Husband to Wife Transformation and Fucked with a Strap-On

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Husband to Wife Transformation and Fucked with a Strap-On

Postby Fifi Foxx » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:11 am

Husband to Wife MTF Gender Transformation and Fucked with a Strapon | XXX Multimedia


Length: 10 Minutes

Aiden argues it's easy to be a woman, and after a minute or so, Alexis gets mad and walks out. "We aren't going to fuck?" Aiden asks, which only infuriates her more.

The next morning, Alexis wakes up her husband with a dildo. She slaps him in the face, and he is terrified to see her with a strap-on around her waist. "What are you wearing?" he screams, and quickly comes to the realization that the voice coming from his mouth isn't his.

"Well, you wanted to know what it was like to be a woman, well guess ARE a woman," Alexis tells him. "And I'm fucking horny." Alexis smiles and lubes up her cock. Aiden grunts in pain when she inserts it, and Alexis fucks him until he has a huge orgasm, and then tells him to clean up the fucking a woman would.
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