IAJM Developments: Detailed, Hot Mental & Physical TG TF

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IAJM Developments: Detailed, Hot Mental & Physical TG TF

Postby bqnk » Sun May 27, 2018 9:31 pm

I have finished the second book in the I Am Jake's Mom series and am making preparations for its release. Many of you have been asking me about it and I appreciate your patience over the last few months. I wanted to make this next one amazing; full of suspense and hotter than a ghost pepper. It took time. I reworked the trajectory of the story multiple times. All said, I think you will be extremely happy with the results.

In the weeks leading up to publishing, I am making some updates to my fiction including new covers for some of my books - the original IAJM being one. For the over 600+ of you who have purchased the book on Amazon and Smashwords, you should have access to this updated cover. For those of you who haven't delved into I Am Jake's Mom, this is a great time to take the leap.


I started writing transformation fiction because I wasn't very impressed with the fiction that was out there. Don't get me wrong - there are some great stories, but it was clear to me many authors didn't take the time on detailed transformations or to explore the psychology of the characters as they went through profoundly life-altering changes.

There are two approaches to transformation fiction I didn't particularly enjoy (and still don't):

1. The main character falls asleep and wakes up in a new body. Transformations are cool. Why avoid the best part by making your character, and your audience, sleep through it? I don't know about you, but I find knowing something is happening is a big part of it being arousing.

1 1/2. The character transforms, but the description boils down to "He felt funny. Boom! He grew breasts." Zzzzz. Is that the best you can do?

2. Most Body Swap. Snap your fingers and boom, your bodies have been swapped, now let's barrel towards the action! First, you don't get much of a transformation in this scenario. Second, most authors rush through the psychology of it - when the psychological change is often the hottest part!

I never really had an interest in writing body swap fiction, until one day when I encountered a picture of a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. She was lovely and glamorous, and her eyes projected confidence, refinement, and feminine power. I considered her, and thought: what if a collegiate guy was transported to her body? What would he do? How would his approach to life change? How would he handle the pleasures of being a woman surrounded by his testosterone-intoxicated male friends? How would he react to a glamorous lifestyle being immediately thrust upon him after so many nights of eating ramen in his dorm room? This struck me as a fascinating idea on multiple levels, and so I started writing, building on the suspense and doing my best to redeem body swap fiction along the way.

Then I crossed my fingers and published it. Much to my surprise, this book was a hit, hitting the #1 spot in the TG category immediately. The first review I received made me laugh and vindicated my curiosity (and suspicions about most Body Swap fiction):

"I'm typically not a big bodyswap fan but from my experience reading BL Quick I knew this would be very enjoyable and after I was finished that was confirmed. I've always loved this author's takes on different genres of transformations like cow and pregnancy so I was very excited to read their rendition of how a character reacts to a sudden milf transformation.

I typically enjoy the physical transformation the most in BL's stories but I quickly found the mental progression to be enthralling and just as captivating. The protagonists change from naive kid into a craving cougar was very hot and steamy. I very much look forward to the future for this author as it's always a day 1 purchase!" 5-STARS

Phew. I read that, and knew I could easily write book two.

I won't get into the pains it actually took to write the second book. (I will drop one hint now, there's some fascinatingly detailed transformations - both mental and physical - happening in this next book that go far beyond body swap conventions.) The new book is 25,000+ words. I rewrote the book three times, sculpting it into something enthralling - compare this to erotic book authors who churn out subpar ebooks on a weekly basis. No thanks. Like you, I'm in this for the story.

I Am Jake's Mom part two is dropping in the next few weeks. (And there's more coming.) Watch here for the release date and the book cover. If you've haven't joined in the IAJM ride, please: dive in, read, enjoy, and, as always, thanks for your support as it helps me continue to write these stories.


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