Downgraded! Possible RP/Chat

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Downgraded! Possible RP/Chat

Postby Catharsis » Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:56 am

I would really love to hear how people would downgrade this woman and her looks.

I really love ideas of downgrading, slobification, WG, social status, and maker her feel humiliated and teased over what she's lost and what she's become..

Make her slowly gain 200 pounds, as she feels her new weight take over her body. Fat just pouring out of her mid rift, her bra bursting and shirt just barely able to keep up with her now fat saggy breasts, just exposing a whole bunch of large underboob. Her clothes tear, has her thighs just rip through those nice stocking, her ass and hips expanding yo where that skirt just rips right off, her panties just ripping off completely as her pussy becomes hidden by all the fat added on to her. She tries to get up but notices her feet are twitching. Her feet beginning to get fatter and wider. Her toes plumping up and shortening as she now is no longer able to fit into her nice boots anymore, size 7 feet before now a fat and wide sized 11 feet with stubby toes. Her hair get greasy and loses it style and becomes a slightly over grown birds nest of hair, looking thin and unkempt and her make up fades as her hygiene just saps aways as if she hasnt shpwered in days, hair regrowing in places she had bare. Public and under arm hair just growing to large portions. She tries to call for her boy friend for help, and her voice sounds all nasally and unattractive. She simply can't remember him as if she never had a boy friend at all because of her awful looking appearance.

I could go more into detail but thats just the gist of it. Please let me know what you'd do or perhaps would love to RP this scenario using this beautiful... well for now beautiful girl and completely setting her life upside down.
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