The Streetwalker’s Bag: Shop Worker to Whore Transformation

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The Streetwalker’s Bag: Shop Worker to Whore Transformation

Postby Tang » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:09 am

This story has previously featured on this site, but is now an ebook in its own right, available through Amazon.

The Streetwalker’s Bag: A Shop Worker to Whore Transformation Story
Cassie Isley finds herself stuck in a dead-end job at a late-night London doughnut store. Coming across a bag left by one of the local prostitutes, Cassie is unable to stop herself indulging in sordid fantasies. Soon, however, she finds herself sucked into being the prostitute’s replacement and her life begins to be all about sex and Cassie discovering her submissive and bisexual sides. Slipping mentally into whorespace, Cassie is stripped of her old identity and transformed into an Estonian prostitute then bought to become the sexual pet of a wealthy German woman.

This is a 38-page (A4) book; US$1.38; £0.99; €0.99.
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