Act You Age: Becoming Her Aunt (AP, status change)

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Act You Age: Becoming Her Aunt (AP, status change)

Postby Camille » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:32 am

Act Your Age is a new transformation novella of realistic age progression and role change from Camille Langtry, the author of Her Most Remarkable Performance.

Her Aunt Julia's invitation to spend a few days at her luxurious villa near Florence was difficult to resist. Not only was London cold and damp but cold and damp seemed to describe her acting career. Josephine had suffered yet another "we'll let you know" at her last audition and, it seemed she'd never get her chance to shine.

When a freak accident forces the 25-year old to impersonate her very rich aunt – a woman well into her 50s who was addicted to plastic surgery and was about to marry a much younger man to boot – she sees it as yet another role to play, albeit not the one she could add to her acting resume. Still, she does her best, assuming the pampered life of her socialite aunt, a woman obsessed with her looks and preserving her fleeting youth. After all, it was only for a day or two until her fiancé could arrange matters and divert suspicion. However, it soon becomes obvious that Josephine’s impersonation will have to be a lot deeper – and much longer – than she thought possible.

Now available from Amazon and Smashwords. Please follow the link to my blog to read the first few chapters and order.
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