Fangirl (Shrinking Man Femdom Erotica)

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Fangirl (Shrinking Man Femdom Erotica)

Postby Taedis » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:45 pm

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Lisa lived in the greatest city in the world watched over by the greatest superhero who had ever lived. She'd read every one of his super adventures in the Planet and dug up every piece of trivia she could about the strange visitor from outer space.

For all that love she'd never seen him in person until the afternoon she needed to hit the market. She'd read about super fights, but she never thought she'd find herself in the middle of one. Everyone else ran; she ducked behind a turned over car and watched her hero fight the bizarre monster that was tearing their city apart.

She knew the red rock her hero pulled from his cape. She wasn't sure exactly what this piece would do, but she knew she and the monster were in for a surprise.

Two minutes later the fight was over. The monster was trapped. Her hero? He was different. The glowing red rock had stripped him of his powers and made him smaller than her thumb.

She could have left him there for the police or one of his super friends to pick him up. She could have called that lady reporter who always wrote about him in the paper. She definitely shouldn't pick him up and take him home with her. That would be kidnapping. That would be wrong.

But he looked so handsome. So cute. She wanted to see what he looked like under the blue body suit and the red briefs he always wore. It wouldn't hurt to bring him home with her. She was just doing her duty as a citizen. Keeping her hero safe when he was helpless.

She wasn't sure what part of keeping him safe meant carrying him back to her apartment stuffed down the front of her panties. She just knew she never wanted to have to let him go again.

She knew everything there was to know about him. Did she know enough to keep him trapped forever?

(Warning: This 29,00 word novella contains sometimes graphic descriptions of sexual acts. Including macrophilia, female domination, bondage, pet play, verbal humiliation, age play, and other mature content not suitable for the young or prudish.)

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