Into the Second Gear: Councilwoman to Biker Chick Transform

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Into the Second Gear: Councilwoman to Biker Chick Transform

Postby Tang » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:22 am

As the youngest town councillor, Kirstie Brown is sent to negotiate with the local biker gang, the Lords of Avalon. The plan is to discourage them from showing up at the annual town fete. Not knowing how to start making contact, Kirstie runs into Hechiz, a Spanish biker currently visiting his ‘brothers’, the Lords.

Immediately taken by Kirstie, Hechiz uses his powers to let her feel what it would be to live as Kiara, enjoying sassy clothes and great sex as his biker lover from Barcelona. Kirstie finds these experiences exciting and they encourage her to make changes in her own life. Yet, she remains doubtful that she could ever truly morph into a genuine leather-clad, raven-haired chica motera. The question is whether fate, or perhaps magic, have made other plans for her.

While not a direct sequel to 'Changing Gear' this novel features some of the same bikers and certainly the same kind of magic in transforming an ordinary young woman into a hot biker chick, in this case with the added transcultural element.

88 pages (ebook): US$1.30; £0.99; €0.99
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