The Black Garden's Pink Carnations (TG, Surgery, Bimbo)

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The Black Garden's Pink Carnations (TG, Surgery, Bimbo)

Postby _aliased » Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:42 am

Newly available, a story illustrated by Sarath that was supported by our Patreon in 2017:


Synopsis: The Black Garden is a privately funded and operated correctional facility with a secondary function, to assist in the rehabilitation of inmates back into modern society aided by body modification and psychological conditioning. Without the restrictions and oversight required by either the government or public sector, bleeding edge human experimentation is once again possible…

The footage shown here details the transformation of one of our control groups. Changes are not made to the general population until the process has been stabilized. Our garden has many flowers blooming… and with a couple of modifications you can take any color of flower and breed pink ones.

A 30 page illustrated story.
Written by myself, Illustrated/Colored by Sarath

Visit Our Website to Buy Today, just $3.99
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