Testing Out His New Female Body [MTF] [13:15]

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Testing Out His New Female Body [MTF] [13:15]

Postby mrvalentine » Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:47 pm

Length: 13:15

Testing Out His New Female Body on xxxmultimedia.com.

Aiden has been seeing a special kind of doctor. He’d like to switch genders, but doesn’t want to go through the trauma of having surgery. His doctor prescribed him a medication which will transform him into a woman. It increases hormone production and releases estrogen over the course of a week.

A week later he wakes up and realized his dreams have finally come true! He’s a woman! He’s got long hair, boobs, a rounder ass. This is great. What should he do first?

He’s been waiting anxiously to try on his new clothes. He bought a bunch of sexy clothes from the mall and takes his time trying them on. First he needs to switch out of his filthy man clothes. Won’t be needing those anymore — they’re huge on him now. His old shirt and jeans wear on his tiny female frame like a curtain.

He changes into something a little more appropriate — for a woman. It’s a pink velvet lingerie top and matching skirt. And it looks cute as fuck on him. He spins and prances around in it, showing off his petite female body.

Next he tries on a floral black lingerie set. Finally he tries on his favorites, another pink lingerie set. It’s see thru — and he’s been eager to see how he looks in it. He’s got a matching pair of heels to go along with it. He tries them on, but quickly realizes heels are gonna be a bit of a challenge for him. He takes a few steps and nearly falls. He’s practices his strut. Putting one foot in front of the other, he makes it to the other side of the room. He spins around then struts the other way. He trips on his own feet and falls onto the couch. Perhaps it’s time to try something else.

He wants to know what it feels like to masturbate as a woman. He sensually reaches down and rubs his new pussy. Overcome by the sensations he moans in pleasure. He loves his new body.





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