Changing Gear: Businesswoman to Biker Chick

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Changing Gear: Businesswoman to Biker Chick

Postby Tang » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:28 am

I know it has been a while, but I hope this will interest some members here:

Changing Gear: A Businesswoman to Biker Chick Magic Transformation Story
Driving to a give a presentation at a rural conference centre, Rebecca Hazlett’s car decides to grind to a halt. Struggling to get a phone signal, let alone tow truck as night approaches, her options are running out. Then to make matters worse, a large motorbike pulls up. However, it is not the rider himself who approaches Rebecca, but his sassy biker babe passenger. Maybe there are similarities, but Rebecca will not accept that she is anything like this ‘Rebel’.

Yet, as Rebecca soon discovers, she has stumbled across a biker chapter with powers that go far beyond the usual and this woman she is seeing might represent one version of her future. Can Rebecca cling to her career and her life as a businesswoman or will she find herself in a very different, very sexy life instead; clad in leather and being ridden around on powerful bikes?

A 47-page (A4) story for US$1.34; €0.99; £0.99. Available on Amazon:
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