I Woke Up In A Woman's Body feat. Ashlynn Taylor [M2F]

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I Woke Up In A Woman's Body feat. Ashlynn Taylor [M2F]

Postby mrvalentine » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:22 am

I woke Up In A Womans Body
Length: 12:58

The last thing I remember — I went to the bathroom, took my clothes off, and got in the tub. I took a quick look around; perhaps I just nodded off. My feels chest is so heavy, I look down and there they are, breasts and a pussy.

I scream so loud I scare myself . “Why do I sound like that?” I look back down at myself and try to calm down. “This can’t be happening… I’m gonna close my eyes.” I shut my eyes tightly and pinch my arms hair. “Okay, this is real.”

I start exploring my new body by rubbing my pussy. “No wonder girls do this.” I take my fingers and jam them down my throat to get them nice and wet. I insert my fingers up inside me as far as I can.

“I wonder if I’ll find my penis up there?” [...]

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