I created a backup of Writing.com Interactive Stories

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I created a backup of Writing.com Interactive Stories

Postby estranhosidade » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:33 am

So, as probably most of you know writing.com unfortunately automatically erases and deletes stories if the story creator stop paying for the premium account. Thinking on this I decide to archive their 6000 stories in the Way Back Machine. I already archive most (only 500 remains). I made a google spreadsheet with info and the link of each stories.

The stories between 200-500 are still being uploaded.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1562740179

ATTENTION: You have to click in the chapter you want to read in "Interactive Story Outline" page, if you click using the "You have the following choices" inside the chapter in itself.. it won't work. It's complicated but it basically boils down to how the wayback machine archiving was made and so on. But I create a script in Tampermonkey that fix this and allows to have a more fluid navigation (you don't need the script to read stories, just to clarify). In order to install just download the extension "Tampermonkey" for Google Chrome or whatever browser you uses:


And then install this script that I made:

[The script also fix another annoying bug that has to do with the web archiving machine... archiving the page with bug font size, like the font was super big, this script fix this as well]

Here's a an example of backed up story:

For the interested on this we are talking about this here in metamorphose.org:
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