Bondwomen of Xylae: A Fantasy Transformation

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Bondwomen of Xylae: A Fantasy Transformation

Postby Tang » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:16 am

This is a novel, like the recent 'Ensnared in Xylae' set on the fantasy slave-owning world of Xylae. Superficially more primitive, it is a planet where technology has developed differently to on Earth and Xylaean capabilities in fabrics, crossing dimensions and mind control far exceed those we know. The Bondwomen are renowned mercenaries, for hire as bodyguards and to protect ships and caravans. Their standing means they have special privileges and they can go beyond the usual laws to enslave those they choose. While they are barred from taking people they are bound to protect, others who take their fancy are fair game. The book follows the fates of ladies-of-waiting from the capital Kerans as they encounter Bondwomen for the first time, whether in the city itself of under their protection as they voyage across the pirate-infested Latchader Sea. Will they reach their houses and their destinations and if they do, will they still be the same kind of lady as before they met the Bondwomen?

189 pages (ebook): US$2.50; £1.91; €2.13.
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