a week after she found out. “No, ma’am. This isn’t just me anymore.”

McLaughlin narrowed her eyes. “It will be your responsibility to train someone new to handle your responsibilities while you are away. Your form said you would be gone for ten weeks. The firm only allows for eight. Where are you getting the other two?”

“I’ve been saving my PTO, as best as I can.”

“Uh-huh,” grunted McLaughlin. She snapped her fingers and held out her hand for the paper back. Jo Ann gave it back and McLaughlin did a quick squiggle of a signature. “Not a day over, Miss Williams, or you will be in the unemployment line faster than you can say, ‘breach of contract.” Am I clear?”

The fury that had been slowly building in Jo Ann since she walked into the office nearly boiled over, but she got herself under control. If only barely. “Yes. Ma’am.” She handed the paperwork back to McLaughlin to sign.

“Where are my morning reports?”

“Printing as we speak.” There was no point in telling McLaughlin that the ages-old printer had been under repair that morning, which had caused a significant slow down in printing capabilities. McLaughlin did not care about the problems of “the help,” as she so elegantly put one day. She just wanted it done.

“I see. Have them here as soon as possible. I have a dress you need to take to the dry cleaners on your lunch. It is there by the door. I need it back by ASAP. Understood?”

Jo Ann nodded. “Anything else, ma’am?”

“Ray and I have lunch meetings today. See to it lunch gets ordered and is here before the meetings begin. Panera will be fine, you know my standard order. Check with Ray, see what he wants.”

Jo Ann groaned on the inside. Raymond “Ray” Johnson was a middle-aged man with a thinning hairline, a huge paunchy middle, and a perverse attitude towards the secretaries. In the time Jo Ann has been with the firm, Johnson had gone through eight secretaries. She knew that three of them had quit because he would not keep his hands to himself and the last one, Heather Jones, had quit under suspicious and sudden circumstances. All of them, every single one, had gained a noticeable amount of weight while they were with the firm. Human Resources could not touch him without someone coming forward though, so he remained with the firm. But, after Heather disappeared almost a year ago, they (though Jo Ann was pretty sure it was the other two partners) put a freeze on his hiring ability. He had been without a secretary since.

“I’ll ask him.”

McLaughlin gave Jo Ann another critical look. “See that you do. Now go, you have work to do.”

Jo Ann nodded again and turned to go out. She got two steps away from McLaughlin before the old harpy hissed. “Miss Williams, I can see the color of your underwear on your fat ass through the hole in your skirt. Get that rectified immediately or I will write you up for unprofessional wear. Am I clear?”

Jo Ann mentally cussed herself out. She had noticed something this morning when she lowered herself into her car, but she had hoped it was the springs or something else related to the seat. But, no, she had torn a damn hole in her skirt and then showed it to her evil boss. Her face flushed with embarrassment. “Why didn’t I wear black panties today?” she thought.

“Yes, right away.” She hustled as quickly as she could, her chubby thighs slapping against one another. She grabbed the dress in its opaque bag that was on the coat rack by the door on her way out, then stormed back down the hall to her desk.

She threw the dress onto her desk and started angrily muttering under her breath as she prepared to leave. Her neighbor, Bev Nichols, saw Jo Ann’s cross mood. Bev was an African-American woman in her forties with the beginning of a streak of gray at her widow’s peak. She was comfortably overweight at around two hundred and sixty-six pounds, most of which was centered around her hips and belly. She was wearing a loose dress made of a silky material. It was covered in psychedelic colors and patterns.

“The old harpy again?” she asked. She had voice that glided over the ears like southern honey.

“I hate that old bitch,” Jo Ann half-whispered. “She has no heart. I wish… gah! I wish she would just understand how hard life is for us. Would certainly humble the hell out of her, that’s for sure.”

“You really want that?” Bev asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“I’d give just about anything for her to live a life like our’s, yeah.”

Bev nodded, then handed her a card. “Take her dress to this dry cleaner, they’ll help you.”

A look of complete puzzlement and disbelief came across Jo Ann’s chubby features. “Bev, there’s no such thing as magic.”

Bev’s brown eyes twinkled. “What’s that line, ‘there’s more things in heaven or earth?’”

Jo Ann scoffed, but she took the card. She mentioned that the lunches needed to be ordered for Johnson and McLaughlin to Bev, then headed off to this mysterious dry cleaner. And to buy a new skirt.

Twenty minutes later, Jo Ann pulled her much-abused Honda Civic into the little strip mall that the dry cleaner was located at. It was not in the city proper and it was not in the best part of the suburbs. There were only a few shops in the little mall left; a cheap donut place at the corner of the building, a consignment store, and the cleaners. The rest were either boarded up or had “For Lease” signs in their dirty windows.

Jo Ann stared up at the store’s name. It was on a one-piece sign, with red lettering on an off-white background. It read “Fat So’s Tailor and Cleaner Services.” There was the image of a fat, smiling face next to the words in a Chinese-inspired painting. Jo Ann shook her head, both at the name of the place and the fact she was even there. But, if even a part of what Bev said this place could do was true, she really wanted to find out.

Grabbing the business dress and her purse from her passenger seat, she hauled herself up out of her low car. “If I keep getting bigger, this thing is going to be a pain in my ever-growing ass,” Jo Ann thought. She bumped her door closed with a well-padded hip and waddled on inside.

She was greeted to smell of cleaning chemicals as soon as she came inside. It was not so pungent that she felt she needed to worry about passing out from lack of oxygen, but there was no mistaking this place for anything other than a dry-cleaners. For its location, the front-end was kept very clean and tidy. It had an almost welcoming aura to it. The metal counter was shiny and rust-free, the cheap linoleum was waxed and polished, even the two lazily circling ceiling fans were dust-free. There was a wide path that led into the back, lined in clothing bags that were either awaiting pick up or to be worked on. Off to Jo Ann’s left was set of double doors.

What Jo Ann really noticed was the huge woman behind the counter. She was wearing a multi-colored muumuu that fit her billowy frame quite well. She had distinctly Asian features, most likely Chinese. Long, silky black hair framed a round, moon-shaped face with cheeks that bulged so much they narrowed her dark, almond-shaped eyes. She had deep dimples around her plump lips. It gave her the appearance of always smiling and looked very reminiscent of the store’s logo. Her neck was a bulging collar of pale flesh beneath her face. She had huge shoulders lead down to hefty upper arms and plump, dainty hands. Twin mounds of flesh, each one as big as an over-ripe watermelon sprawled out atop the slope of a massive paunch that disappeared behind the counter. Jo Ann could only image the size of the woman’s hips and thighs. She shuttered as the idea of herself taking up that much space crossed her mind.

Spread out before the woman were half a dozen boxes of donuts from the place down the row. Each box still had several donuts in them, but none were full. She was happily munching on a strawberry glaze as Jo Ann crossed the threshold. Jo Ann had two inclinations; first, that the donut place and this place were tight, and second, that the donuts were probably this woman’s breakfast. Maybe even a light snack.

“Welcome!” boomed the woman, her Chinese accent apparent but not thick. Her voice matched her size. “I’m Sing So, the proprietor’s wife, and welcome to Fat So’s! What can we do for you today?”

“I…” Jo Ann’s voice caught in her throat as she looked at the immense Sing. She was hard pressed to remember a time she ever seen a woman so large in person. The encounter was throwing her game off.

Sing chuckled. “It’s alright, sweetie, I don’t eat people. You don’t get to six-hundred and nineteen pounds on rabbit food, though.” She slapped her belly as she said that and devoured the donut in her hand.

With that piece of knowledge in hand, Jo Ann suddenly felt galvanized to speak again. “I was recommended this place for a special job. By Bev Nichols.”

Sing’s constantly smiling face broke out into an even wider grin. “Ahh… Bev is great customer. One of our first’s. Who do you need altered?”

Jo Ann finally approached the counter and set the dress down. “This is my boss’s. She’s never been particularly nice since basically the day I started working for her, but as I put on weight and then got pregnant, she’s been a true harpy. I want her to know what my life is like, how hard it is being young, chubby, an un-wed mom-to-be, and thought stupider than you are. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if she actually got a little dumber. Not like handicapped or anything, but just average.”

As her emotions got riled up talking about McLaughlin, her stomach gurgled loudly and she was hit with a wave of hunger. It had been one of her coping mechanisms, to eat her problems away, which contributed to her ballooning weight. Without prompting, Sing handed Jo Ann a chocolate glaze. “Here you go, sweetie. I’ll take care of it. So, how old is this woman?”

Jo Ann thought. “Mid-forties? I don’t know her exact age, but I’d guess somewhere around forty-five.”

“Well, the most I can shave off a person is twenty years. That acceptable?”

Jo Ann blinked. She was not sure why she suddenly believed the fat China woman, but some part of her knew Sing was telling the truth. “Yeah, twenty years younger would put her within a year or two of myself, one way or another. I’m twenty-four.”

Sing nodded. “So, technically that’s a boon, to make someone younger. And with as much younger as you’re planning to make her, that earns you two free changes. So, how fat do you want her to be?”

Jo Ann was munching on the donut and had missed the part about boons and changes. She only heard the question. “Well…” she said, and her gaze shifted down to the dress on the counter. “This dress is a size two. Tack another two on it. I’m like an eighteen,” she half-heartily lied. She knew she was pushing the bounds of eighteen, as evident by the widening hole in her skirt. A thought crossed her mind. “Can you make it so her weight gain favors her ass? I’m so sick of her mocking mine.”

“Sure, honey, not a problem. One pear-shaped lady, coming up,” chortled Sing.

“Oh, but don’t short-change her up top. Like D-cup, or something. She’s kind of flat now and I want her to experience it all, you know?” She waved a hand around her own large body to indicate.

Sing nodded. “And you want her pregnant? Like you?” She handed Jo Ann another donut, which she happily munched on.

“Yeph,” Jo Ann said from around a mouthful of Boston cream. “Twenty-something weeks, if possible.” She idly scratched at her own pregnant bulge, little noticing the strip of white flesh that was beginning to peek out between the hem of her tightening blouse and the waistband of her skirt, which was starting to dig into her hips even more noticably.

Sing nodded again. “And, lastly, you want her dumber. What are we talking here?”

Jo Ann thought as she munched through the delicious donut. “I want her to work as a secretary, just like me, but where I have seniority over her. Average intelligence and maybe just a little ditzy, but still competent.”

Sing nodded appreciatively. “That is awfully nice of you. Most people go for ‘drooling and submissive.’ You’re different and I like that.” Sing handed her a third donut, a maple-coated Long John.

Jo Ann smiled as she accepted it. “I just want her to understand how hard my life is, you know? That doesn’t mean I need to get nasty about it.” As she bit into it, she noted her chest was feeling cramped in her blouse and her sleeves were biting into her upper arms. Her belly was getting big enough to touch the counter.

“How much is al-“ Jo Ann started to ask, when suddenly there was a tearing sound and she felt a draft across her buttocks. The slowly growing hole had ripped from the pressure of her expanding derriere into a six-inch long tear, exposing her bright red panties and pale, cellulite-covered ass.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “I needed to buy a new skirt before work. What am I going to do now?!”

Sing just handed Jo Ann another donut. “Go through those doors and pick something out, dearie. On the house, of course.” With that, the big woman started to rock her body back and forth. On the fourth swing, she hauled her mountainous body up on to her feet. Sing was about tall standing as she was sitting. “This…” she huffed, “will be… done… by the time… huff… you get… dressed.” Sing picked up the dress and shuffled on down the aisle.

Jo Ann could only look on in shock. Sing’s posterior was, simply put, huge. She watched as the two hemispheres of fat rolled and undulated with every shuffled step. A sudden breeze reminded Jo Ann that she was standing in the lobby with a massive tear in her skirt, exposing her own large rear. She quickly waddled her way into the side room.

The room was packed with clothes, most likely items that had been forgotten by their owners. “Or outgrew,” she thought. One of the Sings liked to keep things organized, as the racks were labeled based on gender and size. With a sigh, Jo Ann headed for the twenties as she polished off her fourth donut. Stripping out of her ruined skirt, she marveled that it had lasted this long. Peeling out of the blouse showed that at some point, she had blown a hole in both armpits. Hefting up her breasts, she was surprised it had not happened sooner.

“Damn, I really have turned into a big girl,” she thought.

It took her a while to find something and nothing made her more impatient than standing around in nothing but her skivvies. Nothing Sing had was maternal, so that threw out the two-piece options. If they got big enough to fit her pregnant belly, they were too big elsewhere. That left her with three dresses to pick from; a twenty, a twenty-two, and a twenty-six. The twenty-six, a flowy, light pink cotton sundress, was too big up top to cover her adequately for her job. The twenty was a navy-blue sleeveless sheath dress that was too tight around her pregnant belly. That left her with the twenty-two, a royal purple dress made of a stretchy, velvety material that needed to be a couple of inches longer in the hem, but fit everywhere else.

“Fuck’em,” she thought as she donned the dress. “Besides, I can hit the consignment store next door for some leggings. Hopefully.”

There was a full-length mirror tucked into a corner of the little room, which Jo Ann made use of. The plus-sized pregnant woman in the mirror was a far-cry from the slightly plump community college graduate from three years ago. Sure, her strawberry-blonde hair was still long, wavy, and a little mussed, but the rest of her looked like someone had hooked her up to an air hose. Her face seemed to get softer every day and she now had a full double chin. The dress had a V-neckline and gave a tasteful view of her swollen double-D’s. The three-quarter sleeves contained her large upper arms, lending them some shape and support. The dark color of the dress made it harder to gauge how large her belly was getting and even helped down play her wide hips. Turning broadside, however, showed off the obvious pregnant bulge. Huge and dome-like, there was no way to conceal it. Jo Ann noticed she was starting to carry lower. She also got a view of the biggest benefactor of her weight gain. Her ass had a prominent shelf starting under her lower back and, even with the increased dress size, still had the hint of panty lines. The slightly higher hem showed off some pale thigh fat folds and the barest hint of her saddlebags. Jo Ann would have to be careful about how she sat for the rest of the day.

“All in all, I look damn fine for a woman that is about to cross the two-fifty mark,” Jo Ann thought. She thought of what Leo’s reaction would be to see her in this dress and a sly smile crossed her face. “I’ll surprise him tonight, that’s for sure.” It never occurred to her that thirty minutes ago, she was forty pounds lighter.

Jo Ann waddled out with her ruined clothes in hand. Seated back at the counter was Sing, devouring another box of donuts. Laying across the counter, the dress lay in its new dry-cleaning bag. This one was clear, allowing Jo Ann her first look at the dress that would change her boss’s life. It was a sleeveless dress, made with a silky material. It had a quartered-pattern color scheme; black and burgundy. There was an optional cinch belt made of black leather.

Jo Ann waddled up to the counter as she started to dig out her credit card. “That was quick work. How much?”

Sing shook her multi-chinned head. “You’ve already paid, dearie. Just tell people about us. We do quality work.”

Jo Ann thought it was odd that Sing said she had already paid but elected to ignore it. She picked up the bag with the dress, thanked the immense woman, and left. She dropped the dress off in her car and went down to the consignment store. Twenty minutes later, she left the strip mall with a new pair of XL leggings covering her fat thighs. The only pair they had in her size was white, which drew even more attention to them. But the firm would not be able to cite her for professional indecency, so she decided to make do.

She did have an odd encounter as she was getting into her car. Once she was behind the wheel, she noticed that her belly was pressed against the lowest part of the wheel. She had to readjust it to a higher angle. “Weird, how did I not notice this before I got here?” Jo Ann thought some more about what Sing had said about her having paid already.

A disheartening thought went through her mind. “Did I get changed too?” She gripped her belly in both hands, feeling its mass along with her swollen womb. Her breasts ached and her stomach growled, even though she had just scarfed down a handful of donuts. She tried to find some hole in her memory but found nothing. She had been a plump graduate that gained fifty-plus pounds while working for the firm, then got pregnant and gained twenty-four more pounds. Just brushing past the memory of the sex leading up to her pregnancy had her sensitive nipples harden and her womanhood become quite warm.

Then the slide on the steering wheel’s adjuster sprang back and the wheel slammed down a level. Right into her belly. “Of course…” she sighed and laughed at herself a little. “It’s not magic, it’s just your lousy car literally falling apart!” She chuckled to herself for thinking such a ridiculous idea. She started the lousy piece of junk up and headed back to the office, only stopping at nearby Starbucks for a vente Frappuccino and two hot, ham-and-swiss sandwiches. This was all polished off by the time she arrived back at the firm.

Jo Ann was thrilled that McLaughlin was not in her office when she dropped the dress off. She immediately got back to work, with the rest of the day going about usual. She did have to interact with Johnson toward the end, which always left her feeling like she needed a full decontamination shower after.

“Ahh, if it ain’t the lovely Jo! How’re ya feeling today, mama?” he leered. His dark eyes were fixated on her V-neck, but they drank in all of her. He had a Southern drawl, which most of the time Jo Ann found sexy, but coming from Johnson set her teeth on edge.

“I’m doing fine, baby’s fine. I just need these papers signed for Ms. Laughlin,” she said with a forced smile as she placed the binder of paperwork on Johnson’s desk.

“Ya know, that old bat works you too hard. Ya could transfer, become my secretary. I’d treat ya right, darlin’. You know it.” He tried to put one of his hands over her’s on the binder, but she carefully pulled her hand away just in the nick of time.

“Hah, well, sir, you flatter me, but Ms. Laughlin just approved my leave. She would be very cross with me if I jumped ship now.” This was not the first time he had made such an offer. Nor was she the only one. He had been trying to poach secretaries for months now, to zero success. But that did not stop him from trying.

Johnson pulled his hand back as well. “Well, just consider my offer then. After the baby. We’d make a great team, ya and me.” He winked at her and leered even more at her pregnant middle. Jo Ann started to become quite uncomfortable.

“I’ll… I best be getting back. You know?” she said as she backed out of the office carefully. One does not turn their back on a predator. She controlled herself enough to keep from bolting.

“Of course,” he said. His eyes never left her body until she was out of the room.

“I think I might throw up,” she thought. Instead, she downed her discomfort in the remainder of the pastries someone had brought back from Panera. There were more than a half dozen in the box and she glutted herself on them all.

“I can’t wait until my boss gets a taste of my life,” she thought. “I just hope I don’t have to wait long.”
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:22 pm

So far, this is a very intriguing story. Good luck with it, (and good luck to your heroine - looks like she's over her head already!)
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

Postby Matt L. » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:03 am

Wow! Very engaging, superbly written!

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

Postby ollieg_94 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:25 am

Really happy that your back writing again. This looks set to be another classic.
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

Postby Lyssa » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:22 pm

Very cool story! :D
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

Postby Toby » Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:17 pm

Part Two

Harley did not know today would be the last day she lived in her upscale apartment when she left for work that day. It was a typically Friday morning; up at four-thirty, go on her morning run, eat an incredibly light breakfast of some fruit and water, and prepare for the day. The only thing off about the morning was the dress her fat ass secretary had dropped off yesterday.

It felt like it was calling her to be worn. The forty-three-year old lawyer’s attention had been drifting to it all afternoon the day before, so much so she took it out to her BMW before the end of the day just to get out of her line of sight. Harley had thought it incredibly unlikely Ms. Williams had taken it to the cleaners, considering how quickly she had brought it back. Harley had not recognized the name on the bag, but it was not her usual place. But the garment was cleaned and neatly pressed. It looked brand new.

When she slipped it on, an odd chill went down her spine. Suddenly, she felt a little rejuvenated. The mild ache in her right knee, an old injury from running track in college, disappeared. Her back, where her stress manifested itself, made a sound like it was popped bubble wrap as the stress released. The slight hump she was starting to develop went away and she stood up a little straighter. It felt so good she got a little giddy. “Hot damn, not even my chiropractor had been able to get my back to pop like that in years!” she thought excitedly.

Next, she turned her attention to her visage. And noted for the first time how old she was starting to look. “Wow… I do look like an old harpy,” she said aloud. Harley pulled out her make-up kit and started to work. She applied anti-aging cream to help firm up her wrinkles, moisturizer to bring out a healthier glow, and because she was feeling so damn good about herself, a touch of red blush and a matching shade of lipstick. The thought to add eyeshadow was too much, but she did apply mascara lightly to her eyelashes. The process had her looking like the early-forty something she was.

“There, much better,” she said as she pulled her long hair into her usual tight bun. Her years in JAG had turned this routine into muscle memory. She briefly thought about going out this evening and getting a dye job to cover the grey. “That’ll really get them talking on Monday,” she thought happily. Harley pulled on a pair of nude stockings and sensible two-inch black heels. Giddy as she was, she did not notice the ever-so slight increase to the width of her hips as she pulled the hosiery up nor the small bulge around the belt as she clasped it around her waist. She was practically skipping to her car, even though she was running just a tad behind.

“I’m not late,” she thought as she noted the time on the car’s dashboard. It read six forty-five. Harley usually arrived by the office by seven, even though she did not need to be there until eight. She had been putting in the extra hours in hopes of being promoted to partner in the firm, which had just paid off. Priscilla King had made her the offer last night. She could be little behind her usual schedule today.

As soon as she started her car though, her stomach grumbled. An unusually sharp pang of hunger shot through her. The image of something hot and greasy flashed through Harley’s mind. It was so intense, she had her phone out and searching for the nearest fast food joint before her rational brain caught up. “I don’t need that,” she said tersely. “Besides, Starbucks is better for me. I’ll just stop at the one by the office, the one Williams is always getting food from. And I still won’t be late.” With that, she started driving.

Harley usually had her radio tuned to the news to remain informed. But today, she just was not feeling it. Idly, she started flicking through the stations until she hit an alternative rock channel. They were playing a song from a female artist that her screen told her was Alice Merton. “She has a nice voice,” Harley thought as her head started bobbing to the song “Why So Serious”

By the time Harley pulled in her BMW into the parking lot of the Starbucks, she was actively singing along to an old Linkin Park song. Several other changes had taken place as well. Harley was now forty-one, and her grey streaks were receding. Her golden blonde hair had a brighter sheen to it overall.

She had also gained fifteen pounds since donning the dress, most of it below the waist. At one hundred and thirty-seven and on her five-eight frame, she was still plenty skinny. She had a negligible belly pooch she kept unconsciously sucked in and a pair of shapely B-cup size breasts that drew the attention away from her just slightly wide hips, but an eye-catching rear and luscious thighs. She could name a dozen occasions where a man had taken a double take at her ass as she walked passed. It brought a small smile to her face. “I’m still quite the catch,” she thought.

The line at the Starbucks was quite busy and it took longer than Harley had anticipated to get her order in. Her stomach was demanding food at this point, so when the barista asked what Harley would like this morning, Harley’s brain said, “Two scones and a tall mocha,” but what came out was, “A half dozen vanilla scones, a vente pumpkin spice Frappuccino, and one… No, two bacon, egg, and cheddar sandwiches.” Harley blinked at her reflection in the rearview mirror. What the hell had come over her?

“Right away! Your total will be at the window!” the upbeat voice said through the speaker. Harley, urged on by her hunger, decided not to try to correct her order.

Without thinking, Harley pulled out her phone and pulled up her Starbucks app, something the older Harley never would have done. She used what was on the app to pay for her breakfast, then pulled into a nearby empty space to start chowing down. She had intended to drive back to the office. She was just so hungry, and the smell of those sandwiches had pushed her over the edge.

She immediately pulled one out and bit into it. The taste of melted cheese and salty bacon was so divine, Harley moaned just the tiniest bit in pleasure. The scones were a little dry, but they were covered in enough vanilla glaze it hardly mattered. Time got away from her as she enjoyed a real breakfast, as it simply no longer mattered to her. As she munched away, she undid her dress’s belt. It was getting a little constricting around her growing food baby.

It took Harley’s phone ringing for her to realize it was ten minutes to eight. It was Miss Williams calling. “Yeph?” Harley answered around a mouthful of breakfast goodness. There was a touch of annoyance in her voice at being interrupted.

“Ummm… Miss McLaughlin?” came the timid response. Harley instantly felt a little bad for being so harsh.

“No wonder she doesn’t like me. Can’t even answer the phone without being a bitch,” Harley thought. Harley swallowed her bite and tried to moderate her tone. “Excuse me… yes, Miss Williams? What’s the matter?”

“Oh! Umm… You weren’t here and so I was wondering if you’re okay. You’re usually here, you know?” Williams always spoke a little too fast when she was flustered. “Are you okay, ma’am?”

“I’m fine. Decided to…” Harley did not want to admit where she was. “Smell the roses a little today. I’ll be in in just a bit. Please have my briefings ready for me when I get there.”

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line. “Miss Williams? Are you still there?”

“Oh! Oh, yes, Miss Laughlin! Sorry! I… My baby kicked and… yeah. I’m just super excited about today now,” came a torrent of heightened energy through the speaker.

“Well, okay, then. Like I said, I shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. Be ready to work, we have a lot to accomplish today!”

“Right away, ma’am! Bye!” Williams clicked off. There was an unusual amount of energy and happiness in that reply.

“Maybe someone brought snacks,” Harley thought. Her belly rumbled and another pang, though with less intense, rocketed through her. “Damn, how the hell am I still hungry? Maybe I’m coming down with something?”

It took her a moment to recompose herself and push the thought of food away, but Harley did it. When she clasped her belt back together, Harley found that the usual hole was too tight. She opted to put it one down from it, where it fit comfortably. “The swell will go down once I digest some of this,” she thought as she started her car up and headed to work.

She pulled into a parking spot right at eight. “I’ll do better next week,” she thought. She quickly gathered her things, placing her purse over her left arm and putting the bag and the cup of half-finished coffee in that hand. However, she noticed the Starbucks bag still had a handful of scones and another sandwich in it. “Score!” she thought. “A between-meal snack. But how did I miss them?” She shrugged as she walked away from her car. As she moved further away from the BMW, it began to change shape and color.

As she was walking through the lot, she spotted Ray. The overweight man was huffing and puffing his way to the door, his paunchy middle jiggling before him. He was dressed in tan slacks and a light blue button-up, both of which were ill-fitting. She could already see the start of sweat stains across his lower back. He turned as he opened the door that lead in from the parking lot and saw Harley. His dark eyebrows shot up and he ogled at her as she approached.

An older Harley would have ignored the toad’s leer. She never liked the man personally, but he was damn good at being a lawyer. He knew more about codes and procedures than anybody in the firm and could play a jury like a concert pianist with his Southern mannerisms and accent.

But this younger Harley that was in her very late thirties and closing in on one-fifty-five enjoyed the look he was giving her. Sure, her tummy pooch was a little more pronounced than she liked, but she had curves that went for days. The dress was showcasing her soft size eight body perfectly. Harley was feeling on top of the world and unconsciously added a sway to her hips as she approached the big man.

“Howdy, McLaughlin!” Ray boomed as he continued to take her in. “Ya seem… umm… different today,” he stammered out.

Harley giggled. It came out with a higher pitch, but the change barely registered in her mind. “I am feeling different today, Ray. And, please,” she said airily as she laid her free hand on Ray’s belly, “call me Harley. We’ll be working much closer together after today.” She fluttered her eyes up at him.

Ray was never one to be surprised, but even this got him. He blinked. “Right… well… uhh… well, Harley, after you.” He gestured to the open door. “Ladies first.” She passed him and knew full well his eyes were on her bouncing butt the entire way to the elevator.

By then, Ray was back in control of himself. As they rode up, he asked, “So, Harley, would ya like to get dinner tonight?”

Harley turned to him as she dug into her Starbucks bag. The smell of the scones was just killing her. In mock protest, she said, “And what would Missus Johnson say about you getting dinner with me?”

Ray shrugged a beefy shoulder. “We’re, after all, announcing your promotion to partner later this afternoon. We’ll call it ‘private function,’ ya know?” he said with a smirk and a wink.

Harley felt her cheeks redden. “Maybe. Let me, you know, think about it?” She was staring at the scone she had in her hand.

“Ya goin’ eat it or stare at it?”

“Oh! Right,” Harley said. She bit down into the pastry. It was still warm. “Hmmm… shit, Starbucks knows how to make a good scone,” she said to Ray. “I’m going to have to be careful or I’ll end up like my secretary.” She patted a padded hip for emphasis.

“Hog’s wash, you’re still a young woman. Besides,” he said as leaned in towards her, “there’s nothin’ wrong with a woman with some meat on her and knows how to enjoy a good meal.”

Harley giggled again and stuffed the rest of the scone into her mouth. She was feeling unusually frisky and started moaning pleasurably as she chewed.

Ray licked his thin lips, his attention completely enthralled by the blonde. “I’ll make sure to order a large dessert after.”

Harley smiled and was about to respond when the elevator dinged, and the doors sprang open. “Our stop,” she said slyly. She placed a hand on Ray’s bulging gut. “Give me some time to freshen up after work. You figure out where.” With that, she trailed her fingers down the slope of his belly as she sashayed out of the elevator. She knew full well his eyes were locked on her plump ass.

Miss Williams was standing beside Harley’s desk as she entered, dressed semi-professionally. Harley was surprised she had gone with slacks today. Even dark grey as they were, they still broadcast the width of her hips and roundness of her thighs. The pastel green blouse adhered to her spherical belly. Both garments were obviously a touch too small. A huge, gleeful smile broke out across her round face as she saw Harley. Harley was worried for a moment the fat ass would break out into a giddy dance, she looked so happy.

“Good morning, Miss McLaughlin!” she beamed. “Your paperwork is on your desk, as you instructed. You have a deposition later today at two and a client, Hyung Tech, wants a face-to-face today at noon. Other than that, your schedule is clear. What can I get for you? Bev brought some fritters from Dunkin and Kamber brought a batch of home-made cinnamon rolls that’ll make you fat just looking at’em. I should know,” she said as she patted her own belly.

Harley vaguely waved the hand with the Starbucks bag in it. “I’m covered, I assure you.” She walked over to her desk and set her things down. “Now, to business.”

It did not take long to give Miss Williams her marching orders for the day, but it felt like an eternity to the hungry Harley. The woman kept acting weird around Harley; spacing out and doing double or triple checks in Harley’s direction. It was like she had never seen her before. “Probably the pregnancy. Poor girl has put on so much weight,” she thought.

Finally, Harley was able to sit down and dig in to her second breakfast in as many hours. It all still tasted wonderful. She took the time to savor them this time and, with the door closed and the blinds down, time got away from the changing lawyer.

By nine-thirty, Harley leaned back in her chair to ease the pressure off her growing food baby. The thirty-five-year-old blonde had undone the belt from around her thickening middle and tossed it aside. As soon as it left her sight, the belt vanished, never to be seen again. She had added twenty pounds to her body during her little binge. Though she was not in the plus-sizes yet, the bottom-heavy woman was well on her way. Her arms were fleshier. Her breasts were up to a C-cup and were retaining their firmness as she got younger. She had a belly pooch she could not suck in anymore that led around to a starter set of love handles over her hips. She sat upon a well-cushioned bottom which was supported by a thick pair of thighs.

Harley’s face was the one refuge from her increasing weight. Yes, her jawline and cheeks were softer, but that had more to do with her youthful beauty coming back. Her skin overall had a healthier glow to it, as did her golden locks. The once prominent grey streaks were official gone and the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth were smoothing out.

With her hunger finally abated, Harley started to work in earnest, working through her deposition notes. However, she was starting to become confused. Her notes were not making sense and the laws she referenced were flummoxing her. “What the hell? Did Williams screw these up?” she thought as she paced about her office. Frustrated, she left her office to track down her secretary to rip her a new one. “How dare she get my notes to mixed-up?” As she left her office, the name on the door shifted and blurred.

Harley found Williams with the other secretaries in their little space, sitting in a semi-circle around a little table covered sweet cakes and other goodies. There was Bev, dressed in a dark blue pantsuit and cream-colored blouse, with her big, tri-fold belly sitting on her huge thighs. Bev has worked for King for close to ten years. Standing to her left was Kamber Ward, who was Peabody’s secretary. She had long black hair that was tied back in a ponytail and huge breasts that were barely contained by her button-up lavender shirt. A white undershirt of some type could be seen through the slight gaps. Beneath them, the buttons were working just as hard on containing her own double belly. With two kids and married to a professional baker, it was little wonder the two-fifteen woman was needing a new wardrobe. To her left was the thinnest woman in the group, Debbie Horton, who was the secretary for the only other non-partner senior lawyer, William Barbers. Short and formerly petite at around one-fifty-five with dark auburn hair, rumor had it she and Barbers had been spending a large amount of time together in public. Today she decked out in a pair of red slacks and a sleeveless black top. Though dark, top’s lightweight fabric highlighted her tummy bulge and the seams on the slacks looked strained. Harley could barely remember the thin young lady that had started working at the firm a year and some back. They were all munching on the various goodies brought in that morning, though Debbie had the least amount.

As soon as Harley’s eyes fell on the table of desserts, her anger and the reasoning behind it disappeared from her mind. What popped into her mind was Jo Ann’s words from earlier that morning, “They’ll make you fat just looking at‘em.” Twenty more pounds instantly took up residence on Harley’s hips and backside. The shock to her mind and body left her feeling dizzy and she sat down in the chair of an empty desk. Jo Ann rose as quickly as her heavy pregnant body would allow and went to Harley’s side.

“Hey, you okay?” There was a touch of concern in her voice, though Harley could not place why.

Harley shook her head to clear it of the fuzzy cobwebs. When she was finally able to focus, the first thing she saw was Jo Ann’s baby bump. “Damn, girlfriend, you’ve gotten huge,” Harley thought. Then she looked up into Jo Ann’s face and smiled.

“Yeah, Jo, I’m good,” she said. Harley did not recognize she had addressed her secretary by her first name. Nor did she notice the Valley-Girl pitch to her voice. “Probably just some low blood sugar. Mind if I have one?” She gestured to the table vaguely.

Jo Ann’s smile returned, almost stretching ear to ear. “Absolutely! Here,” she grabbed two cinnamon rolls that were smothered in frosting, “take these. You should hang with us, until your head feels better.”

Harley agreed and remained with the secretaries, enjoying in their gossiping and hospitality. Apparently, Debbie and William were in a relationship and they had not quite figured out how to break it to HR. Debbie got a mischievous look in her eye when she said, “But we need to say something soon.” Bev’s husband, Jackson, was having troubles with his garage business partner. He had been caught over-pricing customers for services and parts, which was landing the business in legal claims. Jo Ann showed off some new ultrasounds, which everyone cooed over. Kamber and her husband, Kevin, were at odds. She wanted to go back to school, while he wanted a third child. “Like, I’ve already got wardrobe problems. I barely fit my old maternity stuff as it is!” she laughed as she indicated the already strained buttons on her top.

And never once did Harley have an empty plate. Anytime she finished a plate, one of the girls would replace it. Soon, Harley was stuffed full of cinnamon rolls, fritters, and Debbie’s contribution, two dozen store-bought cookies. Her food baby became more and more pronounced. Anytime she happened to look down, she could see the slope of it passed her D-cups and she could feel it taking up more space in her lap. These changes hardly fazed her. Her face was softening even more, and a double chin was beginning to make an appearance.

With her attention focused on the food and the good company, she never realized other changes were happening around her. Her stockings changed to black leggings and the fabric of the dress cheapened to something more akin to something from Wal-Mart. The cheaper fabric tightened around her body, highlighting bulges and rolls. The empty desk she was sitting at was becoming populated with secretarial and personal items. A name plate appeared on the chest-high wall that was etched with her name on it.

And she was not the only one changing. As if to adjust to the addition of another fattening influence, both Kamber and Debbie were growing right along side Harley. Kamber’s breasts, which were already straining the buttons on her shirt, grew until those buttons looked ready to pop off. Large swaths of white camisole could be seen between the gaps as her body added fifteen pounds. Above that action, her double chin grew thicker. Beside Kamber, Debbie’s slacks looked painted on and slivers of white flesh could be seen puckering around the waist as she entered a very chubby one-sixty-five, with the biggest offender around her belly as it slowly became a small potbelly. Her upper arms also started chunking up.

The desk’s phone ringing brought her attention back and confusion followed shortly. “Why is this ringing?” she thought. Stumped, she turned to her new friends, but they were staring at her expectantly. Jo Ann broke the silence. “You going to answer that, Harley?”

“I…umm…Well…” she started, completely flustered. Embarrassed, she galvanized her thoughts and answered the phone. “This is Harley.”

“Harley!” boomed Ray’s voice. “Come on in here for a minute!” With that, he clicked off.

“That was Mista J… I mean, Mister Johnson. I should go see what he needs,” she said, not realizing the bimbo-like quality of her Valley-Girl voice. As she rose from her chair, she felt her hips brush the arms as she got up and made a mental note to adjust them further out when she got back. She dusted any crumbs she could see off her plump body and headed toward Ray’s office. Turning away from her new friends, she missed the look of shock that passed over Jo Ann’s face when she got a fresh look at Harley’s butt.

At two hundred and fifteen pounds, Harley was officially plus-sized, especially below the waist. Her ass, that had once been narrow and flat, was now quite broad and round. Supporting it was a pair of chunky thighs that touched halfway down her thighs. A thick roll of fat resided over her well-padded hips. Harley was a far cry away from the woman she was that morning.

The thirty-year-old former lawyer pushed open Ray’s door as the man was telling a lewd joke to a client.

“All of this,” he gestured to his bulging middle, “was up here. I was a well-muscled man, back in the day. Well, I told her that this is potential penis! Hahaha! And now, she’s gettin’ very impatient with me!”

The man he was talking to look very familiar to Harley, but she could not place why. He was middle-aged with Asian features and bald up top with dark grey hair around the sides of his scalp. He had a tailored suit that contoured to his fit, short body. He had dark eyes that belied a keen intelligence. Harley could read on his face that, though his mouth was smiling and laughing along with the joke, his eyes could not hide his irritation at the southern gentleman.

Before she could say anything, Ray spotted her. “Oh, Harley. I want ya to take the girls out for a big lunch.” He handed her a business credit card. “Think of it as a gift. Mister Hyung here is becoming a client!” He clapped the shorter man on the shoulder. “Oh, where’re my manners? Mister Hyung, this is my executive assistant, Harley McLaughlin. Ya’ll be hearing her pretty voice whenever ya call my office.”

“Pleasure to you, sir,” Harley said as she held out a plump hand as she smiled warmly at Hyung. He grasped her hand rather delicately but shook firmly as he smiled at her. Harley thought he had warm smile when he allowed it to reach his eyes.

“Indeed,” Hyung said. “I am looking forward to working with Johnson, King, and Peabody. I have heard very good things about this firm.” He spoke English like he recently just learned the language and had an incredibly thick accent. It took the plump woman a moment to realize everything he had said. During that second, Harley stared blankly at Hyung with a smile on her face as she nodded her head.

“Oh!” she finally said. “I’m sorry, sometimes I can be just a little air-headed.” She followed that statement up with a silly giggle.

Ray placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Sometimes, good help is hard to find. Amirite, Hyung?” He pulled her away from the client and guided her to the door. “Go take the girls out, Harley. Have a big lunch.” He emphasized the word “big” and Harley instantly knew what he wanted. She could feel her hunger still growing within her fattening body, even after the barrage of goodies from the secretaries.

“Right away, Mista J!” she exclaimed happily. Ray’s face darkened and she immediately backpedaled. “I mean… uhh… Mister Johnson!” She turned and exited Ray’s office. Harley knew his eyes were on her plump butt and the thought left her feeling quite pleased with herself.

Before she got to far from the door, Ray leaned out and called, “Ya should let your hair down!”

Harley immediately pulled the bun loose and let her golden blonde locks fall to her shoulders. Instantly, her years of JAG training disappeared from her mind and body. Harley did not walk with the same purpose and her shoulders slumped. It made her breasts look bigger than they were as they strained against the fabric of the dress. She was also becoming more attune to her body. She could feel her thighs rubbing against one another, the jiggle of her belly, and the rolling motion of her ass. Harley knew that her body should not feel like this, but between the sensations and the mental fog, she could not place why. She decided to ignore it for now and enjoy lunch with her friends.

“Ladies, I have an announcement!” she exclaimed as she returned. Harley held up the credit card like it was a winning check. “Lunch is on Ray!” The others became animated at that.

“Awesome!” Jo Ann said. “I was needing lunch soon.” She patted her belly and laughed.

“Where shall we go?” Debbie asked as she gathered her things. She kept having to tug the hemline down to cover the exposed skin around her waist as the top kept riding up.

“There’s that Panera right around the corner. I could really go for one of their macs right now,” Kamber suggested. Her FF-cups jiggled and shook violently from the movement and Harley briefly wondered if she needed to dive for cover.

“Oh, I could definitely use one of their cookies,” Harley said as she absent-mindedly grabbed her purse. It never occurred to her that she did not bring her purse from her old office to her new desk.

“Or two!” Debbie laughed as she poked the plump blonde in the belly. Both women laughed at that.

“You gals go on. Jackson and I have lunch plans. And someone needs to be on the phones,” Bev said. “Have fun!”

The four women made their way down to the garage and discussed whose car they should take. Debbie drove a tiny two-door Mazda that the other three larger women did not want to climb in and out of. Kamber’s Tahoe was large enough, but she still had booster seats in place. Jo Ann was worried about her car breaking down. Which left taking Harley’s car.

“I’ve got us!” she said excitedly as she pulled her keys from her purse. What had once been a sensible keychain (office key, home, car fob) was now a wad of metal and youthful collectibles. There was an animated Harley Quinn Funko, keys to places Harley had never been to, a picture of her and an ex that the younger Harley still pined for from high school, and other odds and ends.

The women followed Harley to where she remembered she parked her car but did not find her BMW in that spot. Instead, a 2012 Ford Taurus waited for her. It was beige-colored, one of the headlights was fogged over, there was a large crack that ran horizontally through the middle of the windshield, and the gas flap was open. Debbie tried to close it, but the clasp was broken. Harley was very confused, but the keys she had went to the car, so obviously this was her car. But why did she remember driving something else?

Harley unlocked it and the four piled in. Jo Ann took the front seat, as it allowed her the most space for her pregnant belly. Kamber took the spot behind her and Debbie got in behind Harley. As Harley situated herself, she could feel the belt buckle dig into her fleshy hip. “Man, I really need to get a grip on my appetite,” she thought. Her stomach made an incredibly loud growling sound, as if to disagree with that notion.

Jo Ann turned and poked the blonde in the belly. “Sounds like someone needs lunch!”

Harley playfully smacked Jo Ann’s hand away. “Shut up, Jo! I’ve been eating all day, but I feel like I haven’t eaten a thing.”

“Tell me about it. This little guy is can certainly tuck it away,” Jo Ann said as she patted her round belly.

“You sure it’s the baby that’s tucking it away?” called Debbie from the back. “I think some of that expansion is your damn fault.”

“Can confirm,” said Kamber. “Babies cause expansion of all kinds.” She hefted up her large chest for emphasis.

As Harley started the car, it made an awful racket, then sluggishly started up.

“Damn, girl, you sound like you need some maintenance done,” Kamber said.

“Yeah, I know. It’s just been a little tight lately,” Harley said sheepishly. As she thought about it, memories of her rent being increased and a rising cost of food, coupled with the need to have well-fitting clothes came to the forefront of her mind.

“I know a guy, my neighbor actually. Name’s Joey Michaels. He works on cars as a side job to put himself through school. Little younger than you, I think. How old are you?”

“Twenty-eight,” Harley confidently said. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Harley knew they were wrong. So, why were they right? Harley frowned as the thoughts rolled around in her head.

“Hey, something the matter?” Jo Ann asked. Harley shot a quick look at her passenger, then a look up into the rearview mirror. The other two were also waiting.

“Ummm… yeah, like, I’m cool. Just had a weird thought. Probably just hungry,” she said with a chuckle.

The car pulled into the parking lot a few minutes later. Harley found a spot close to the door and the four disembarked. Walking in, the smell of the Panera hit Harley like a freight train, and she felt what was left of her will evaporate. Her belly growled in anticipation.

They had just beaten the lunch rush, so there was no line yet. As Harley had the card, she had to wait to order last. It felt like forever to the starving blonde and she barely paid attention to the what the others ordered. Finally, it was her turn and she completely abandoned any pretense of getting her appetite under control.

“Hey,” Harley said to the pimply-faced young man behind the counter. “I’d like the large mac’n cheese with extra bacon, two pieces of bread, an extra large drink, and, like, tw-no, three candied cookies.”

She caught Jo Ann staring at her with a slightly shocked expression. “What? I’m, like, hungry, kay?” Harley said it with laugh and smile, which Jo Ann mimicked a moment later. The cashier motioned for Harley to insert her card and Harley paid for their meals.

“Oh, I know those feels,” Jo Ann said, patting her pregnant bump. “You think you’re hungry now, girlfriend, just you wait!”

Harley laughed. “Oh, God, no, no kids for this girl. Nobody’s tapped this ass in a hot minute.” A slight frown touched her features. “I’ve kinda given up on the idea,” she whispered as they made their way to the drink station.

“Hey,” Jo Ann whispered back, stopping her former boss. “Never say never. If you want, I could introduce you to some guys that I know would be all over that ass.” Jo Ann put on an upbeat tone and said it with a smile. Harley sheepishly smiled back at her.

“Thanks, Jo. I appreciate that. Maybe sometime soon, like after the baby?”

Jo Ann nodded. “It’s a double date.” She hip-bumped Harley, which brought out a nice, bubbly laugh from the fattening blonde.

“Hey, watch it! You’ll knock me over!”

“Sure I will!”

The two new friends headed for the drink station and to catch up with the rest of the girls.
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

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This was a lovely and an extremely well-written chapter. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

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Part Three

Lunch passed for the four and an hour and a half later, Harley’s car rolled back into the firm’s garage. It was riding a smidge lower than it was before it left; it was now sporting an extra sixty pounds of woman.

Debbie, being the lightest, was out first. She tried in vain to get her shirt to meet her slacks but with every moment, it would ride back up her bloated and very pronounced belly. Now at one-eighty-five, she was a bon-a-fide chubby woman that was headed for an apple shape. Besides her belly, her upper arms had gotten larger, as had her breasts. Her face was rounding out. Debbie had shared her secret with the others at lunch; Barbers had proposed to her. As proof, she had put her new ring on, but her highly acquired girth was making the removal process a little more difficult.

Next out was Kamber. She was now a mid-sized woman at two hundred and forty-five pounds. At some point during the meal, she had undone the buttons of her shirt to let her now G-cup breasts breathe. The sheer size of her chest pulled the camisole low, leaving an abundant amount of cleavage on display. The camisole was also having a difficult time covering her middle. The lower roll of her double belly had grown both out and wider, as had her hips. The button on her jeans had taken up the losing fight against her growing body. It looked ready to blow at the slightest provocation. Kamber had openly admitted that as soon as she got back to her desk, she was going to undo it. “Might as well let him knock me up,” she lamented. “Maybe then I’ll get some new clothes!”

Harley and Jo Ann were out last. Jo Ann was completely unchanged, save for the slight bloating from her well-stuffed belly. She was moving a touch slower and was beginning to feel quite fatigued from her day. Harley, on the other hand, bore the brunt of the additional weight in her car. Harley now weighed two hundred and forty-five and her clothing showed it, especially around her lower body.

There was not a single part of that dress was not under stress. Between her bountiful double-D’s, flabby middle, wide hips with prominent saddle bags, and fat thighs, the now twenty-three-year-old secretary looked poured into her cheap, size eighteen dress. The lowest part of the dress was being pulled so tight around her thighs that it restricted her movement, mashing her thighs together. It made her waddle even more pronounced. At lunch, she had let her belly out of her leggings and could feel it hanging unsupported in front of her womanhood. Kamber had seen her do that and said, “Invest in some maternal wear, girl. Keeps you from blowing through sizes too quickly.” Harley had been a little mortified by the idea, but the feeling of her leggings as they cut into her hips had her seriously considering the idea.

In Harley’s chunky arms was a large box of cookies and bite-size cakes from Panera. The cashier girl had given them to Harley just as they were leaving. She had said they were from Ray and Harley needed to bring them back from “celebratory reasons.” Harley’s mouth watered at the thought of having the box of sweets, even though she was painfully full from lunch. She had a hard time keeping her eyes off the box as sat in Jo Ann’s lap for the short ride back to the firm.

As the four waited for the elevator, they were joined by a fifth woman that Harley had never met before, but instantly knew who she was. Her name was Alexa Thorne. She was in her early forties, with dark auburn hair cut in a professional bob. She was dressed impeccably well in a tailored navy-blue business dress that fit her plus-size body perfectly. Harley had no idea how much she weighed, but if the size of her bulbous belly was any indication, she had to weigh more than two-twenty, perhaps even two-thirty. She had on a minimal amount of make-up on her round face. She was carrying a briefcase in one hand and a Burger King bag in another.

And she was senior most non-partner lawyer in the firm now. Rumors abounded that King was looking to make her the next partner in the firm. With her experience and time practicing at the firm, plus the amount of time she had been seen in one-on-one meetings with King, everyone was just waiting for the official word.

“Afternoon, Jo,” she said. She had a friendly, soft voice. “And Debbie, Kamber, Harley. Girls have nice lunch?”

The four either nodded or hummed appropriately.

“That’s good.” She eyed the box in Harley’s hands. “Post lunch snack?”

Harley gave a bubbly laugh. “No, Mista… I mean, Mister Johnson ordered them. He landed a client today.”

Alexa’s eyes narrowed and Harley got the impression the woman was examining her. “I see.” Then she left it at that. The elevator doors opened and the five of them stepped in. Between them, it was a little snug in the elevator car. Harley could feel Jo Ann’s hip against her own. She briefly looked at the max load warning and breathed a slight sigh of relief. The car was rated for two thousand pounds.

“Certainly we don’t weigh that much together,” she thought. She had not realized that the five of them came in at over a thousand pounds of woman.

“How did your case go?” asked Jo Ann, attempting to fill the silence.

Alexa sighed. “Judge Marshall is and will always be one of the most bigoted, misogynistic, antagonistic, intolerant pieces of shit granted the honor of wearing the robe. But, I won, and I’ve got him on record making a derogative remark about me, so now I can pursue that avenue.” She held up her bag and shook it thoughtfully. “After lunch. I’m famished.”

The two proceeded to talk shop the rest of the way up, quickly establishing that Jo Ann was Alexa’s secretary. It never entered Harley’s mind that events were any different. Her life had been completely rewritten up to this point. After graduating high school, she had not done well enough as a cheerleader to earn a scholarship. She went on to a local community college and graduated with average grades in liberal studies. Also, without the physical exercise from cheerleading to off-set the partying she did, the young woman quickly thickened. She went from an athletic one-forty-five to a plump two-ten over her four years there.

However, her gain after getting hired at the firm a year ago put that to shame. Harley put on over thirty pounds since her hire date. And a decent portion of that was not of her own doing. Ray had started keeping her late to go over notes and he would order out. However, not all those late nights had anything to do with work.

Harley had entered an affair with Ray. She had tried to keep it a secret, but Ray liked to feed her constantly. Ray had tempted her into it, claiming he was not getting what he needed from his wife and used his position of power over Harley. He promised her a fast rise and a larger raise if she would just let him stuff her every once and a while. That quickly turned into three or four times a week. It eventually led from just stuffing to including sexual acts and intercourse.

Never once did the young Harley realize what situation she was in. Here was an older man, with power and money, showering her with attention and admiration. He had told her he loved her and was about to leave his wife for Harley. She was on Cloud Nine and she saw her added weight as a sign of loyalty and love for Ray.

The five disembarked from the elevator and headed their separate ways; Jo Ann and Alexa toward Alexa’s office, Debbie scampered off to William’s office, Kamber went back to her desk, and Harley went to see her lover. Just thinking about Ray had her growing warm between her fat thighs. Preoccupied as she was, she missed a smirk from Jo Ann as she observed Harley waddle off to Ray’s office.

“Hey, Mista J!” Harley announced as she entered his office. Though it was in the afternoon, the office was dark. Ray had already closed the blinds to the exterior windows. “I got your celebratory cookies, just like you asked.” She bounced the door closed with her well-padded butt as if she had done so hundreds of times. She felt the lock in the handle engage.

“Harley!” Ray drawled. “Good job! C’mere!”

Harley approached Ray who was sitting behind his imposing desk. On his desk was an open bottle of Kentucky bourbon, half full, and a short glass. He drank it straight, so there was no ice in sight. Harley set the box down beside the bottle and slowly approached her boss. She knew he liked to watch her move. She added some more hip sway to her movements.

He eyed her appreciatively. “Ya have a good lunch?”

Harley nodded and patted her big belly. It jiggled like Jell-o, contained as it was in her dress. “Yes, sir. Just like you said too.”

She was now standing before Ray and reached out to him. She fondled his own belly and began to straddle him in his chair. However, her tight dress prevented her legs from spreading far enough. She frowned as she started to hitch her dress up.

“Though, I’m going to have to do something about my wardrobe. I’ve gotten so… big,” she said, adding a sensuously pause. Ray liked her talking about her size. She attempted to straddle him again, but he put both of his hands on her hips and turned her around to face the desk. Harley moaned appreciatively as his big hands moved her around.

“Yesh,” he slurred, standing up behind Harley. “Ya’ve grown so much. It’s been…” he leaned down to her ear as she felt his large body begin to push her down over the edge of the desk, “greatly invigorating.” She could smell the bourbon on his breath and she could feel his hands reaching up under the dress’ hem to tight waistband of her leggings.

“Mista J…” she moaned. “You sure? I thought…”

“Shhh… I don’t pay ya ta think, girlie.” He roughly pulled the waistband down, exposing her bare, cellulite-covered ass to the office. It took several tugs and Harley could feel the fat bouncing around behind her.

Ray leaned even closer to her ear and hoarsely whispered, “I just pay ya ta eat.” He started kissing the nape of her neck. He left a trail of slobbery wet spots on her flesh.

Harley knew what that meant and opened her box. Ray’s hands floundered around her body, fondling the fat around her hips, butt, and belly. His belly kept grinding into her body, pinning her against the desk. Stuffed as she was, it did not feel good to keep bouncing her belly on the desk.

“But, Mista J…” she pleaded softly, trying to keep the sexy kitten vibe going. “I’m sooooo stuffed right now. How coul-“

She was cut off as Ray’s body slammed into her and his hands drove her upper body down, folding her over the edge of the desk. She tried to brace herself as best she could, but still nearly bashed her face into the computer monitor.

Ray’s weight shifted further on to her back as he leaned down to her ear again. “I said eat,” he growled.

Harley whimpered, but quickly shoved a cookie into her mouth to cover the noise. Ray got like this sometimes, so she understood it was just the bourbon talking, not Ray. Sometimes he liked the “fat” talk, sometimes he just wanted to get his rocks off.

He chuckled as he leaned off her and began massaging her hips again. “Ya’re som’tin else though, girlie,” he said admiringly. His accent would become thicker more time the bourbon had to work on him. “Muy wife would never let me do this ta her.” He then smacked Harley’s dimpled ass. Harley grunted, then stifled it with another cookie.

Harley knew what he was talking about. Things had been rocky between Ray and Emily for years. Emily was a thin woman who constantly worked out and ate healthy portions of healthy foods. Harley had feeling, based on the gossip around the other ladies, she was not the first secretary Ray fed. But she was now naïve enough to believe she was the first to be loved by him. Harley loved her Mista J and if he said he needed her to gain one hundred more pounds, she knew in her heart she would be stuffing her fat thighs into dress sizes she never even considered a year ago.

Ray continued his drunken fondling for a few more minutes while Harley ate. Feeling her big body jiggle, sway, and ripple at his touch had her becoming wet with anticipation. But she was also becoming tired. She was supporting herself by one alternating arm while she used the other hand to put treats in her mouth and she was holding up her own plus-sized body plus some of Ray.

Finally, there was a relief of pressure as Ray backed up off her. There were the sounds of him grunting, a zipper being undone, and the metal buckle of his belt hitting the wood floor. Harley spread her thighs as far apart as she possibly could and maintain standing up, even bent over the desk as she was. Her full belly was squashed beneath her, her dress was hiked up over her ass, and her leggings and underwear were down around her knees. Between her legs, she was wet and ready.

“Ya betta’ still be on the pill,” he said. Ray was a large man, but he was not a big man. His nub of a manhood had issues bringing Harley to a climax, especially as their collective size began to interfere with more traditional positions. He was only able to get the tip and a bit in her, but that was all that was needed to start the final part of her transformation.

First to start changing was her face and other extremities. They started swelling up as her body started retaining water. Her face, the last holdout of her gaining, became puffy and swollen. Her minor double chin blew out until it almost obscured her neck. Her hands and feet also started swelling. She could feel the edges of her heels as they dug into the soft flesh at her full-formed cankles. She vaguely remembered her own mother telling her that women in the family tended to retain a lot of water when they were pregnant.

Next there was a swelling in her chest. Her sizeable DD’s grew two cup sizes. Had they not been confined by her bra; they would have sprawled lazily over her belly. Her nipples, already in an aroused state, became more and more sensitive until it was almost painful for her to move too quickly. Which she was finding hard to control as Ray started thrusting more vigorously behind her.

Finally, the most obvious changes started to take effect. Her weight soared as fat invaded her lower body. Her ass grew larger and became more shelf-like, so much so Ray had to change his angle to stay in her. Harley’s thighs encased the rest of him. Her saddle bags grew out, making her hips look even wider. It was made all the worse by her changing bone structure. Her pelvic bone rearranged itself to make room for her new guest. Harley, even if she ever became thin again, would never be any shape other than a pear for the rest of her life.

Under her, her already taut belly began to inflate beneath her belly button. As weeks of pregnancy quickly announced themselves on to her body, Harley was feeling more and more uncomfortable in her pseudo-doggie position. Her arms ached, as did most of her joints. As her body approached the twenty-five-week mark, she said, “Careful… honey… you’ll hurt the baby.”

As soon as the words left her lips, Harley knew she had made a mistake. Ray’s johnson slipped out of her so quickly, she briefly wondered if he had been in her at all. She heard him flop into his desk chair behind her and bit her lip. She knew she was going to pay for this one.

“Wha… What did ya say?” he asked hoarsely.

Harley tried to pull her thoughts together, but she had been on the verge of an orgasm. The cool air on her exposed, wet, and highly sensitive areas was still enough to cause pleasure to course through her changed body. Also, she was being bombarded with new memories, which was addling her mind. All she could do was shake her head and moan.

“Ya fat whore… what have ya done?” he asked, louder.

Hurt ran through Harley. Ray had never used such language with her before. She gathered her wits to turn and face him. “I said,” she said meekly, “that you were hurting our baby. Your baby.” Facing him, she pulled the dress up to expose her bulging middle.

Now in her sight, her lover seemed to age before her and she saw an old, fear-stricken man sitting before her, his pants around his ankles and his gut completely hiding his little manhood.

“Fuck,” he said and put his face in his hands. “Fuck me…”

“Mista J… you said you loved me,” Harley said quietly. She slowly approached Ray as she tried to pull her leggings up enough to allow her to walk. “You said you wanted to leave your wife for me, so I thought I’d give you a family.” She slowly knelt in front of Ray. Maneuvering so much extra mass, off-balance as it was, was challenging for her. “So I… went off my pill. I was going to tell you, I swear. I though-“

Ray’s left hand launched out and backhanded Harley in the face, sending her on to her well-cushioned ass. Barely adjusted to her new form, she sprawled and ended up slamming the right side of her head into his desk. Harley gasped out in pain but could not find the breath to support it.

“YA THOUGHT!” Ray roared at her. “Ya stupid, fat bimbo… ya thought?” He added in a sneer. “What have I told ya, over and over and over again. I don’t pay ya to think. Jesus fucking Christ, ya really thought I was going to leave muy wife for your dumb fat ass? All of the money is her’s, whore. Ya thought I would what? Move into some dingy apartment with ya and play house? With a fuckin’ baby?!”

Tears were falling down Harley’s bloated face and she could not tell if she was crying from the physical or verbal attack on her. She tried to get her arms under her to get up off the floor, but the hits to her head still had her reeling.

Ray continued his tirade. “Ya were nothing but one more stupid bimbo to me. To be used for my pleasure. To know your place in the order; serving men. To serve me.” He got up and pulled his pants back up, tucking in he shirt as he did. “Going to have make ya disappear. Clear out your desk, Harley, ya’re fired. Don’t say a word to anyone, just leave. If ya can follow that one, very simple order, ya will receive some extra money. Though I figured ‘stay on your pill’ was also pretty simple. Take it and never darken my doorstep again. Am I clear, ya fat fucken whore?” Ray made no indication to help her up.

Snot was now running down her nose. Harley was profusely crying, but she was trying to keep it quiet. She was still having issues standing up and she thought she could feel something warm on the side of her head running down.

“Am I clear, bitch?!” Ray said again, much louder. He had cleaned himself up, though his clothes still looked rumpled in places.

“Yes, Mista J…” Harley finally mumbled as she finally got off the wood floor. Ray slapped her again, palm-side this time, to the right side of her face. Tears and snot went flying all over his desk.

“That’s Mister Johnson to ya. Don’t ya ever forget it.”

Harley nodded. She tried to waddle away, but her damn leggings were not pulled up all the way. She stopped to try and fix them.

“Get out!” Ray bellowed. Harley moved to comply and all but stumbled out of his office. With her leggings half-pulled up her immense thighs and her uncontained belly wobbling before her, plus tears in her eyes, Harley could barely waddle down to the women’s restroom. Preoccupied as she was, she did not see Jo Ann and Alexa as she passed them.

Harley’s belly bounced off the restroom door as she tried to open it, unaccustomed to her new size as she was. She ended up in front of the large mirror over the sinks and came face-to-face with her new self. A self that was two hundred and seventy-nine pounds and twenty-six weeks pregnant. A look of complete and total shock overcame her face as the memories of her former life collided with her new reality.

She was unrecognizable. Between the water retention, weight gain, and swelling from Ray’s slaps, Harley never would have guessed this was her. There was a bright red cut on her cheek, probably from Ray’s ring, and her lower lip was split. Turning her head, she saw an area of golden locks just over her right ear was dark and matted. Touching it gingerly, she felt the large knot and other cut. She had gotten really banged up by Ray and his desk.

Looking over her body, she thought, “I’ve really gotten banged up in general.”

Below her fattened face, the best way she could describe herself was, “Fucking huge!” Her upper arms were huge and flabby, on display as they were. Her chest swelled against the confines of her insufficient E-cup bra. The outline of bulging tit flesh and the bra itself could be seen beneath the fabric. Beneath her mammoth chest was her gargantuan pregnant belly. Singular in scope, it was already starting to loom out in front of her body. The dress adhered tightly to every bulge around her middle and the newly formed pregnant siding was stretched tight. She could not bring herself to touch it.

Instead, she lifted the hem up again to look at in the mirror. She was carrying low, so her bulbous belly covered her womanhood. A thin, dark, vertical line was beginning to appear at her belly button. The lower part of her D-belly was stretched taut with the tale-tale sign of pregnancy. She noticed her leggings and panties were still caught around the middle of her fat thighs, just beneath the overhang of her saddlebags. She huffed and puffed as she pulled them up. The leggings would catch on the odd roll of inner thigh fat and it was difficult for her to reach. She could feel every part of her jiggling. It simultaneously disgusted and excited her. The leggings were revealed to be maternity leggings that were underslung, so as not to be constricting on her growing middle.

Smoothing everything out, she took stock of how wide she was. “I’m going to have to be careful of chair arms,” she noted as she placed her hands on her hips. Feeling them sink into the adipose felt revolting to her, yet also natural.

She braced herself and turned profile. Her ass jutted out from body; every motion sent a rolling wave across her butt and down her flabby thighs. She envisioned she could balance small items on the shelf. She noted with dismay that a small hole had appeared at the vertical seam, in line with the widest part of her ass.

“I mocked Jo Ann yesterday for just such a tear,” she remembered as her pudgy fingers maneuvered over her large ass.

The door burst open, startling Harley. In came Jo Ann and Alexa, both looking quite concerned. As soon as Harley looked at Jo Ann, the memories of her former life turned to dust. What was left in their place was a truth that would haunt her for the rest of her life. Harley had become the thing she had mocked, ridiculed, and ignored the plights of. She had abused her own position over younger women, thinking them lazy or stupid if they became pregnant. She had known what Ray did to all his secretaries, that he abused his position and power. That he cheated on his wife. And she was now just the latest in a long list of victims.

“Hun, you okay?” Alexa asked as she approached. She gingerly touched the quickly-forming bruise on Harley’s cheek. “Hun,” Alexa asked in a quieter, deadlier tone, “who did this to you?” Harley felt like she was being scanned, the way Alexa’s dark eyes roamed over her body. It was like they were recording everything to be used later.

The last vestige of Harley’s former personality took up residence in her spine. “If he thinks he’s going to get away with this, he fucked with the wrong blonde,” she thought. She got her breathing under control, wiped the tears from her eyes, and said, “Ray. Ray did this to me. He did…” she gestured at her engorged, pregnant body, “all of this to me.”

Alexa’s features hardened. It was an odd look on so round a face. “I need you to come with me, right now, and start filling out paperwork. I need to know everything. We also need to ca-”

At that moment, the door burst in again and a burly woman in a security uniform walked. She had frizzy brown hair that was barely contained in the sensible ponytail she was sporting and a mess of freckles over her round cheeks. Barely five-five, somewhere in her mid-thirties, at around two-fifty-plus, the woman looked more comfortable snacking behind her checkpoint desk than being up and about. But one should not let the bulging gut and thick double chin hide the fact that with her boulder-like shoulders and sturdy legs, she could toss Harley, if necessary. Her name was Bailey Hatwell and she was head of security for the building.

“Ma’am,” she barked. She had a hard voice and even harder eyes. “You are to be escorted off the premises immediately by orders of Ray Johnson. Come with me. Now.”

Alexa got right in Bailey’s face. “Back. Off. As of thirty seconds ago, this woman became my client. And as you can clearly see, she’s been attacked.” Alexa pointed to Harley’s face as evidence. Bailey’s face blanched as her brain registered what she was seeing.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered. Her eyes flicked from Harley back to Alexa. “I… I didn’t know. He only said that he had fired Miss McLaughlin, that it was effective immediately, and she was probably hiding in the bathroom.”

“She’s also pregnant,” Jo Ann blurted. Harley shot a surprised look at her. Jo Ann moved to Harley’s side and held her hand. Harley welcomed the gesture.

Both older women looked again at the young blonde. Bailey looked startled at the news, while Alexa did not seem surprised. “Is that true, Harley?” Alexa asked softly.

Harley’s lip quivered again as another wave of tears started in her eyes. Silently, she drew the dress up again with her free hand. “Yes. Twenty-six weeks. It’s… She is his,” Harley muttered, barely audible. “My baby is Ray’s.”

Fury crossed both women’s faces. Bailey immediately reached for her radio. “Phil! Get the police down here right now!”

Phil’s voice came on the other end. It had a squeaky quality to it. “Is she giving you that much trouble?”

“Nope, change of plans. After you get the police headed here, I need you and Sam to meet me at Raymond Johnson’s office. This is a Code-Alpha situation.”

There was a pause, then Phil’s voice came back. “Shit… Code-Alpha received.”

Bailey clicked off. “You should take her to Priscilla’s office,” she said to Alexa. “It involved a partner.”

Alexa nodded in agreement. “Both of you, come with me,” she said as she motioned for Jo Ann and Harley to follow her. Jo Ann had to prod Harley a little to get her moving.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of questions, paperwork, and testing for Harley. She had to come clean about everything, which she thought would get her in a lot of trouble. But it turned out Priscilla King had been building a case for Ray’s termination for close to two years. There was a lot of legal jargon thrown at Harley that she did not understand as to why it had taken this long to remove Ray. Priscilla had documents and pictures of the last seven secretaries that had worked under Ray. Every single one gained an impressive amount of weight during their tenure, as evidenced by the photos at various events or off their social media sites. And Harley was not the first mistress he had gotten pregnant. At least two others were made into single mothers by him, including the enigmatic Heather Jones.

Though she had violated the ethical policy of the firm in sleeping with a married man, because of her condition and his assault, she was getting to keep her job. However, she was going on administrative leave, effective immediately, until everything was sorted out. It allowed her to maintain a steady, if smaller, paycheck until after she had her baby. After that, the firm would work with her to help her either maintain her job with them or go to another firm, if she so chose.

Once she was done with King, Alexa, and the police, Jo Ann accompanied her to the hospital where she and her baby had to checked out. Though the skinny nurse tsked at Harley’s weight (she had clocked in at two hundred and eighty-seven pounds), nothing else happened. The doctor, a young man named Billy Baltimore, checked her and the baby out. He said the baby looked fine and, though the wounds to her head did not look bad and she did not have a concussion, Harley should take it very easy for the next several days and to call him if she started feeling dizzy and/or nauseous. He gave her his personal number.

Ray was arrested and his office had the police in and out of it for several days as they processed the crime scene. He was charged with assault and battery of a pregnant woman, extortion, embezzlement, coercion, resisting arrest, and rape. Harley could hear him screaming at the top of his lungs as they hauled him out of the building. She took no joy in hearing her former lover like that.

Alexa was promoted to partner for her efforts, both for her superior skills at being a lawyer and her assistance in removing Ray. She had been the one to track down Heather Jones and she had been keeping pictures of Harley from when she started at the firm. It had been very surreal for the Harley to look at the merely chubby woman she had been when she started and compare that the behemoth she had become.

The last weird thing for her that day was when she was finally allowed to go home. It was late by the time she pulled her clunker into the lot of the dingy apartment complex she lived in now. Tired and aching just about all over, she sighed terribly at the thought of climbing the one flight of stairs to get to her apartment. Slowly, she made her way, feeling every bulging bit jiggling. Her ass was just a series of rolling waves beneath the taut fabric.

Stuck to her apartment door by a piece of tape was a white business card. Peeling it off, she looked at it. It had a small, round face next to the words “Fat So’s Tailor and Cleaner Services” with an address beneath it. Flipping it over, it read, “We hope you enjoy the new you! Bring this card in for one free alteration.” As physically, emotional, and mentally exhausted as she was; Harley just shrugged and dropped the card into her purse. Then, she let herself into her apartment.

It was a tiny place; one bed, one bath, and a small living space. The living space barely had enough room for the TV and her old couch. The paint was a faded white color and the grey carpet looked twenty years older than Harley. There was a worn pattern in the carpet from the couch to the average sized kitchen, something the big-assed blonde favored. She got to work immediately preparing her after-work snacks. Even though she had already eaten a very large dinner with Jo Ann, her anxiety was manifesting as hunger. She started a large bag of popcorn, got a big bag of Reese’s Pieces out, and pulled a two-liter from the fridge. She also had at least enough sense to drink a glass of water.

Harley took care of her necessities, then changed out of her incredibly tight business dress and into her comfy house clothes. That consisted of a pair of well-worn grey sweat pants from Victoria Secret’s Pink line and a white camisole. Both items were stretched across her large body. She also ditched her bra, allowing her swollen chest some breathing space finally. Even in the incredibly bad lighting, she could see her dark nipples through the thin fabric. The two articles of clothing would not meet over her belly, leaving several inches of bulging flesh on display.

She also took a moment to take care of her skin, applying an ample amount of cocoa butter to just about everywhere. Though a mark or two could been seen, Harley had done a marvelous job keeping them at bay. Tonight, however, she avoided looking at herself in the mirror. She did not want to see Ray’s handiwork staring back at her.

Finally, she settled in for the night on the couch. Her big butt fit perfectly in the indention on her worn-out couch. She steadied her snacks around her, then started binging on “The Great British Bake-Off” on Netflix and snacks. She eventually passed out with her hand in the popcorn bowl and her heavy belly on full display, resting between her fat thighs. This was not the first time she had done this and it would not be the last.
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

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This escalated suddenly and quickly. Still is well-written and interesting to read. Thanks for the update. Welcome back.
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Re: Karma (BBW (multi), SSBBW, AR, DG, Preg, WG)

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That took a dark turn. Still, I'm glad everything worked out... pretty good. Hopefully Harley and Jo Ann can be friends. I get the feeling Harley will need as many friends as she can get with the baby on the way.
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