2 New Women to Biker Chick Transformation Books

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2 New Women to Biker Chick Transformation Books

Postby Tang » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:33 am

The third and fourth books in the Lords of Avalon series are now available on Amazon. Both see ordinary women transformed into sexy biker chicks.

Slipping into Gear: A Female Librarian to Biker Chick Magic Transformation Story
With a repetitive, unexciting life and weary after a day working as a librarian, Sarah Hughes is making her way back to her car. As she does, she accidentally collides with a striking Swedish woman and Sarah finds herself thrown into a new life. Now she is Tändande: member of a Swedish biker gang, decorated with tattoos, clad in tight leathers and long boots, loving powering through the countryside and getting it on with her new hunky biker boyfriend. While she tries to cope with this new exterior life her old identity is riding around in, others begin to notice that something went wrong and she was not the intended target. While her life is shifted back and forth by the powerful Lords of Avalon and their new allies from Sweden, almost inadvertently Sarah takes control of her own life and finds that her true desires take her down a far sexier path than she might have ever imagined. With her own power, she takes full control of her sex life and the man she feels should be in it, but in the way that she wants.


84 pages (ebook): US$1.29; £0.99; €1.02

Crashing Gears: A Female Doctor to Biker Chick Magic Transformation Story
Though she had come back to work in the hospital in her home town, perhaps the last person junior doctor Laura Noakes expected to see again, was her former boyfriend Jake. Always into motorbikes, he is now known as Mech and a full member of the local Lords of Avalon gang, reputed to have magical power. Laura naturally has thoughts about what might have been if she had stayed with Jake. At first it seems he has no intention of meeting with her again, but with increasing regularity Laura has experiences of hotly sexual encounters with him though she remains uncertain if they are real or deep fantasies. The legacy of the encounters means that steadily an alter-ego emerges of Fury, the very sexy woman Laura might have become, with flame red hair and skin-tight red leather clothes. Can Laura find the will to stop herself sliding into being this alternative: a biker chick and Jake’s lover, for real; the version of her that she could have been, winning out totally?


73 pages (ebook): US$1.28; £0.99; €1.03
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Re: 2 New Women to Biker Chick Transformation Books

Postby adg210243 » Tue May 28, 2019 6:09 pm

I always like your stories and buy lots of them. Please write more stories .especially race change type.
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