Freaky Friday: Nyxon and Son Body Switch

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Freaky Friday: Nyxon and Son Body Switch

Postby Fifi Foxx » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:18 am


Freaky Friday: Nyxon and Son Body Switch
Length: 15:05 Minutes

He runs into his mom’s bathroom. “Did I change into my Mom. This is really weird, I can’t be a middle aged woman!” His mother’s beautiful body distracts him. He’s mesmerized. “Or is it cool?” He grabs his mom’s big boobs. “These are nice. I wonder what the rest of me looks like.”

A soft, velvet nightie hits the tile floor; the nude figure of his mom’s body reflects back to him in the mirror. “Jeez mom, didn’t know you had it in you.” He admires his mother’s bust and curves while groping himself, or rather “herself.” He looks over at the toilet, “I guess I’ll have to go the the bathroom sitting down? Oh, that’s weird. We’ll come back to that.”

Not wanting his mom to wake up and spoil the fun. He decides to have some fun in her “vessel” before she realized they’ve switched into each other’s body. He jumps onto the bed completely undressed then begins to explore. His hands reach down to his mother’s pussy and he rubs her clit. “Ooh. I like that!”
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