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Free Transformation Book Copies, Read-to-Review

Postby Giulia Napoli » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:40 am

Hi everyone. I’m Giulia Napoli, an author of 8 erotic transformation books.

My publisher is making 8 copies of my latest book, Erotic Transformation Tales of River’s Edge, Volume 1, available for free, in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, and, if the reader is so inclined, on Goodreads also.

I chose to offer these to readers of The Changing Mirror first, with the permission of the site Administrator, TheoW.

Erotic Transformation Tales of River’s Edge, Volume 1 is a large, 100,000-word collection of 4 transformation stories, which include magic, plus a true story about a personal transformation of mine (no magic, lol). Topics include weight gain, amputation, animal transformation, and substantial physical changes, among other transformation themes. Here is the Amazon link:

There is no cost associated with this offer, only a request to provide an honest review as mentioned above. The book is available in either of two formats: mobi (for the Amazon Kindle) or pdf (for Adobe Reader). If you don’t have a Kindle, free Kindle software for your PC, iPad, Android or iPhone is available from Amazon. Reader is free from Adobe.

I will arrange for the first 8 people who contact me via email to receive the book, directly from my publisher, The Global Jele Publishing Company. This offer is good until all 8 free copies are claimed, or until it expires on August 31, 2018.

To get your free, read-to-review copy (attached to an email), simply send a note to me at my email address:

Be sure to tell me the format you want (mobi or pdf). Also, be sure to check your Junk folder if you don’t receive the copy in a few days. It will come from “Portfolio Manager” at:

Please note that you will not be authorized to make any copies of the version of Erotic Transformation Tales of River’s Edge, Volume 1 you receive, and you will not be authorized to distribute it to anyone else. To do so would be a copyright violation. You will be authorized to keep a copy for your personal use indefinitely.

Thank you for your interest in reading and reviewing my book. I hope to hear from you quickly. My best to you.

Giulia Napoli
Giulia Napoli
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