My Latest Transformation Collection - 5 Long, Short-Stories

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My Latest Transformation Collection - 5 Long, Short-Stories

Postby Giulia Napoli » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:50 pm

My latest Novel: Erotic Transformation Tales of River’s Edge - Volume 1 is my first collection of shorter – but not short – stories about the strange, magical events in the peculiar exurb of River’s Edge – a place of great diversity and strange happenings. Please search for "Giulia Napoli" on Amazon and, if you're so inclined, support a relatively new author by picking up a copy, or reading it for free with Kindle Unlimited. When you've read the stories, please, please, please write an honest review on Amazon.

These five stories will capture your imagination, excite you, provide new experiences, and take you places you’ve never been in body or mind. They will show you what happens to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, which forces them each to evolve into someone very, very different than you, or they, would think they could be.

This is a 100,000-word collection of 4 fictional tales, plus one true story about the author herself. The five tales cover a range of erotic topics and fetish themes, including erotic transformations through magic and conventional means, BDSM, submission, control, and fetishes like weight gain, amputation, hair, piercing, tattoos, animal transformations, extreme physical changes, and more. Each is told with a true sensitivity to the characters and their reactions to the unusual things which happen to transform them.

Each story, except the last, true story, takes place in River’s Edge, a strange, unusual city on the outskirts of a large, American metroplex, first introduced to readers in Giulia Napoli’s Eighteen Months, and referred to throughout her Destiny Lost Series. As the stories develop, the reader learns more and more about the strange occurrences which establish and center a reality not quite like anywhere else. The stories are told with Ms. Napoli’s usual, riveting attention to erotic scenes of heterosexual and bisexual encounters, and fetish changes to and transformation of the heroines. The transformations in Volume 1 go beyond anything you’re used to in style, detail, sexuality, and attention to plot.

Here is my publisher’s summary: Once again, Ms. Napoli takes the reader deeply within the heart, soul, and mind of her principle characters and makes them real and vivid. The stories are shorter, but not short. The reader is treated to the same depth of story and character development, and the astounding fetish titillation of a work by Giulia Napoli.

This is a solid, adult contemporary erotic fantasy collection of over 100,000 words. It contains a range of fetish erotica and moderate BDSM scenes. It includes extensive body modification, self-image alteration, hair change, removal, and shaving, weight gain, compulsions and addiction, short and long-term control and submission, along with imaginative heterosexuality and erotic bisexuality. It contains M/f, and F/f, sexual encounters.

The tales in this book might be offered as five separate works by less talented authors or story mills. It is our intention to provide value and satisfaction to our readers. Thus, we combine these great stories into a single volume at a value cost – or you may read them for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Erotic Transformation Tales of River’s Edge - Volume 1 is serious adult drama containing open discussions and themes of intense sexuality, erotica, BDSM, sexual relations, and magic. It is unsuitable for those under 18 years of age.
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