Check Out My Latest Breast Expansion Comic (please)

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Check Out My Latest Breast Expansion Comic (please)

Postby Mase_Corgan » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:26 am

Hello My Fellow Lovers of Metamorphing Mammaries and Male Members-

Please consider buying and reading (or at least buying) my new book, "Human Resources." ... ll-series/

It’s a perfectly ordinary day at GeneriCo — voted most boring place to work — when unknown forces cause the female employees to grow giant breasts and each one of them is suddenly starved for sex. What results is an orgy in which almost every possible sexual desire is sated.

However, this comic isn’t about them. No, we follow Ms. Haberdasher, the milf-tastic head of human resources and her crusade to get everyone to sign a Consensual Sexual Relationship form before the fun begins. She becomes the unlikely hero of a story that mixes the erotic with the absurd. There’s also an element of suspense — will poor Ms. Haberdasher get in on the fun, or will her professional dedication rob her of that opportunity?

Helping Ms. H. is her new assistant Milton — new to human resources AND new to orgies. Milton did not expect his first day at work to go like this, and he is definitely not prepared for his boss’s unique method for silencing dissent.

If you like BE, MILFs, group sex and paperwork, you will love “Human Resources.”
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