Guy Gets Turned Into A Girl feat. Kitty Catherine [M2F]

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Guy Gets Turned Into A Girl feat. Kitty Catherine [M2F]

Postby mrvalentine » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:30 am

I woke Up In A Womans Body
Length: 21:21

[...] “It’s weird, but it feels so good” he says, then going on to rattle off how he’s pretty sure this one spot is supposed to be sensitive while seeing him re-position himself. Just seconds later he cries out with pleasure in affirmation of his suspicions. Laying up on his side for easier access without having to take on a visual, he discovers that he’s got a fat ass. Momentarily getting caught up on the fact that his ass jiggles so nicely, he takes time to enjoy fondling his new goods. Patting his pussy then spanking his self just a little, he goes on to lick his fingers before reaching back down to rub and touch his pussy. This time using both hands, he uses one to work his clit and the other to play with his hole. Always coming back to his titties, he don’t want to miss enjoying any piece of what his new body has to offer. Wishing her body had more flexibility so he could be more efficient in taking advantage of all there is to take advantage of. Becoming braver with penetration he ends up with 3 fingers inside while still using the other hand to stimulate his clit. Liking the fact that the more he plays with himself the wetter his pussy gets. [...]

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