Seduction Technology #2 (BE Comic)

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Seduction Technology #2 (BE Comic)

Postby botcomics » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:29 am



Malcolm is having the best sex of his life. Period. With and Wendy fully utilizing the power of the sex blaster he is feeling the ultimate rush of ecstasy. But what he lacks, and perhaps more desperately needs, is emotional connectivity. Wendy is great, but Malcolm feels as if something’s still missing from his life; something more important than just surreal sex. So when he accidentally bumps into Aurora one day and feels an immediate connection he can’t deny a rush of confused feelings.

Acting on impulse, he takes Aurora on a date, having the time of his life. They have a little thrill in a movie theater and go back to his dorm room, getting more physical with one another. But for how long will they be able to enjoy themselves before everything grows out of control?



From writer DeLonge (Captain Amour, Giantess Rangers, Life Mutated) comes another chapter of Seduction Technology, full of laughs, thrills, and mind-numbing sex. Malcolm, lost in a world of technological surrealism and wonder, still feels the weight of his family’s expectations. In an attempt to cope with his building emotions, he has transgressed into a world of sex, doing his best to drown out his misery in pure lust. With Wendy at his side, the two are caught in a maelstrom of carnal needs, but is that enough for Malcolm? He can’t help but yearn for something– more. Something more stable. With the appearance of a friendly stranger, Aurora, Malcolm’s life becomes even more complicated, and he must deal with the consequences of his actions. Can Malcolm find a way to get control of his life? What lies in store for him? What strange sexual wonders await him? Read this latest issue of Seduction Technology and discover for yourself.

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