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Postby MindiFlyth » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:37 pm


"I am DOLLI, your new household fembot maid, and it will be my pleasure to serve you."

Frankie Shell just got his own DOLLI, a gorgeous blonde robot babe who cooks, cleans and makes love like a dream. Frankie's having lots of fun with his new toy... until something goes wrong and his mind is transferred inside the machine. Now Frankie is stuck as a fembot maid and programmed to obey his new owner. And the most terrifying part is, Frankie's mind is also changing. He's beginning to love life as DOLLI.

Mindi Flyth's new novel is a tale of transgender, transhuman transgression, a sci-fi erotic thriller you'll never forget. We follow Frankie as this arrogant, macho male is transformed into an electronic bimbo. Will he ever be able to throw down his feather duster and escape, or will he be trapped forever as a fembot maid?

Mindi Flyth is the author of the novels The Man Who Became 1000 Bimbos, He's Stuck as a Schoolgirl: A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice, and The Unbirthing Curse, as well as many short stories. DOLLI: He Became a Fembot Maid is set in the same future world as The Man Who Became 1000 Bimbos and the novella She Made Him Her Fembot, although it stands as its own story. This novel features frank and provocative language and is intended for mature readers.

47,000+ words including an afterword by the author. Keywords: Fembot, maid, girlbot, sexbot, female robot, transgender, transformation, man to woman, male to female, transhuman, gay and lesbian, robosexual, android, gynoid, twinning, bimbo, French maid, bimbofication, gender, misogyny, feminism, living doll, sexuality, sci-fi, futurism. If you enjoy this book, explore more of Mindi Flyth's work at

CLICK HERE to read DOLLI: He Became a Fembot Maid: (Now available as a Kindle eBook. Available soon on iTunes, Nook and more.)
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